EU has created and found the way to accept Turkey into EU and in the process forsake all ideals on which the UNION is supposedly founded and based upon. Of course those are all words of a UNION which is only in words DEMOCRATIC and everything else Dictatorial and Undemocratic in practice.

Democracy in EU looks like this now and as it develops daily:

This is Greece today under German hegemony and German military boot. It governs Greece and orders it otherwise Greeks starve.




European Nations Jailed by EU= GERMANY


But is it only Greece? No, for sure it is not. This is what EU has developed into and they expect us citizens of EU to accept it and shut up or... anybody who speak is an enemy. Anybody who has a different view is an enemy of the STATE, the EU state of Dictatorship of unelected bureaucrats based in Brussels and ordered to act and react from Berlin. The UK government makes anybody opposing their YES to slavery as anti-national individuals, anti-Brits. 


The blinkers are on in many #EU member states. The blindfolds are placed upon the most liberal nations and Mr Cameron and UK Government are trying it out on in UK. They are hiding from us the facts that determine our lives and future. Thus he agrees with rest of EU to have 80 million Muslim Turks flooding EU but he says NO to a few thousand refugees stranded all over Europe. Is that humanity Cameron or betrayal of our IDEALS. our UK ideals? How are you going to accommodate Turks who will come on special visas in June and then as EU citizens? 80 million of them which on EU ratio is about 12 million Turks for UK. Are you out of your mind or what?

In or OUT of Schengen?

Mr Cameron, you agreed with rest of EU to accept Turkey in EU on principle, even though you say UK is not in SCHENGEN. You agreed billions of EU money to criminals of Turkey which about 15% belongs to UK citizens. Are we in or not in these crimes against us EU citizens? You take photos with EU spineless leaders on refugee movement yet, you declare we are out of it. What is it finally? In or our of this comedy of errors called EU?





You might think I am exaggerating and telling stories but this is NO fib nor lie. The Church of Saint George in Sxisto Greece was turned into a Mosque for the refugees migrants. That is a betrayal of our Religion and our life and fabric in Greece. That is a shame of shames!!


By now you and your YES supporters know where we stand. LEAVEEU

Definitely on the side of UK and not Dictatorship of EU, which by the way you avoid to talk about. Yes, this UK REFERENDUM is more about Democracy and our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY than what you chose to concentrate on financial likely advantages, which there are NONE of.

OUT of EU for UK to live in FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and in control of our Sovereingty and country!

LEAVEEU to prosper UK, rather than impoverish our country for Germany to thrive and prosper!


Peter Constant - Freedom Fighter