The Con of Refugee Numbers in Turkey and Turkey Entry in EU by Back Door!


Turkey Today in Synopsis

a. Undemocratic and Dictatorial

b. Freedom of speech and expression banned and jailed on appearance. Newspapers closed, TV stations and radio stations closed, journalists in prison for their views.

c. Turkey has the highest number of dissident prisoners in the world today and more than all of China.

d. Turkey supports openly ISIS and Al Nusra, finances and trains them, trades with them and supports them with personnel and arms.

e. Turkey invades Iraq, Syria in 2015 and 2016 and invaded and occupies 40% of Cyprus since 1974.

f. Turkey commits the worst Genocide of modern times against the Kurds of Turkey in SE Turkey.

g. Turkey exports blatantly, criminally millions of refugees- migrants-terrorists to European Union.It exaggerates the numbers of refugees in TY in order to extract billions from EU.

h. Turkey blackmails EU for money on refugees it creates and exports to EU.

Can any EU member state deny the above?

Can EU officially deny any of  the above?


EU Rewards Turkey with Billions and EU Membership

I am sitting here and wondering seriously what is going on. I am asking myself, EU and all member states where is the logic in all actions of these 28 nations that make up EU. I am looking at facts and actions and scratch my head and wonder.

Why is EU acting in such a manner concerning Turkey? 

Why is EU not punishing Turkey for Blackmail and extortion?

Why is EU accepting a blatant criminal Blackmail from another country and bends double to satisfy it?

Is it 28 EU states accepting such blackmail or just one or two satellites who impose their decision on others?


The Scandal and Deception!


It is all a big deception and a great scandal by EU 28 official nations against its own citizens for some shady reasons we guess but are unsure about. All Europe can see it but we all fail to see clearly why is this done against all interests of EU and in favour of Turkey, which as described above, not only should not be rewarded but punished in exemplary manner for BLACkMAIL of 500 million Europeans!

Blackmailers are caught and punished, not rewarded EU plotters!



While EU is near collapse with the invasion of refugees originating from Turkey, EU allows and accepts Turkey a blackmail, unprecedented in recent political history and at such scale.

Why is that EU leaders?

Since when a blackmailer is not only punished but lavishly rewarded?


It's Russia Stupid!!

The only rationale for us and the reason all these crazy chain of events are unfolding in front of our eyes with UK strongly in favour of Turkey in EU at any cost, is Russia.

The ENEMY is Russia and Washington the actual policy maker of EU policy and financial might. US has been dictating the agenda and ruining EU in order to be the undeniable master of all WEST. Nothing else makes sense to me but the struggle of superpower status of US and the refusal of Russia to such hegemony by its arch enemy.


Turkey Must Be Part of European Union=NATO


Thus Turkey must be a part of EU=NATO in essence. Then Russia is encircled from west to south, except that the bird has flown and Russia writes the agenda now starting from Syria and Middle East.

EU satisfying the Blackmail of Turkey and accepting Turkey demands with pretext refugees problem is as bankrupt a policy and line of action, as the policies of United States in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria!


Peter Constant - Freedom Fighter