Voting In Referendum for Our Basic Liberties!!


The Referendum in EU is portrayed as a financial issue by the YES campaign of Mr Cameron.

Nothing is so far from the Truth than that!

The issue is surrendering our FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and SOVEREIGNTY to unelected bureaucrats of Brussels, who are under the thumb of Germany.

The issue is giving away the Sovereignty of the UK to people we do not know and cannot trust at all!!

Can you trust these people?

Merkel Chancellor of Germany, Leader of EU and Junta Leader in Greece!



Schauble, German and EU Finance Minister whose policies destroyed the economies of at least seven EU countries. ( Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece ruined already;  Italy and France on the verge of ruins too)


FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY Far More Important Than Money!!


The UK Government and Mr Cameron are at pains to tell us how harmful a NO campaign for UK people will be and how the economy of the UK will suffer. They provide dubious stats, they generate immense and generous FEAR and scaremongering of the doom scenario for UK.

The economy will collapse, there will uncertainty, the EU will not renew treaties and will not trade with us because they are bigger.

If this is not scaremongering, I do not have clue what that is. Mr Cameron is avoiding basic issues and drumming the figures which he does not dare tell us at all. I am just telling him this which he cannot deny.

Undeniable fact Her Majesty's Government Issues.

EU will not renew its treaties with us and our exporters will suffer, Cameron declares. How is that Mr Cameron? Explain to us how this is going to happen to us in UK and not to these nations in EU?

UK exported to Germany goods of 2.56 billion in January 2016 but it imported 4.26 billion from Germany.

UK exported gooods to France  of 1.4 billion and it imported from France 1.7 billion

UK exported to The Netherlands 1.3 billion and imported 2.5 billion

Who is going to lose if EU did not renew their treaties with us? 

Do not blindfold us with generalities that have NO base as EU trades with UK and the balance is much to their favour as a whole UNION.



Thus, back to FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY plus SOVEREIGNTY of UK, which you are willing to give away to Dictators either they are based in Brussels, Berlin or Strasbourg.

In the last thirty years UK has been forced by unelected EU bureaucrats to follow EU laws and directives they pass for Germany rather than for UK. Out of 72 laws etc the UK fought for in EU, all were lost to  Germany and their allies or rather their subject nations.

Is that how Democratic EU works? All laws, all rules and legislation passed for the benefit of one country? Germany? Why do we have the greatest Parliamentary System on the planet and you want to persuade UK to give it away for one the Germans formed in Strasbourg and they control from Berlin?

Why UK Democracy has to follow Germany and its decisions for the benefit of Germany? Where is the benefit to UK in that? Who wants to see the UK in the position of Greece or other struggling economies of EU and Eurozone, so that Germany dictates to them all,  what and how they should govern their countries, just because Germany prints the money? 



Nobody has told us all about the importance of this word and how EU constitution treats it. The EU treaties signed give away most of our RIGHTS on our country and allow shady EU organisations to come into our country and impose the LAW of EU, the Sovereignty of EU over UK Sovereignty. 

Who in the UK wants that?

Who do you think wants that in Greece, where it is happening now? Yes, EU has FRONTEX in Greece, EU has German Police in Greece, YES EU has TROIKA Governing Greece with a proxy Greek government of Tsipras, who follows orders of Merkel and Berlin like a poodle. I he does not obey and follow orders, the Greek people will be starved by SOLIDARITY of the Union called EU.

Concluding Mr Cameron, even your arguments for economic, trading benefits warrant a YES vote, do not stand at all. UK imports far exceed exports to EU by the United Kingdom. UK have the power to impose rules and sanctions, not the other way round.





Concluding, UK Government DO NOT SELL UK Liberties and Highest Ideal of Humanity to EU=Germany for personal beliefs rather than sound reason! 

Mr Cameron, the UK belongs to the UK people and you ought to tell us all the truth about the real EU and its power they have over our country. The UK people own this lands, NOT the Germans NOR any other European country wearing the mask of EU.

Peter Constant- FREEDOM Fighter