Germany= EU Rewards Turkey with Billions for Exporting Jihadists to EU

Many of you will immediately mumble; absurd, stupid and idiotic assertion.

However, the facts that follow might shed some light to the veracity of the assertion and the the fallacy of financing Turkey in order to finance ISIS, the vary terrorists that have murdered our citizens in Tunisia, Paris and elsewhere. 

Is it a fact or not that many young Muslims are proselytised by ISIS propaganda and travel to Syria via Turkey to enlist with ISIS? It is a fact. 

Is it a fact that Turkey not only allows them through to Syria but assists them in getting there?

Is it a fact that a lot of these Europeans return to Europe fully trained fighters but also fully converted ISIS terrorists?

Finally, EU faced an invasion of refugees coming from Turkey. Not only that, but all these poor refugees were loaded with money and all the tech gadgets that make us feel poor compared to them. How were these migrants arrived to EU, how were they transported and who pushed them on boats etc to EU?

Where did the 99% of supposedly refugees-migrants come from?


EU officials were never going to admit what #ISIS told us already. We sent you 5000 terrorists to murder you all. No sooner they arrived in EU, we had the events in Paris. They murdered 130 people just because ISLAM has to be spread with violence and bombings.

EU was caught napping, France was caught in its Democratic lethargic mood and 130 Parisians and others paid with their lives.

The result of that massacre was to reward Turkey with billions to stop refugees-migrants been exported to Greece by Turkey.

Why rewarded clever EU leaders? Why not punish Turkey for conspiring with ISIS to turn EU into their battlefield, into their butchery?

Peter Constant