Germany Orders Greece to Talks with Turkey To Give Rights in Aegean 

Greece bankrupt and Germany governs in Greece via  TROIKA and EURO. 

Germany orders Greece to sit in talks with Turkey and Germany to give rights to Turkey to police the Aegean for refugees that TY exports to Greece and EU. That is the extraordinary demand and order Greece gets from Germany.

Thus Germany the masters of EU have decided and thus Greece has to do or credit from EU = Germany is stopped and the Greeks starve to death.

The masters of EU and Europe do not force Turkey= ISIS to stop the flooding of EU with refugees, immigrants and terrosists at their borders and shores and want Greece to give away its soveriegthy of the Aegean to the biggest terrorist nation on the planet, the biggest dictatorship on the planet, Turkey!

Add further salt to injury, Germany rewards with billions Turkey, supposedly to help refugees, to slaughter Syrians and Kurds and occupy one part of EU in Cyprus. Applaud EU= Germany and their policies!!

We are against the dictatorship of EU and against the Undemocratic methods and policies they impose on members!! OUT of EU as soon as possible!!

Peter Constant