Is it All Empty Words President Obama or Am I Reading You Wrongly?

President Obama paid Europe and the UK a visit for reasons he tried to explain to us on two different occasions from London and then from Hannover in Germany. The man is likable, the man comes from the grass roots of American and has worked himself to the top job in USA by hard work and smart moves. For that and all his values, family ones and cultural ones, we applaud him and congratulate him!

Back to the speeches President Obama made in the UK of which I am NOT convinced he was telling us who he really is as a person but rather who and what he represented. There is a huge difference between the two and I could see through his body language and his words which he meant from the HEART and which were put in his mouth!!


Thus President OBAMA stressed:

a. You will be at the back of the QUEUE United Kingdom, if you came out of EU and trade on your own. Well, is it a Queue or a Line Mr Obama, because it makes a lot of a difference as to who wrote that. The President of USA or the Prime Minister of UK.




I leave the London speech alone now and go to the speech in Germany which was much more important where  some points of London speech were also stressed:

a. International order. I feel that the United States have failed the world in World order. Anywhere the United States interfered militarily or otherwise we have had chaos. Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria now.

b. Bringing the World back from Depression. It is true the USA has stood as the cornerstone of world prosperity for a century. Whether that still applies today, I am not sure. we all hope it does but ... serious doubts exist when Corporations, Nations who lend USA money press their interests on USA and consequently the world as a whole. Plenty of countries Bankrupt and that does not look good for anybody and USA as the leader.

c. We will not allow borders to be re-drawn! Mr President, you advise UK to give up its borders to EU and now say you will not allow borders to be re-drawn? You appease Turkey to re-draw borders with Iraq and Syria now and Cyprus some years ago. How can we, trust what you say, when NO such policy is applied when it comes to a certain Turkey and a certain EU? Is it just one rule for our allies and ourselves and another for our enemies?

d. You mentioned twice Security in the Aegean. Where is the insecurity in the Aegean but in Turkey, where all the refugees and migrants and terrorists come from? It is not in the WEST side of Greek Islands of the Aegean,where NATO deployed its warships, unless you know something we all don't know yet. What is the plan for Aegean islands and Greece, as it seems to me that USA are in the middle of destroying the country in cooperation with EU and Turkey. You are telling us about SECURITY in Aegean in two speeches and yet NATO are not stopping refugees coming from Turkey into EU where they are stationed, they are doing something else you must know about. Is NATO is cahoots with Turkey and EU to destroy Greece and make another present to Turkey to appease its dictator and master Erdogan?


e. You stressed twice 2% of GDP of NATO members must be spent on arms. Are you a salesman of Weapons manufacturers Mr Obama? Where is Greece going to find that money since your IMF and Eurozone bankrupted the country? Who will benefit most from such armaments and who are NATO preparing to attack?

No more WARS in order to enrich Manufacturers of Weapons to destroy our lives and the planet! No scaremongering of the world by Weapons Manufacturers and their agents!


Finally I stop at the emphasis on DEMOCRATIC Europe!

President Obama, you came to Europe to tell the Brits what to do about the upcoming REFERENDUM. That you did in NO uncertain terms.

We question the motives and say NO to EU and NO to Giving UP UK to unelected Bureaucrats and German Despots.

Now you are in Europe and you call this Europe, this EU,   DEMOCRATIC!!


Where is the Democracy in EU you witness and you support so strongly, if indeed you do. 

Is it in the Bureaucracy of Brussels and leaders Juncker plus......?

Is it in the demands of EU to GIVE UP CONTROL of our NATIONS for UNELECTED Bureaucrats?


I saw you speaking twice in Europe and I failed to see the real OBAMA. I saw the spokesperson of somebody hiding hehind, NOT the man Obama, Not the FREE LEADER of the FREE World!!


OUT of Dictatorship of EU!!


Peter Constant   FREEDOM FIghter