Crime Against Greece, Christianity and Humanity in 21st Century!


The whole of Europe, the whole world are looking pathetically apathetic at the drama developing in Greece and feel safe in their own corner and their own homes anywhere they might be. The illusion is obvious, because there is an ILLUSION of SAFETY of immense proportions in Greece, the country that the Dark Powers have condemned to DEATH some years ago!


Germany=EU=USA  Govern Greece

 Germany OPENED, only Germany announced Open Borders of EU. NOW, once Germany had its feed of refugees, migrants and plenty of terrorists for the whole of Europe, want NO more refugees and Greece pays for Merkel's and Juncker's horrific mistakes. However, that was not a mistake. It was deliberate and the middle leg of destroying Greece and paving the way to millions of Muslims to invade EU and change its demography and fabric of society. That is progressing well and to plan. The instability in Greece, the impoverishment of Greece are all to plan and continuation of destroying the only country that stopped invaders of Europe throughout the ages. Thus the economic strangulation and destruction of Greek economy is FINAL and the invasion of Europe well under way!

What's next?


NATO Stops Refugees Arriving in EU! How is that President Obama, Leader of NATO?

NATO ships stand on WEST side of Greek islands to fish, NOT stop Refugees from reaching EU!

The attack on Greece's finances is intensifying but at the same time the attack on its SOVEREINGTY has taken a brutal and unprecedented degree of ending in the abyss of occupation by NATO in Aegean and immediate invasion of Greece by Turkey with the pretext of protecting Turkish minority of Thrace, as they did in Syria, Iraq and Cyprus. The REVOLT of refugees in Lesbos island is not unique. It has been happening in Greece often lately and it will intensify to such a degree that Greece will be declared incapable of Safety, Security and Order and others will interfere to put order, as it happened in the Aegean with NATO. 

NATO is deployed in the Aegean to supervise the demise of Greece NOT TO STOP REFUGEES COMING FROM TURKEY! They are guarding NOT against REFUGEE invasion but what....? President Obama did not mention twice Security in Aegean recently because he happened to do so. The plan is much bigger and Greece has NO say in it. It is an Enslaved Nation that is Governed by Junta of EU=Germany=USA.


Turkey Takes all! Images Speak Louder Than Words!


The World Order of President Obama means the order USA want and how they want it. Turkey is an essential part of their plan and there is NOTHING in this world that will stop Turkey from Blackmailing EU and getting all it wants, from being a full member of EU in spite their Democratic Government??, INVADING Greece and being stopped by nobody, of course NOT NATO, and from capturing part of Syria unless Russia stops them.

Turkey will NEVER stop embarrassing the USA unless the USA slaps them hard and in some fashion!




The shameless interference in UK affairs and upcoming REFERENDUM on EU is NO accident nor friendly advice and is well connected with events in Greece.

It was a open warning and THREAT to a Nation of 65 million people of UK by supposedly the closest ally and friend! NO such interference in internal affairs of a country is being noted in recent history. The UK is NO Cyprus, NO Malta or Puerto Rico, President Obama. It is NOT Greece either and it is not a STATE of USA!

When a Historic, successful Nation like the United Kingdom is threaten in such callous way, the world must Hear and Fear!

THE UK is NOT at the end of the QUEUE of Nations!!

It is the fifth largest economy of the Planet for God's sake!!



Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter