Austria Says NO More Refugees, Turkey Says NO More Christians

We witness serious troubles all over EU related to refugees-migrants and terrorists  and all over Turkey with SE Turkey the scene of Genocide of Kurds. Now Istanbul is the scene of the final extermination of Christian Greeks of Turkey who in 1920 numbered two million in Asia Minor and Istanbul. The 1922 Genocide of Greeks saw them disappear in Asia Minor. The extermination of Greeks in 1955 and 1963 saw the Greeks of Istanbul disappear and be just 1500 from 500,000. 

Shall we all forget 1.5 million Christian Armenians Turkey exterminated in 1915?

Shall we forget these poor young Armenian women who the Turks put on the Cross and murdered?

How many such CRIMES shall we all cover up?


Persecution of Cristians in Istanbul Now!!

Today and as I write these pages, when the WEST builds Mosques all over the Christian world, Turkey allows its citizens to pillage Christian Churches, to stop Eastern Services and subject Christians to a life of hell in the hands of extremists of Turkey, led by who else but their Islamist Master and President of Turkey Erdogan.

The enemy is not just Greek or Russian for the Islamists of Turkey and further East in Saudi Arabia.

The enemy are the infidels Christians who do what to them?

Ruin or build Mosques for them?

Support and welcome Muslims in Europe in their millions, while they have their own doors closed to their fellow Muslims?

My article yesterday came a few hours before the reports of persecutions of Christian Greeks came out of Istanbul. Seven times the Christian services in Greek Churches in Istanbul were invaded and stopped by Islamist Fanatics who of course are sponsored by Turkey State. They do not want one Greek/Christian soul in Turkey. They have done that in Istanbul over the last fifty years, they have done that in Cypurs over the last 42 years. No Christians left in North Cyprus.


Crimes of Turkey Allowed!

Unfortunately the WEST=USA, allow all Crimes Against Humanity of Turkey because Turkey is their guard dog of Middle  East and Russia. That will change soon, I hope.


EU NOT Allowing Islamisation with Austria Standing UP Resolutely!!

Austria announced stricter controls for all refugees of any description and I am sure we will see troubles there, similar to the ones instigated on Lesbos Island and we will see many more within Greece. Greece will be the scene of many uprrisings in order to give reasons to Turkey to INVADE Greece and capture parts of the country plus the Aegan and its Islands. To that we need NO more proof than President Obama's words


" Security in Aegean"

USA Security in Aegean means giving 50% of Aegean to Turkey under NATO's Watch!

Obama told us and USA will preside over it! They will make sure that Greece is decapitated and gone, like an innocent lamb.



President Obama and USA,

Nations with millennia of civilisations cannot be wiped out by today's masters. It never happened and it will never happen. You could not wipe out Vietnam, Afaganistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. Destroy yes, make them extinct, NO!!


Menace of Turkey To All Europe!!

The Hypocrisy is immense and the cover up of Turkey CRIMES and its menace to the whole of Europe is not comprehended nor seen by politicians of Europe and lackey bureaucrats of EU. They see danger from Russia but they fail knowingly to see the danger from ISLAM dressed as Turkey=ISIS=SAUDI ARABIA.

Why is that? USA orders but they are not close enough to live it, NOT close enough to suffer it. What is the plan USA? What is the profit Multinationals?

Can you see the dangers Cameron? 

Even if you do, you are under the boot of the masters of Washington represented by anybody they design and desire to appoint as President!


I lOST Everything to Islamist of Turkey! Millions Have suffered the same! 

No similar fate to Europe in the hands of Islamists Turkey!

No to Turkey in EU!

Protect Christianity from Islams Invasion!

OUT of the prison others made and imprisoned us!


Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighetr