Turkey in EU, Fanatics of Islam Take Over EU

There are many among our elite and our governments that try to confuse us with two concepts that they throw at people like confetti, as if they are the same thing and the same idea. 


ISLAMOPHOBIA is to be afraid of any people who believe in Islam or they are Muslims.

Muslim people have lived for centuries all over the world and have been an example of law abiding citizens and patriotic. The fact that many of us feel unsafe today in our homes and our nations has nothing to do with Muslim people who live among us, work with us and make a decent, honest living working with us. That is NOT the Muslims of Islamophobia. We have No problems with any Muslim Nation on the planet.

However, there is a group of Fanatic Muslims who have taken upon them to convert us all to Islam, their own Islam. There are certain groups of people who took to arms and terrorism to turn us all into the Muslims they believe we all have to be. These are the people who terrorise nations like Iraq, Syria, Afganistan. These are the Islamists who make us all be called Islamophobists! We might be able to cope with these terrorists groups even though it looks an impossibility with ISIS and other organisations turning us all into scared humans hiding from the wrath of God!

No to these TERRORISTS and their supporters and sympathisers!


Nations Turning to Islam and Threatening Us ALl, Is NOT Islamophobia!

There are two nations at the moment which are financing, supporting and becoming more Fanatics that ISIS and other terrorist organisations. 

Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

These two nations are Sunni Muslim Nations and their leaderships and present ideologies convert, unite and become the menace of Europe and the world  today. Strangely enough both these nations and for different reasons are the allies of USA and NATO, ie EU.

Saudi Arabia because it is loaded with trillions of petrodollars, which have to be returned to USA via lucrative contracts and Arm sales and Turkey because it is the guard dog of USA interests in Eastern Med, Middle East and Russian Continent that stretches from Europe to USA-Alaska. Saudi Arabia is the secret financier of Turkey, what secret, but lets leave it alone for a moment or two and return to Turkey, the country we are all scared of and worried about in case EU is pushed by USA so much, that it is accepted as an EU member.


A Scandalous EU Deal with a Terrorist State

Turkey is a terrorist state within its borders and outside it. Yet, Turkish Prime Minister is welcome in EU for talks, their President Erdogan is in intimate talks with Obama and Merkel and we all scratch our heads and wonder. What is going on?


Institutional Cover Up of Turkey's Crimes in WEST is a Crime and Scandal of Huge Proportions!

Am I wrong in my observations? Are my facts wrong and all EU leaders vote to accept in EU such a country? Am I wrong in seeing a complete sell off of our principles and Human Decency? Am I wrong when leaders of 500 million people pay RANSOM to Blackmailers Turkey?

These are my Facts and think about it all UK people, all Greeks, all Europeans!

a. Turkey exports to EU via Greece millions of refugees-migrants terrorists. An undeniable fact. They demand payment to stop it or ....Is that a civilised Nation are we living in Middle ages when Turkey did at will anything they thought of??

b. They invade their neighbouring countries with one pretext after another. All kept secret!

c. They have been caught repeatedly supporting and financing major terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Al Nusra etc. Who took them to task? Nobody in West!

d. They have been committing a Genocide against Kurds in Turkey where they destroy millions of lives, whole cities and force Kurds into refugee status in Turkey and elsewhere. Is it the first tiem they did that and they escape punishment?

e. They close TV stations, newspapers, and imprison journalists and Human Rights activists in Turkey.Who asked for sanctions on Turkey?

f. They have invaded Cyprus in 1974, they occupy Cyprus since then and nothing they do indicates that they will leave the island alone. On the contrary they plan to take the whole island by threat and force. Has the West put sanctions on Turkey?

g. Finally, they threaten Greece daily with air space and sea thousands of violations daily.  NATO not only keeps quiet but also finanacess them and endorses their terrorism against Greece. EU, goes even further to support this Terrorist state. Billions, Billions and DEALS


We are not Islamophobic we are very much Turkophobic!

This is the truth about our views and our lives. Turkey has embraced Islam and is ready to invade this time NOT defenceless Cyprus, or Iraq or Syria but Greece and then Europe. Turkey is not alone in doing all the above and I am afraid by being an ally of USA, the USA is sponsoring all Turkey's actions as described above.

That is why President Obama is telling us all in two speeches in Europe of SECURITY threats in the Aegean. They are creating the circumstances to amputate and destroy Greece and put Europe into the arms of the Islamist Fanatics of Turkey.

If there is NO other reason for all of us to Vote OUT of EU, Turkey is one Mega Reason we all have to vote NO to EU, No to Islamisation of Europe via Turkey's membership of EU. 

Protect and Save Europe and its Fabric of Life!!



Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter     www.eunotforme.com