Greece on Threshold of Plotted Disasters!

I am NO polititian guru, nor a prophet of events to happen. However, I read through words and I see actions that speak billions of words. The events of the last couple of years in Europe, the destruction of Syria, Iraq and Libya has left a vacuum as far as destruction and WARS is concerned. SYRIA is still a WAR front but it looks a passed and gone war case.

There must be another war in order to justify spending on Weapons, in order to keep the factories of Weapons open. There must be active, inspired FEAR of people and nations  in order to continue the rhetoric of arms race and armaments of Nations in order to waste billions on arms so that the Multinational Corporations Manufacturing Weapons  exist and prosper.


Honesty or Hypocrisy President Obama?

President Obama in his Hypocrisy/Honesty has told us all we needed to know about the real purpose of his trip to Europe. He did not mince his words and he made it abundantly clear to all Europeans. Spend 2% of you GDP on weapons for NATO. There are Security issues in the Aegean twice mentioned and repeated. However, a press that is gagged cannot comment on speeches that will upset the masters, since they are the pay masters too.

Obama stated clearly

President Obama referred to Aegean insecurity twice in two significant speeches in London and Hannover. There was NO reaction from the slavish press to those references but we saw the writing and the reference as a terrible omen for Greece, Hellenism and Christianity of the East. 

I ask President Obama:

Who creates the instability, Insecurity and Undermines Safety in the Aegean and as a consequence in Europe? Greece, that owns the Aegean since Trojan Wars and beyond, or Turkey and the Military machine it has built with USA financing and arms and EU with billions pouring in from all directions for Turkey with all pretexts. 

How is Greece contributing to instability since Turkey is the country exporting and importing migrants into Europe for profit from Saudi Arabia and Blackmail? 

Security Serving USA Interests and Plans!!

Since Turkey is exporting the millions of refugees-migrants-terrorists, all mainly Muslims, why is NATO, like a Good Samaritan does not station its ships directly in front of Turkey's coast to stop the flow of refugees and protect Europe, since Greece has been crippled and cannot do it?

Why is NATO, apparently for security, is on the WEST of Greek islands in the Aegean?

What is the purpose of NATO Naval Forces there?

What is the reference of NATO's General Secretary regarding Turkey violations of Greek Air Space and Sea Sovereignty of the Aegean?

Is it the plan to cripple Greece President Obama?

Is your reference to Security in Aegean the division of Aegean and handing over to Turkey half of it together with Greeks Islands?

Is that why Turkey is threatening Greece and all area nearby and NO WESTERN voice condemns it, including USA silence?


Security Means Stopping Turkey from Flooding Europe with Refugees and Destroying it Europe!

I despair with the Hypocrisy flooding Europe from the USA.

I despair with the Dishonesty of its President coming over to Europe to tell us what to do in UK, in EU, like a Hedgemon of planet Earth!


Iraq they destroyed because they wanted its oil and business.

Syria they are at it now through various machinations and by deliberately allowing ISIS and Al Qaita affiliates to flourish and destroy the Middle East

Turkey has been the country all point the finger at and state: Turkey supports ISIS, trades with ISIS, arms ISIS and other Terrorists groups with arms and fosters destruction of Syria in cahoots with Saudi Arabia in order to expand their Fanatic Islamism all over the Middle East first and then Europe, as witnessed already and is in application right now.

That they are doing right now, slowly but steadily and surely. Certainly they have put the last nails in the coffin of Greece together with money lenders from EU and USA.

The millions of Muslims have been pushed through Turkey into Greece and then EU. Europe is sagging with millions of refugees who demand RIGHTS, are not given them as good will. They demand, they revolt and have taken to violence in Greece, where they plan to create such violent and chaotic situations that the Good Samaritans USA will say: We intervene to put some order.

Turkey will say; we intervene to protect our fellow Turks in Thrace and Muslim brothers and sisters!

Thus they will destroy Modern Greece and create a Modern Ottoman Turkey, the super power they want to order us all, from Middle East to London.

Sounds preposterous?

Hope it is preposterous and crazy but, I do think they are sacrificing Greece, to invade Europe via Turkey with its 80 million Turks plus the millions behind them from the rest of the Muslim world. We are witnessing a very dangerous period in human history and the planners are brutally inhuman.

Europe in danger NOT from Brexit but from ISLAM invading and protected by a friendly umbrella.

Ally Turkey!!

The DEAL struck between EU and Turkey is the betrayal of EU and Europe and surrender to Blackmail of ISLAM, dressed as Turkey now!

No to the DEAL!

No to Turkey Fanatics!

No to Fanatics of Islam invading Europe with help of allies and friends!

No to Destroying of Greece, the Tower that stood guard to Europe's FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY throughout the millennia!


Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter