The Important Issues of UK REFERENDUM are Swept Under Carpet by REMAIN in EU Campaign


The issues of this Referendum are too many to include in an article such as this but the important issues NEVER change and NEVER should be covered up and swept away. We are discussing UK Nation, not politicians views, not politicians political future but the future of 65 million people of now and 75 million in thirty years time or longer perhaps.


Money Issues

The financial instability in EU because of Euro and German hegemony cannot be denied by anybody. Seven economies in EU are bankrupt and the only reason we do not know the truth about these economies is because EU is covering up the actual facts and figures and bombards us with recovery, stability, improvement etc.. Fabrications and stories is the job of tens of thousands of EU employees to persuade you and I that all is great in EU and in particular in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France. On the contrary, all is gloom and doom, unemployment is rampant and only Germany prospers. Why is Germany prospering whereas all the other major nations of EU stagnate and suffer economic damnation? The fate of UK economy will be much better served by Brits and British people, rather than German appointed bureaucrats who hold the breaks on all EU economies for Germany to prosper, not EU. Balanced Growth as EU Treaty envisages is a LIE of LIES!!


OUT of Boiling Cauldron that Cooked all Europe!


Safety Issues- Security Issues

If any Briton or European feel safe in today's EU, then that person lives somewhere else, not Europe. That insecurity, than feeling of danger and imminent disaster was created and brought upon us by partners in Europe, by EU leaders such as Merkel and Juncker. They were the two leaders, unilaterally and on their own who opened the borders of EU and flooded the continent with refugees only 5% from Syria, and migrants from all over plus the terrorists of ISIS etc. How do they expect us to have Open borders for EU citizens and new members of Union, Turkey and feel safe?

How can anybody trust Cameron and his judgement on Turkey?

How can any EU citizen feel safe with Turkey in EU when we witness the events and terror in Turkey itself? Which one of us will vote to allow Turkey to commit Genocide in Turkey, invade other countries, imprison Press Corps etc? How many of us accept Blackmails of Turkey on payment or... They flood us with refugees-migrants-terrorists?



The EU was conceived as a trade UNION of half a dozen nations. Today it has expanded to 28 Nations and its purpose is NOT economic any more but a POLITICAL UNION which is exercised by BRUSSELS and controlled by Berlin. FREEDOM of member states has been usurped and stolen from us all and is now in the hands of Unelected , Incompetent Bureaucrats Nobody has heard of and has voted for. 

Have you voted for Juncker to be Present of EU?

Have you voted for Tusk to be Leader of EU?

Have you voted for Mogherini to be Foreign Minister of EU?

Have you voted for Merkel to be the Super Leader of EU either we Brits want it or not to be Governed by a German?

Thus our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY are not respected, are not disputed at all. They have been sold via Treaties signed already and this REFERENDUM is all about winning the UK back from the Bureaucrats Germany appoints, Germany orders and Germany uses to impose its Autocracy and Dictatorship on us here in UK and elsewhere. Do not doubt their ability to deny us our RIGHTS, OUR DEMOCRACY as there is one example already shining in EU. Greece has been governed by Junta imposed by Germany and is Governed by proxy of Berlin

BREXIT to save UK!

LEAVEEU to enable UK to prosper!

Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter