Thus Threatened Erdogan Tusk and Juncker of EU= Germany!!

What will the fanatic of Turkey tell #Merkel?  

Will Merkel be able to pacify and satisfy the Sultan of Turkey with a few more billion of our TAXES, EU and UK citizens?

Will the tough man of Turkey be able to continue his wars on Syria, Iraq and Russia without the billions of Merkel, which billions are supposedly meant for refugees-migrants and terrorists?


Erdogan of Turkey is becoming crazier and crazier by the day and the leaders of our world accept him, reward him and bribed him to toe the line. He lambasted both Tusk and Juncker yesterday in Attalia but will our MME report anything like that? Of course, NOT. They have to toe the line of our governments and 


He accused EU of rejecting Turkish application to join EU and he demands immediate acceptance.

Who is this Criminal?

He has Turkish troops invading three neighbouring countries and threatening with WAR Russia.

He has in prison in Turkey more journalists and reporters thatn China.

He has closed TV and Radio stations that did not support him to become President.

Finally he wages  Genocide against Kurds and murders via Turksih Army hundreds of Kurds daily in Turkey's Kurdistan, annihilating a minority of 30 million Kurds of Turkey and destroying their lives in seven major cities in SoutH East Turkey.

Finally, the President of Turkey, the ally of EU and USA, challenged and threatened EU Presedent Juncker and Tusk;

" I will drown 15-20000 refugees tomorrow. What will you do?"

" I will send millions of refugees to Greece on buses; What will you do?"

This is the man Mrs Merkel went to beg to help EU to face the refugee-migrant threat. This is the man that will never be satisfied with a few billions Merkel.

This is the Sultan, the deranged Turk who thinks he can bring back OTTOMAN EMPIRE!!

The OTTOMANS came to VIENNA last time. Hope with your support MR Merkel, Erdogan and his millions of Turks will NEVER reach Berlin this time round!

NO to Turkey!!

NO to BILLIONS of our EU TAXES going to criminals of Turkey!