European  Common Market of 1970s and 1980s, Not The Political Corrupt UNION of Today!


It all started as a trade union of a few countries and it continued to be so for decades. The union was doing well and the members were increasing because the model was very good. Bigger market. more people to serve and do it easier within a union co-operating and benefiting equally from such UNION of TRADE.

However, come 2000, come the German economic miracle, supported by USA and European nations which were destroyed by Germany but never compensated and the scenario changed. Germany was not happy trading freely in Europe. It wanted hegemony as it did in 1914 and 1940 with all the consequences we all know well.


Thus came the EURO, a German currency, a German controlled concoction to dominate, dictate and govern the rest of Europe in a financial way rather a military way as were the attempts of Germany in two World Wars that it lost.

Thus the German currency of 19 nations have already destroyed seven of the members and have made them beggars of Europe, beggars to Germany, which controls all the economic machinery in EU=Eurozone, including money printing. 

Germany destroyed the economies  ofIreland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and now it is the turn of Italy and France.

This is not accidental. This is a well thought and executed plan of Germany. Destroy the biggest economies of Europe and conquer them via EU political Union they are vehemently demanding and pushing now and expect UK to be part of.

One country, one currency, one police, one army, one President, one leader, one German Leader and Hegemony of Germans.

As in 1914-18 and in 1940-45 one nation stood up against the German Autocrats and spoiled their Dictaotorial plans of Nazism and now neo-nazism, in my view.


Great Britain then United Kingdom now!!

The forces of evil, the forces which exploit us all are spending billions to persuade the British public to stay in EU, become slaves of Germany and their lackeys they appoint and control in Brussels. The vicious attacks by all of them to surrender our country, our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to their evil ONE STATE in Europe, ONE GERMANY will find many innocent souls who believe their arguments.

The UK has stood a pillar of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY looking on a European Union that is going the way of autocracy and dictatorship of one nation Germany over the rest of Europe. No one wishes to be part of such a concoction where the Germans order and expect obey or here we come with our hordes of .. economists to punish you...  our euros to starve you... or our army to put you in your place!!

The Brits fought for their FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and millions fell on the battlefield to stop German Dictatorships in Europe. Never give it away now because the sirens say so and pay extravagantly to achieve that!!


OUT of EU now!!

NO to GERMAN Dictatorship veiled as EU!!


Freedom Fighter!