Dear all,

Welcome all to the new site about European Union and opposition to being a member state.

As I announced on twitter a few days ago, I was on the way to prepare a website regarding my feelings about EU and what they have been doing in Europe over the last twenty years.

The UNION of European Nations has been abducted by one nation, Germany, and has been turned into a State of bureaucrats, UNELECTED bureaucrats, who not only behave like despots but also as Junta leaders in countries that they have destroyed with their EU policies and the various other institutions they have concocted within the umbrella of EU.

The situation has passed the point of sit and wait for their next move. Prospering countries have been turned into deserts by EU policies and the Eurozone policies, which zealously Germany presses all EU members to accept and become members to for Germany's benefit.

Five countries were destroyed economically by EU= Eurozone and its policies, which are no other policies but German ones, dictated by Germany and applied by Germany.

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Greece have been ruined by EU policies and by Eurozone membership and more importantly have lost their independence. Greece is effectively governed by a government directed and ordered by Germany.

Apart from the economic catastrophes we have all witnessed in the above countries, the brains of EU, ie Germany, pursue with fanaticism a political integration and Political Union! That entails taking away in various clever ways our basic FREEDOMS and Democracy from all EU members and transferring them to Brussels to be given to UNELECTED appointees of Germany!

In a gist this last reason is our opposition to an EU of political Union rather than an EU of economic Union!

Peter Constant