Fanatic, Nationalist Dictator, Leads The Way To War In Middle East and EUROPE!!

The dream of Neo-Ottoman Turkey is on its way and its being pursued by one Dictator, One Maniac, One Muslim Fanatic in Turkey. Its President Erdogan, who is NOTHING else but a Dictator governing by brutal power, Ottoman Turkey methods yet, he is tolerated, accepted and TALKED to in DEALS with EU of Democracy, Humanity and Solidarity marshes ahead to bloodshed, like he does in SE Turkey against the Kurds of Turkey right now.

Cover it up WEST and MME of WEST!! Cover up his Crimes, which will HAUNT us all soon!!

The |Monster of Turkey Who Orders Us All!!



Turkey=Erdogan at WAR with All Neighbours!

Erdogan has already got rid of Davutoglu, his Prime Minister, as he is too moderate and too popular with EU and West. Really, he is moderate? Well, of course he is when compared to the ASLAN of Turkey, LION of Turkey, Erdogan. The developments within Turkey lead us mathematically to the WAR we all fear but the madman of Turkey plans to have no matter what happens during and after. Who is to be afraid of, since he is supported and financed by us all , the rest of world in EU and USA.



Who will stop Erdogan, the Dictator of Turkey? His calculations are good but NOT good enough.

a. USA=NATO are allies and will not stop us whatever we do because they need us in their WAR against Russia. Furthermore, President Obama is not a factor.

Proof that NATO supports the plans of Monster of Turkey


b. Syria, I must invade, I must have part of it in order to recreate my dream of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire. Iraq , I have already done that and nobody has done anything about it, or what can they do?

c. Greece I must invade, must conquer part of it or all of it, if I am going to fulfill my dream of invading Europe and going up to Berlin this time round, NOT Vienna, like my ancestors did. Cyprus I have already conquered 40% and it is mine any time I decide. One surge and my 50,000 NATO Army on the island gets it all. No worries there.

d. There is nobody to stop me on my way to Europe. Who will stop my Armadas? Greece is betrayed by all, Albania and the rest are mine. Bulgaria is a mouthful for Turkey to reach in one attack Vienna again. The rest of them have NO army to speak of.

e. The Russians, that is USA's enemy and mine so we fight together. Hope they think all think in the same manner about Russia and its capabilities.


Greeks Hope! Cypriots Pray!!

Thus, Erdogan thinks and hopefully he proceeds to act in that way. I hope the USA support him as they do now, so that they can come and destroy the serpent of Turkey later, like he is destroying right now his closest ally, his Prime Minister Davutoglu.

Dictators are deranged and NONE of them survived long except the Dynasty of North Korea. Erdogan is at his pinnacle of his powers, his Dictatorship, his influence to enrich his family and that sort of power has gone to his head. There is one sure outcome. 

He either triumphs or HE EATS his HEAD!!

A man who is a danger to Humanity never survives long. The whole of Middle East, the whole of Europe, the whole of North Africa are in danger because of one man, because of a Dictator and because of one country at the moment!!


They have to be stopped and stopped they will be, if Greece has to do it on its own!! It wont be the first and I am sure NOT the last, small and poor GREECE sacrificed itself for HUMANITY!!

GREECE Stopped Barbarians throughout its 4000 Years History. It will Again Erdogan and allies!!

Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter

                    Plan To Destroy Greece Nearly Complete!!

Our world has been governed by certain powers for some time. Their decline has become extremely dangerous for all of us and the signs are that we are all at the point of disaster. USA is virtually Bankrupt and when the biggest Military Power on the planet is going down fast, there is one way to control the decline, the fall from GLORY and Hegemony of the world.


Military Power= Threats= WARS

The President of the USA=NATO came to Europe to deliver us chilling messages that the MME of the WEST were ordered to cover up and pretend they were not made or pretended they were not THREATS to all of us in Europe where the biggest enemy of USA lies. The chilling messages of OBAMA did not escape certain circles and listeners as indeed they were THREATS of megatons.

A. Spend 2% of your GDP on weapons for NATO. Why? Where is the danger? Who is threatening whom?

B. The Aegean is INSECURE. Who is making it insecure? Who is violating daily the Aegean? Whose ships are protecting the export of Refugees from Turkey into Europe?





USA Ambassador Orders Greece to Leave Aegean!!

In a recent article I have stressed with conviction:

The WAR is coming to Greece because the manufacturers of Weapons need WARS. It is now clearer why the USA are creating the conditions for a major WAR in Europe which has started with the refugee Invasion as a threat but actually that was the reason for USA to become more assertive and threaten EU more directly and blatantly as Obama has done. It is more obvious now what their plan is:

a.Turkey is allowed to export to EU as many refugees -migrants-terrorists as it wishes without any punishment. On the contrary it gets rewarded for that at the orders of USA. Why is that? Russia and Instability in EU for USA to intervene!

b.Turkey citizens are FREE to travel to EU now with NO Visas. Why is that, given the Human Rights Violations of Turkey plus other actions of Turkey that make it impossible for such EU action and Turkey to become an EU member. Who is pushing Turkey forward and allows Erdogan to flourish, being such a dictator?

USA because of Russia!

Images Speak Louder Than words!

c. The USA ambassador in Athens has ordered the Greek Government, ORDERED Greece, to move its fleet from the Aegean and not disturb Turkey in the Aegean. Thus NATO=USA have deployed warships in Aegean where Obama warned us" There is Insecurity". Instead, Greek Warships must be sent  to the Black Sea to face Russian aggression, Christian Orthodox Aggression. 


Russia is the Enemy! Rest Matters NOT!!

Thus NATO has not only expanded to Russia inside the Baltic States, it is now in Black Sea to shut off Russia from the Black Sea to the Aegean. That is why the order of USA to Greece, " Send your war ships to Black Sea, Leave the Aegean to us and Turkey" Do not worry about Turkey aggression, about Turkey Dictaors and about Islamist Fanatics!

That is stupidity of immense proportions USA!!

NATO ships Guard the Aegean for Russian War Ships, Not Refugees Exported by Turkey!

The Hegemony of USA is taking a very dangerous turn and the enemy is NOBODY else but Russia. The crazy policy makers in Washington DC and their masters hiding behind them, have gone beyond the point of return and they are applying a plan of annihilation of Europe and the planet. Only madmen, only idiots would believe that a country like Russia will fall to USA and its slave nations, when USA has never managed to beat the Mujahedin of Afganistan over ten years, The Iragi ISIS and now IS of Middle East? Only idiots believe that Turkey is capable of stopping Russia and of Turkey stopping where they are ordered to by USA, since USA is Bankrupt State, relying on LOANS from Saudi Arabia, China, Japan and elsewhere.. 

I see Disaster in Europe and the First Victim is Greece!


Greece has been the victim of a financial assassination over the last ten years.

Greece fell victim of international money lenders IMF=USA and EU=Germany. All these entities are USA controlled and it is now obvious why Greece cannot act, cannot have a NATIONAL political line and must obey the rules of slavery, humiliation and occupation. The latest developments in Greece and how the USA is ordering the Greek Government to abandon the Sovereignty of the country to NATO and Turkey is the last straw any Greek will accept. Greece will soon be attacked by its allies more openly this time, as up to now it was just financially.

GREEKS and HELLENES, this is NOT a crazy scenario!

Cyprus has been sold for a penny, Greece has been Bankrupted to plot and plan and now the National Humiliation on top of the economic now is being applied!!

How do we fight back the EVIL that is at work against our Motherland!!

How do we SAVE Greece from the slave drivers of today?

United we WIN!!

Greece Cannot be Allowed to Go back to Turkish Slavery and Yoke!!

Peter Constant   FREEDOM Fighter




                         Why EU Cannot Be Trusted in Practice


The EU Propaganda=PR is at its most busy now to persuade us in UK that they are accountable, there is transparency in what they do and that Democracy is not in danger, should UK decide to REMAIN in European Union, not Common Market any more.

What makes us very skeptical and uneasy about the Bureaucrats of EU and their secretive practices which are in application by STEALTH and by CHEAT!

a. EU Constitution is part of our life in EU, even though the French people REJECTED it in a Referendum. That the brains of EU by passed that by changing a few words in it and passing it as a new Constitution, which is an absolute farce worries us plenty.


b. EU values according to EU Constitution are founded on respect of human Dignity, Humanity, Equality Democracy. SOLIDARITY is trumpeted ! These are only EMPTY words as our experience in EU shows with prime example Greece. From overthrowing a legitimate Government in summer of 2015, to imposing Junta of TROIKA, to occupying Greece in Aegean and Athens by Lenders agents and military of NATO and German Police.


The Finance Minister EU forced to resign, Yiannis Varoufakis stated on many occasions:

"In all my meetings with EU Ministers and Councils, there were NO minutes taken"  

That is some transparency and accountability, I say.

c. Many will argue but Greece was an exception and you are biased and mistaken in what you suggest. Well how biased am I in the following?


The EU Constitution Article 1-3 provides  

""The EU shall work to sustainable development of Europe based on economic growth ... and aiming at full employment""

Where has this development in EU occurred apart from Germany? Where has the full employment in EU occurred apart from Germany?

Why Germany has full employment and the rest of EU suffers from 12-50% unemployment? Is that the balanced GROWTH the Constitution promises or is this Constitution a sham and part of the Cheating?



d. DEALS with Turkey is a broken promise to all of us citizens of EU. Where are the values we share with Turkey? Is it religion, is it Democracy, is it invasions of all neighbouring countries , is it Genocides or it is Human Rights Violations on a daily routine basis?



e. Finally, when is EU an honest organisation protecting its citizens? When a state cheats of a few million and is punished and trumpeted BY EU or when a German Company Volkswagen Cheats in Trillions and EU covers the scandal up?


I left the most important, the basic and fundamental EU TREATY provision for all my readers to consider and think about!


Article 1-6 of EU Constitution states clearly:

"" The Constitution and Law adopted by the institutions of the Union in exercising competences conferred on it shall have primacy over the Law of the member states." 

That means is simple terms that the LAWS of Member States are secondary to EU ones. That means the Bureaucrats will legislate and the elected authorities of ours will be unable to do anything unless they follow the unelected Bureaucrats decisions and Laws.


Shall we expect solidarity, justice, equality from such an organisation that led to destruction seven economies members of EU?

If your memory is short look at the economies of these countries ( Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France) and what EU=Germany forced them to follow with results such as Greece.

If this is the EU you believe in, then REMAIN is the answer.

If you are disgusted by the above then LEAVEU is the answer.

BREXIT for me to save UK FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY. Sovereignty and High Ideals!

Peter Constant    FREEDOM Fighter


                    EU Constitution Rejected By French People, Yet...


The European Constitution was presented to the home people of France on May 29th 2005. The French campaigned for YES and NO and the NO campaign won the REFERENDUM by a majority of 10%. It was a resounding NO for the EU Constitution which Unfortunately, we have today in spite the French Rejection!

What? Yes, cosmetic word changes and it is what we have now!!


Trusting EU Bureaucrats is Being Proven Disastrous for Many Nations!

That is the REASON of this article here and why I am very apprehensive about the fate of UK, even if we all VOTE to LEAVEEU by a substantial majority. EU Bureaucrats will do their utmost to scupper the NO result, will machinate, will plot and finally they will enslave UK for ever in the jail of EU, run by Brussels and on commands from Berlin and further up the line of Autocracy and Dictatorship.

The enslavement of European nations via EU has been happening in clockwork fashion in spite of the serious problems of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Prosperity in Europe.

I am wondering what is the attraction but watch who are attracted to EU and you will see why. Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. All very poor, all looking to attach themselves to EU and prosper. Their decent effort to offer their people a better opportunity for a better life in EU is praiseworthy but what were they asked to sacrifice in return?

FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY Sovereignty for prosperity that is evasive everywhere except Germany!


I will come back to that once I have dealt with my worry over UK prospects and the actions I expect EU to take in order to trap UK in their Political Union that NOBODY in EU understands the meaning of and Never Wanted in the first place, except the Bureaucrats and Germany.


Independent UK, NO slavery to EU Despots!!

The UK entered EU as a trade partner in 1970s. It gradually got sucked into the political Union which is the biggest issue of the REFERENDUM now but the Government and REMAIN group have pushed it at the back of the important issues people need to consider when voting. Trade, Finances etc are all important and the country will do very well on its own rather than with masters deciding our fate and our future. However, when it comes to our FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Control of the country things are different.

They have taken control and decide for us nearly everything from Local Issues with UK to Foreign Policy issues.

If the UK decides to give EU its FREEDOM, DEmocracy, Control of borders and Law making then we are inside the infamous jail above which is controlled and mastered by Bureaucrats of EU, Unelected Bureaucrats I have to say. The next issue the EU Bureaucrats will play on UK is to pretend they give in a few frivolous issues and drag us in either we want it or not, either we voted OUT or Not.

Untrustworthy UNION Called European Union Now!!

EU through the years has proven Untrustworthy and a Group of Individuals who by stealth and without the will of the people have stolen our Liberties and have imposed on us a Dictatorship from Brussels, which gets its agenda from Berlin.

Thus for us in the UK, it is important to be alert of the machinations of Bureaucrats in Brussels as it is them that decide what is to happen with the consent and agreement of Berlin. Dissenting voices from all over EU are heard but these juggernaut of EU continues forward and destroys our Democratic Rights nevertheless. The poor countries joining EU now have had plenty a chance to examine and check what the New Political EU is all about. The UK has not and this is our chance and opportunity!

Let us take the Fate and Future of this country in OUR Hands!

Let us NOT allow the hands of Bureaucrats and Germany to take UK anywhere they see fit for them.

BREXIT is No Choice! It is the Duty of all UK Citizens!!

LEAVEEU is not betray Europe, it is to save UK and perhaps Europe too!!


Peter Constant   Freedom Fighter