The Important Issues of UK REFERENDUM are Swept Under Carpet by REMAIN in EU Campaign


The issues of this Referendum are too many to include in an article such as this but the important issues NEVER change and NEVER should be covered up and swept away. We are discussing UK Nation, not politicians views, not politicians political future but the future of 65 million people of now and 75 million in thirty years time or longer perhaps.


Money Issues

The financial instability in EU because of Euro and German hegemony cannot be denied by anybody. Seven economies in EU are bankrupt and the only reason we do not know the truth about these economies is because EU is covering up the actual facts and figures and bombards us with recovery, stability, improvement etc.. Fabrications and stories is the job of tens of thousands of EU employees to persuade you and I that all is great in EU and in particular in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France. On the contrary, all is gloom and doom, unemployment is rampant and only Germany prospers. Why is Germany prospering whereas all the other major nations of EU stagnate and suffer economic damnation? The fate of UK economy will be much better served by Brits and British people, rather than German appointed bureaucrats who hold the breaks on all EU economies for Germany to prosper, not EU. Balanced Growth as EU Treaty envisages is a LIE of LIES!!


OUT of Boiling Cauldron that Cooked all Europe!


Safety Issues- Security Issues

If any Briton or European feel safe in today's EU, then that person lives somewhere else, not Europe. That insecurity, than feeling of danger and imminent disaster was created and brought upon us by partners in Europe, by EU leaders such as Merkel and Juncker. They were the two leaders, unilaterally and on their own who opened the borders of EU and flooded the continent with refugees only 5% from Syria, and migrants from all over plus the terrorists of ISIS etc. How do they expect us to have Open borders for EU citizens and new members of Union, Turkey and feel safe?

How can anybody trust Cameron and his judgement on Turkey?

How can any EU citizen feel safe with Turkey in EU when we witness the events and terror in Turkey itself? Which one of us will vote to allow Turkey to commit Genocide in Turkey, invade other countries, imprison Press Corps etc? How many of us accept Blackmails of Turkey on payment or... They flood us with refugees-migrants-terrorists?



The EU was conceived as a trade UNION of half a dozen nations. Today it has expanded to 28 Nations and its purpose is NOT economic any more but a POLITICAL UNION which is exercised by BRUSSELS and controlled by Berlin. FREEDOM of member states has been usurped and stolen from us all and is now in the hands of Unelected , Incompetent Bureaucrats Nobody has heard of and has voted for. 

Have you voted for Juncker to be Present of EU?

Have you voted for Tusk to be Leader of EU?

Have you voted for Mogherini to be Foreign Minister of EU?

Have you voted for Merkel to be the Super Leader of EU either we Brits want it or not to be Governed by a German?

Thus our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY are not respected, are not disputed at all. They have been sold via Treaties signed already and this REFERENDUM is all about winning the UK back from the Bureaucrats Germany appoints, Germany orders and Germany uses to impose its Autocracy and Dictatorship on us here in UK and elsewhere. Do not doubt their ability to deny us our RIGHTS, OUR DEMOCRACY as there is one example already shining in EU. Greece has been governed by Junta imposed by Germany and is Governed by proxy of Berlin

BREXIT to save UK!

LEAVEEU to enable UK to prosper!

Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter 


                         Greece on Threshold of Plotted Disasters!

I am NO polititian guru, nor a prophet of events to happen. However, I read through words and I see actions that speak billions of words. The events of the last couple of years in Europe, the destruction of Syria, Iraq and Libya has left a vacuum as far as destruction and WARS is concerned. SYRIA is still a WAR front but it looks a passed and gone war case.

There must be another war in order to justify spending on Weapons, in order to keep the factories of Weapons open. There must be active, inspired FEAR of people and nations  in order to continue the rhetoric of arms race and armaments of Nations in order to waste billions on arms so that the Multinational Corporations Manufacturing Weapons  exist and prosper.


Honesty or Hypocrisy President Obama?

President Obama in his Hypocrisy/Honesty has told us all we needed to know about the real purpose of his trip to Europe. He did not mince his words and he made it abundantly clear to all Europeans. Spend 2% of you GDP on weapons for NATO. There are Security issues in the Aegean twice mentioned and repeated. However, a press that is gagged cannot comment on speeches that will upset the masters, since they are the pay masters too.

Obama stated clearly

President Obama referred to Aegean insecurity twice in two significant speeches in London and Hannover. There was NO reaction from the slavish press to those references but we saw the writing and the reference as a terrible omen for Greece, Hellenism and Christianity of the East. 

I ask President Obama:

Who creates the instability, Insecurity and Undermines Safety in the Aegean and as a consequence in Europe? Greece, that owns the Aegean since Trojan Wars and beyond, or Turkey and the Military machine it has built with USA financing and arms and EU with billions pouring in from all directions for Turkey with all pretexts. 

How is Greece contributing to instability since Turkey is the country exporting and importing migrants into Europe for profit from Saudi Arabia and Blackmail? 

Security Serving USA Interests and Plans!!

Since Turkey is exporting the millions of refugees-migrants-terrorists, all mainly Muslims, why is NATO, like a Good Samaritan does not station its ships directly in front of Turkey's coast to stop the flow of refugees and protect Europe, since Greece has been crippled and cannot do it?

Why is NATO, apparently for security, is on the WEST of Greek islands in the Aegean?

What is the purpose of NATO Naval Forces there?

What is the reference of NATO's General Secretary regarding Turkey violations of Greek Air Space and Sea Sovereignty of the Aegean?

Is it the plan to cripple Greece President Obama?

Is your reference to Security in Aegean the division of Aegean and handing over to Turkey half of it together with Greeks Islands?

Is that why Turkey is threatening Greece and all area nearby and NO WESTERN voice condemns it, including USA silence?


Security Means Stopping Turkey from Flooding Europe with Refugees and Destroying it Europe!

I despair with the Hypocrisy flooding Europe from the USA.

I despair with the Dishonesty of its President coming over to Europe to tell us what to do in UK, in EU, like a Hedgemon of planet Earth!


Iraq they destroyed because they wanted its oil and business.

Syria they are at it now through various machinations and by deliberately allowing ISIS and Al Qaita affiliates to flourish and destroy the Middle East

Turkey has been the country all point the finger at and state: Turkey supports ISIS, trades with ISIS, arms ISIS and other Terrorists groups with arms and fosters destruction of Syria in cahoots with Saudi Arabia in order to expand their Fanatic Islamism all over the Middle East first and then Europe, as witnessed already and is in application right now.

That they are doing right now, slowly but steadily and surely. Certainly they have put the last nails in the coffin of Greece together with money lenders from EU and USA.

The millions of Muslims have been pushed through Turkey into Greece and then EU. Europe is sagging with millions of refugees who demand RIGHTS, are not given them as good will. They demand, they revolt and have taken to violence in Greece, where they plan to create such violent and chaotic situations that the Good Samaritans USA will say: We intervene to put some order.

Turkey will say; we intervene to protect our fellow Turks in Thrace and Muslim brothers and sisters!

Thus they will destroy Modern Greece and create a Modern Ottoman Turkey, the super power they want to order us all, from Middle East to London.

Sounds preposterous?

Hope it is preposterous and crazy but, I do think they are sacrificing Greece, to invade Europe via Turkey with its 80 million Turks plus the millions behind them from the rest of the Muslim world. We are witnessing a very dangerous period in human history and the planners are brutally inhuman.

Europe in danger NOT from Brexit but from ISLAM invading and protected by a friendly umbrella.

Ally Turkey!!

The DEAL struck between EU and Turkey is the betrayal of EU and Europe and surrender to Blackmail of ISLAM, dressed as Turkey now!

No to the DEAL!

No to Turkey Fanatics!

No to Fanatics of Islam invading Europe with help of allies and friends!

No to Destroying of Greece, the Tower that stood guard to Europe's FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY throughout the millennia!


Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter









                  Turkey in EU, Fanatics of Islam Take Over EU

There are many among our elite and our governments that try to confuse us with two concepts that they throw at people like confetti, as if they are the same thing and the same idea. 


ISLAMOPHOBIA is to be afraid of any people who believe in Islam or they are Muslims.

Muslim people have lived for centuries all over the world and have been an example of law abiding citizens and patriotic. The fact that many of us feel unsafe today in our homes and our nations has nothing to do with Muslim people who live among us, work with us and make a decent, honest living working with us. That is NOT the Muslims of Islamophobia. We have No problems with any Muslim Nation on the planet.

However, there is a group of Fanatic Muslims who have taken upon them to convert us all to Islam, their own Islam. There are certain groups of people who took to arms and terrorism to turn us all into the Muslims they believe we all have to be. These are the people who terrorise nations like Iraq, Syria, Afganistan. These are the Islamists who make us all be called Islamophobists! We might be able to cope with these terrorists groups even though it looks an impossibility with ISIS and other organisations turning us all into scared humans hiding from the wrath of God!

No to these TERRORISTS and their supporters and sympathisers!


Nations Turning to Islam and Threatening Us ALl, Is NOT Islamophobia!

There are two nations at the moment which are financing, supporting and becoming more Fanatics that ISIS and other terrorist organisations. 

Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

These two nations are Sunni Muslim Nations and their leaderships and present ideologies convert, unite and become the menace of Europe and the world  today. Strangely enough both these nations and for different reasons are the allies of USA and NATO, ie EU.

Saudi Arabia because it is loaded with trillions of petrodollars, which have to be returned to USA via lucrative contracts and Arm sales and Turkey because it is the guard dog of USA interests in Eastern Med, Middle East and Russian Continent that stretches from Europe to USA-Alaska. Saudi Arabia is the secret financier of Turkey, what secret, but lets leave it alone for a moment or two and return to Turkey, the country we are all scared of and worried about in case EU is pushed by USA so much, that it is accepted as an EU member.


A Scandalous EU Deal with a Terrorist State

Turkey is a terrorist state within its borders and outside it. Yet, Turkish Prime Minister is welcome in EU for talks, their President Erdogan is in intimate talks with Obama and Merkel and we all scratch our heads and wonder. What is going on?


Institutional Cover Up of Turkey's Crimes in WEST is a Crime and Scandal of Huge Proportions!

Am I wrong in my observations? Are my facts wrong and all EU leaders vote to accept in EU such a country? Am I wrong in seeing a complete sell off of our principles and Human Decency? Am I wrong when leaders of 500 million people pay RANSOM to Blackmailers Turkey?

These are my Facts and think about it all UK people, all Greeks, all Europeans!

a. Turkey exports to EU via Greece millions of refugees-migrants terrorists. An undeniable fact. They demand payment to stop it or ....Is that a civilised Nation are we living in Middle ages when Turkey did at will anything they thought of??

b. They invade their neighbouring countries with one pretext after another. All kept secret!

c. They have been caught repeatedly supporting and financing major terrorist organisations such as ISIS, Al Nusra etc. Who took them to task? Nobody in West!

d. They have been committing a Genocide against Kurds in Turkey where they destroy millions of lives, whole cities and force Kurds into refugee status in Turkey and elsewhere. Is it the first tiem they did that and they escape punishment?

e. They close TV stations, newspapers, and imprison journalists and Human Rights activists in Turkey.Who asked for sanctions on Turkey?

f. They have invaded Cyprus in 1974, they occupy Cyprus since then and nothing they do indicates that they will leave the island alone. On the contrary they plan to take the whole island by threat and force. Has the West put sanctions on Turkey?

g. Finally, they threaten Greece daily with air space and sea thousands of violations daily.  NATO not only keeps quiet but also finanacess them and endorses their terrorism against Greece. EU, goes even further to support this Terrorist state. Billions, Billions and DEALS


We are not Islamophobic we are very much Turkophobic!

This is the truth about our views and our lives. Turkey has embraced Islam and is ready to invade this time NOT defenceless Cyprus, or Iraq or Syria but Greece and then Europe. Turkey is not alone in doing all the above and I am afraid by being an ally of USA, the USA is sponsoring all Turkey's actions as described above.

That is why President Obama is telling us all in two speeches in Europe of SECURITY threats in the Aegean. They are creating the circumstances to amputate and destroy Greece and put Europe into the arms of the Islamist Fanatics of Turkey.

If there is NO other reason for all of us to Vote OUT of EU, Turkey is one Mega Reason we all have to vote NO to EU, No to Islamisation of Europe via Turkey's membership of EU. 

Protect and Save Europe and its Fabric of Life!!



Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter


                  Austria Says NO More Refugees, Turkey Says NO More Christians

We witness serious troubles all over EU related to refugees-migrants and terrorists  and all over Turkey with SE Turkey the scene of Genocide of Kurds. Now Istanbul is the scene of the final extermination of Christian Greeks of Turkey who in 1920 numbered two million in Asia Minor and Istanbul. The 1922 Genocide of Greeks saw them disappear in Asia Minor. The extermination of Greeks in 1955 and 1963 saw the Greeks of Istanbul disappear and be just 1500 from 500,000. 

Shall we all forget 1.5 million Christian Armenians Turkey exterminated in 1915?

Shall we forget these poor young Armenian women who the Turks put on the Cross and murdered?

How many such CRIMES shall we all cover up?


Persecution of Cristians in Istanbul Now!!

Today and as I write these pages, when the WEST builds Mosques all over the Christian world, Turkey allows its citizens to pillage Christian Churches, to stop Eastern Services and subject Christians to a life of hell in the hands of extremists of Turkey, led by who else but their Islamist Master and President of Turkey Erdogan.

The enemy is not just Greek or Russian for the Islamists of Turkey and further East in Saudi Arabia.

The enemy are the infidels Christians who do what to them?

Ruin or build Mosques for them?

Support and welcome Muslims in Europe in their millions, while they have their own doors closed to their fellow Muslims?

My article yesterday came a few hours before the reports of persecutions of Christian Greeks came out of Istanbul. Seven times the Christian services in Greek Churches in Istanbul were invaded and stopped by Islamist Fanatics who of course are sponsored by Turkey State. They do not want one Greek/Christian soul in Turkey. They have done that in Istanbul over the last fifty years, they have done that in Cypurs over the last 42 years. No Christians left in North Cyprus.


Crimes of Turkey Allowed!

Unfortunately the WEST=USA, allow all Crimes Against Humanity of Turkey because Turkey is their guard dog of Middle  East and Russia. That will change soon, I hope.


EU NOT Allowing Islamisation with Austria Standing UP Resolutely!!

Austria announced stricter controls for all refugees of any description and I am sure we will see troubles there, similar to the ones instigated on Lesbos Island and we will see many more within Greece. Greece will be the scene of many uprrisings in order to give reasons to Turkey to INVADE Greece and capture parts of the country plus the Aegan and its Islands. To that we need NO more proof than President Obama's words


" Security in Aegean"

USA Security in Aegean means giving 50% of Aegean to Turkey under NATO's Watch!

Obama told us and USA will preside over it! They will make sure that Greece is decapitated and gone, like an innocent lamb.



President Obama and USA,

Nations with millennia of civilisations cannot be wiped out by today's masters. It never happened and it will never happen. You could not wipe out Vietnam, Afaganistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. Destroy yes, make them extinct, NO!!


Menace of Turkey To All Europe!!

The Hypocrisy is immense and the cover up of Turkey CRIMES and its menace to the whole of Europe is not comprehended nor seen by politicians of Europe and lackey bureaucrats of EU. They see danger from Russia but they fail knowingly to see the danger from ISLAM dressed as Turkey=ISIS=SAUDI ARABIA.

Why is that? USA orders but they are not close enough to live it, NOT close enough to suffer it. What is the plan USA? What is the profit Multinationals?

Can you see the dangers Cameron? 

Even if you do, you are under the boot of the masters of Washington represented by anybody they design and desire to appoint as President!


I lOST Everything to Islamist of Turkey! Millions Have suffered the same! 

No similar fate to Europe in the hands of Islamists Turkey!

No to Turkey in EU!

Protect Christianity from Islams Invasion!

OUT of the prison others made and imprisoned us!


Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighetr