Migrants Welcome Called Merkel!!

Migrants Come Shouted Juuncker, the Spokesperson of Merkel and President of EU


Thus DOORS of EU were wide OPEN to refugees, migrants, terrorists because Germany needed two million people for its industry and country. NO other reason, NO humanitarian reasons. They do not apply for Germany. Only money matters to them!

Within four months, from September to December the DOORS are CLOSED with the shouting of who?

Not Merkel, Not Juncker but Donald Tusk, EU Council Presidnen!!

Refugees, migrants " DO NOT COME to EU! Do not waste you money! Doors of EU are closed now!"

Germany decided, Germany decided again and all EU have become the victims of what Germany wanted and needed!

How many more times we will be the victims of Germany, people of EU and people of UK?



In EU WE Have A Voice, says Cameron

The United Kingdom, according to Mr Cameron by being in EU, will get better deals from EU. Well, over the last 40 years and on 72 occasions of laws and regulations and motions in EU, UK lost them all to Germany and its satellites. Thus his argument of being inside to better UK position is a fantasy. EU is a German UNION we do not need for sure!


Back to Germany and the refugees-migrants problem that affects us seriously

a. UK is the honey pot of EU and thus most EU migrants end up in UK where they exploit all our resources and Social Justice, which cannot be found elsewhere. Mr Cameron brought us NO help from Brussels regarding this in spite his Herculean efforts. It was not about child benefit of 30 million, UK citizens, it was about millions of Europeans thronging in UK where now we have NO houses for ourselves, NO hospitals, NO schools and NO care for the elderly. None of these issues Mr Cameron solved.


Merkel Invites Foreigners to Keep Germany Working as Germany Has Zero Birthrate!

b. Mrs Merkel had a workers problem in Germany, a slaves problem, a specialists problem, so she invited the whole world to EU without consulting any other member state and without thinking seriously the consequences of such stupid action. She and her poodle Claude Juncker, her appointee, whose election Mr Cameron opposed to but to NO avail, invited the world to EU. They all came in an invasion unprecedented in recent history. 1.25 million invaded EU last year because Merkel invited them, Merkel promised them the Paradise of their dreams. NO other nation of EU invited anybody.

Germany took 800,000 in, apparently!

Thus Germany had its needs satisfied but the invasion kept on and it flooded the rest of Europe. The member states groaned, rebelled and built walls, fences and prisons. Thus the whole of EU of 27 nations pay for what Germany wanted and needed. Like everything else in EU;

It is Germany first, its Germany's intersts first and then anybody else.


So who pays for the German Needs and Calls for Migrants- Refugees- Terrorists? 

Some countries do more than others but one country has been singled out to be destroyed which is happening. Greece has now 500,000 migrants, has been forced to share the Aegean with criminals of Turkey who export the refugees-migrants-terrorists and house the migrants who are still coming. Who invited them Merklel and Juncker? Who sponsors Turkey to export them to EU?

What criminal game against us all in EU is this Merkel and co-plotters?

Who tells them now DO NOT COME!!

Not shifty, useless Merkel and Juncker but their lackey in the EU Council Donald Tusk


Greece is officially now the HOT Spot house for refugees of EU.

What other punishment is poor Greece going to get from the IV Reich?


 UK 's Turn To Be Destroyed as UK the Only Standing UP to Germany Nation

The UK is now the main target to be destroyed and they are all firing at us, UK citizens.  We do not try to scare you. They are scaring us with threats, this will happen, unemployment will go up, UK will die out of EU and millions of other stupid senaria.

However, Germany and its subjects have not finished, They want UK destroyed. They force upon us their migrants, they force upon us their refugees because of their invitations and if UK does not do as told we will be punsihed severely. We will be threatened daily by France, Germany, EU officials and others until people are fired from their jobs, untill other worse events will occur.

The Dictators of EU will not stop at anything to keep us enslaved, slaves of Germany in EU

EU is NOT for me!

LEAVE EU is my choice!

BREXIT for a FREE , DEMOCRATIC UNITED KINGDOM prospering under the Union Jack, not the flag of Germany!

Peter Constant-  FREEDOM Fighter





NOT Laughing like yesterday; in London the real hawk is here ! Wolfganag Schauble of Germany

The French are warning us and threatening; Do not leave EU otherwise.....



Banks are warning us: Do not leave otherwise......

BMW is warning us: Do not leave. or....

The UK Government is warning us; Do not leave otherwise.....

Even Mandelson is telling us; do not leave EU or ...

USA tells us and sort of order us; Stay in EU because...


They are all panicking because the polls say: The NO people are about 6% more than the YES!


Panick is the word! Panick is the reaction. Panick as the honey they all enjoy in Brussels will stop coming from UK!

11.5 billion of our Taxes, our money GO to Waste in Brussels!!

11.5 billion of our taxes are wasted by a wasteful EU on lackeys earning half a million euros annually, on propanda to blindfold us and mislead us.

11.5 billion, that is net billion, are taken by EU, are wasted by EU and there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY on where this money has gone or how it is used.




None of them told us about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY! All Possible Financial Losses!

Possible money losses! Possible!

None of them is talking about an Undemocratic, autocratic EU, where decisions are made by unelected officers appointed by Germany and its lackeys.

Only the NO people refer to it, whereas all of us are seriously worried about the fundamentals rather than the shady stats they feed us daily and mislead us continually!

The issue for us is FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and no matter what they do and tell us, the facts remain stark, true and shining brightly!


Undemocratic, Autocratic EU!

Surrender your sovereingty or OUT of EU it says in Greek!

EU is Undemocratic, EU is Autocratic and it is governed by lackeys of Germany.

Inside EU, the UK had to fight 76 motions last year. Inside it UK citizens we fought and fought and the result;

All 76 motions , rules, laws the UK was defeated! We lost all case to the unity of Germany and its allies of 27 other nations who vote under German threat; vote for us or NO money!

Where is it better inside and fighting inside EU UK Government?

Why do we have to fight in order to lose more of our sovereingty? Why do we have to fight to enslave us more to EU =Germany?


Norwegian Prime Minister Admitted: PART OF OUR FREEDOM GONE TO EU!!


This is what Mr Cameron is fighting and campaigning about?

Is this why all the Europeans of EU want the UK in EU?

Is it the sweetness of 11.5 billion pounds that make them all come here and campaign for UK, you and myself, to accept their UNION of Dictatorship of Germany over 27 other states?

Clearly this  is what EU is shouting through all its agents, either UK, French, German, that we must stay in EU for our good!

Since when another nation points to us our good?

Since when the French have the right to threaten us with this and that?

Since when have we forgotten what Germany is all about and what they are capable of doing? They have done it again on several EU countries just recently. Look at Greece and where they led it to. It was NO accident, it was NO mistake. Planned and executed with German precision. Look at Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and now Italy and France?


NO Illusions. UK Must Stay FREE and Democratic!

UK citizens have NO illusions. If UK finds itself in the same position as Greece, Germany, France and all their lackeys will not hesitate to treat us in the same Inhuman, Undemocratic, Vile way!!

OUT of EU to have our DESTINY in our hands, not in the hands of Germany and its subjects!!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter

               EU Propaganda Machines Out To Persuade EU Citizens Of Growth That Never Happens


Last ten years NO growth in EU except in Germany

Growth in EU is coming trumpet propaganda machine of EU but they forget to tell us that is only for Germany!

Propaganda makes people believe. Propaganda persuades people to believe that black is white and vice versa. Thus, EU has put together with our billions, a machine of propaganda second to none. They fail in nothing and that is something all of us can witness daily. What the officials are doing, what the president and his team are doing, how well the Foreign Lady is doing, how well the refugees - migrants are treated and how well the economy is doing for all the nations of EU!


One Nation Prospers,Germany, Rest Struggle in Poverty!

Yes, all the nations of EU are doing very well apparently and that growth is happening in a stagnating EU over the last ten years. Thus EU propaganda forget to tell us that five economies of EU and Eurozone are busted and two are on the brink!

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy with France just on the brink of ruins!

They never tell us about that. They also forget to tell us which country has real growth treble and ten times the growth of the rest of EU=Eurozone. They forget to tell us that unemployment is everywhere in EU above 5% with Greece at 50% and Germany has NO unemployment, which made Merkel and Juncker call migrants:

EU has Open Doors for all!

The master Nation Germany has NO unemployment!!


All EU Members Exploited for Benefit of Germany!

They never bother to analyse why we have seven of the 28 nations bankrupt, six of the new members in shambles and one in ruins just because they are part of EU and the Euro. Will EU=Germany ever acknowledge such a crime against some 160 million Europeans? Will they ever acknowledge that EU in its inception is wrong, Eurozone is wrong and it is exploiting all members for the benefit of Germany? Will they ever acknowledge the Crime Against Humanity of 11 millions Greeks that is now coming home to roost and torture Germany with migrants invasion?

Do not expect such admission from the lackeys of Germany. Do not expect any improvement in the fate of the nations mentioned above. In fact, the situation in above seven countries is worsening but we are told all is fine and progress is made.

All unfounded claims, all fabricated lies and Propaganda products!

All propaganda for the people to swallow and carry on the cross of torture and slavery called EU and Eurozone.


Referendum Brings Hope to United Kingdom!!


There is one small hope for UK people as the economy is staggering back from ruins. The possibility of Brexit and liberation from dictatorial EU with rules and regulations favouring just one nation and ruining the rest!


Our position remains the same and stronger than before!

OUT of EU!! LEAVEEU to UK for a better future away from Dictatorship of Germany=EU

Peter Constant

                A Rogue State Supported by Rogues Destroys Our Lives and Continent!


This is what is Turkey doing to Europe but NO nation or organisation NATO, EU can punish Turkey and Erdogan, except Russia.

Will Russia save Europe unintentionally or indeed intentionally?

Will Russia save EU and Europe by destroying Turkey plans to Islamicise Europe and conquer it as a result of that?


Islamisation Covered Up as Refugee-Migrant Issue

The refugee- migrant-terrorist issue the result of invasion of EU by millions of Asians and Africans has been called a refugee issue, plain and simple! This is not a refugee issue. Refugees do not come in millions from far away and away from war zones. Refugees do not demand and force their way through borders. Refugees are not paid to make invasions. They are destitute. Most of migrants we see today are young men, are healthy, wear and carry with them mobiles, Nike clothing, credit cards and money!! These are not poor migrants. They are paid migrants for other reasons. No women, only men!!


Wrong ten times! Wrong one million times!

It is called Invasion of Europe by Muslim Migrants by Plan and Plot!

The issue of migrants-refugees ( 97% of them are migrants) is about invasion of Europe by Muslim people paid and financed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia plus their allies among whom are Germany and USA. ( I must add here that the leaders of EU=Germany and USA are not fit to run a billion people) Thus Turkey not only have been financing the invasion covered up by the civil war they have created in Syria, but also plotting and planning how Islam will prevail in EU and destroy it for their own ends.


How is Turkey achieving that is astonishing and so weird when I can see what they Turkey is doing and yet, USA think tanks cannot, German Think tanks cannot, EU think tanks cannot.

a. Turkey is the main force behind the civil war in Syria. Turkey is ISIS plus Al Nusra and other terrorist organisations. The waves of refugees from Syria are mainly toward other Arab States. Thus, the wave of Muslim people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran and Iraq is being let through Turkey on payment. Payment is made mainly and primarily Saudi Arabia, the arch Islamist Fundamentalist State, in order to destroy Greece first and then distabilise Europe and invade as it has been happening.

Russia intervened and delay their plans temporarily.

b. Turkey in spite all the begging from Merkel , Germany, EU etc still exports non-stop migrants in thousands daily, only migrants to EU , which is completely financed by Saudi Arabia at about 3500 dollars per head. That is important trade when about 20,000 daily were exported to Greece in the summer and now in winter about 3000 per day. Business is brisk and the plan is being carried out successfully. Greece is swamped with migrants, Muslim Migrants, EU is on the verge of collapse.

c. The ceasefire in Syria threatens the plans and plots of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Thus, Turkey still bombards areas of Syria, Turkey does not recognise the ceasefire agreed at UN and it is getting ready to invade Syria alongside Saudi Arabia and some 18 other Muslim countries with an ARMADA the world has never seen before. Why and who has given these organised gangsters of Islam the right to invade Syria and do whatever there? Who authorised them and who asked them?


Co-Conspirators Cannot SEE or Refuse to stop the Poison Called Turkey!!

Merkel went to Turkey two times to appease the Sultan of Turkey. No results.

Junger and Tuft, the leaders of useless EU went to Turkey to appease the Sultan who biligerantly told them; " Who will stop me to bus these migrants to Greece?" Thus, NO results

Moneghini, the Foreign Minister of EU, laugh for this, could not visit Southern Turkey because the flight was cancelled, not because EU covers up Turkey's atrocities against Kurds of Turkey.

Turkey does allow NATO, yes it does not allow NATO, to patrol the shores close to Turkey in order to stop the export of these migrants and return them to Turkey. FRONTEX just occupies Greek space rather than stop migrants arrivals.

All the above are facts readers. Draw your own conlusions as to why Turkey has the power and the guts to threaten the whole Europe, Russia and the world.

Concluding and as the situation is clear to me but not to our leaders:

a. Greece is flooded with refugees and the country is being turned within a year into a Muslim protectorate of Turkey. Like in Germany with the Turks of Germany, soon these migrants will revolt against the host country and civil war similar Syria, instigated and supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia will start.

b. The migrants, in their majority Muslims, will rebel all over EU that is already collapsing under the waves of migrants. Walls are up, barbed wires up and the fighting and civil war within EU is bringing it down fast.

c. Nothing saves Greece and if the plans of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are successful in Syria, then the destruction of Greece and fall of a Christian Nation to Islam will be fast. That will lead quickly to what I predicted in earlier articles;

Will we see the Turks outside Vienna again, threatening the whole of Europe or will Russia destroy them once and for all?

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter