Which Great Country On Planet Earth Will Give Away Voluntarily Its Sovereignty to Another?


The idea that a Nation like the United Kingdom will vote to forsake and give away its FREEDOM, Democracy, Sovereignty and Law Passing and E conomyto another country, Germany=EU, is repulsive and repugnant to somebody who is not even British but a Law abiding citizen of the United Kingdom.

How do you feel United Kingdom people?



The second biggest EU member is advised by all, Obama, Hollande, Schauble, Juncker, IMF etc plus plenty USA ex nobodies, to give up its Independence and become a province of Germany=EU. That is some advice! Thank you all for your good advice. 

The terrible thing however is that our leaders, Prime Minister Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn of Labour Party advise us to sell our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY as a Nation and become a German province like all other 26 other nations have done.

I find this crazy and betrayal of the Nation which had so many millions dead defending its independence against the vary Nation, they advise us to succumb to now and we pay for it on top too.


UK is 65 Million People

Does the UK need a patron or a pim, to be more blunt and Vulgar?

Why on earth a country such as the UK, that fought two bloody wars against Germany, give our FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Independence to Germany without shooting a bullet?

Why on earth should the UK succumb and submit to the German=EU concoction and be slaves for ever at a payment of 20 billion a year? 



Prosperity they say. Look at prosperity in EU. It is only in Germany because Germany sets the rules and agenda for Germany, not UK. It is all about Germany for Germany. It is No accident that Germany is prospering. They are the masters of the agenda, the rules and the regulations of EU, plus covered up CHEATING too!


Let us not make it easier and better for them. Let us all remember the millions who died fighting the Reichs! Let us remember that it is NOT only money that matters, if indeed in this case they are right, which I fervently believe and facts support they are not right!


What security? From terrorists? EU brought them in, Germany invited them in?

From non-existent Russian attack?

Russia never attacked Europe, it has been attacked twice by Germany in 20th century as UK was. Should we listen to Ashdown and his rhetoric about Russia or who is behind his rhetoric to sell their arms and keep us scared in order to spend trillions on arms they produce? Should we listen to Obama who will undoubtedly follow a similar line of argument?

Russians never attacked Europe, Germany has!! Let us be blunt and truthful!!


Their vicious attack now is financial with FREEDOM its Victim!


Prosperity in UK

All UK people know how much prosperity is in the country being in EU. We owe more, we cannot afford a home, we struggle in Hospitals and Schools, Police, Care of Old and pensioners etc.

Our ECONOMY, they all tell us, will be much better in EU, otherwise we will suffer unemployment, trade will cease etc.

Pay us 20 billion annually they argue, and you will be in Paradise, like we have been over the last forty years. Why on earth, Germany=EU care more about UK, one of 27 members and not for Germany the founder of EU, the financier of EU and the bully of EU?

Why on earth a Nation of 65 million pay an organisation of unelected bureaucrats billions in order to enslave us and decide for us what is better and what is not for us?


Are we all that STUPID and they are so CLEVER?

Unless I am off my trolley, you see my points and that their arguments of paying in order to sell them our FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, Independence and Economy a Betrayal of a Nation!

I am a FREE Thinker!!

I love FREEDOM and Democracy and Control of my destiny! I am sure you do believe in same things.

Never listen, never believe the SIRENS of DOOM!!

FREEDOM and Independence of UK means 





Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter       www.greeksinart.com








                   FREEDOMS in EU

Article 11- 66 of EU Treaty-Constitution states:

" Everyone has the RIGHT to respect for his or her private and family life, home and communications"

Invaded and Occupied by Turkey, Cyprus 

I have been a refugee since 1974. Simply Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974, destroyed my home, my family and my dreams and now at the end of my life I am not even allowed to be buried where I was born, just because Turkey still occupies Cyprus with 50,000 troops, which by the way belong to NATO.

To add salt to injury the European Union, called EU, has taken the decision to accept Turkey in EU while it still occupies part of Cyprus, a member of EU! Among those supporting fervently Turkey's EU membership, regardless of its criminal activities of today not in Cyprus but within Turkey and outside it, is United Kingdom and David Cameron.

Where is my FREEDOM protected by EU or its members Mr Cameron? Are those words EMPTY words to deceive and cheat on us in order to vote to REMAIN in EU?

How would you feel if a super power has invaded UK and took over 40% of the UK, including half of London?



Article   11-61 of EU TREATY-Constitution

"Human Dignity is inviolable.It must be respected and protected"

What has happened to my Dignity because of the invasion and occupation of Cyprus by Turkey? Why am I and 250,000 other Cypriots the victims of Turkey which EU rewards now with membership, against all its principles and all its writings in its Constitution?

How do you expect me to believe a word of what EU promises and you promise to us on behalf of EU?

How can anybody in EU believe what EU stands for, since it does not and will not safeguard the basic Human Values of FREEDOM and Democracy?

Many will argue but it does!

Since my writing is poor compared to others, I allow you the FREEDOM to interpret these images and decide whether EU cares about Dignity of its citizens

Sizre in Turkey destroyed by Turkish Army!   Desecrated by Turkish Army Cemetery in Cyprus 



That is Dignity of Humans as Turkey believes it and as EU accepts it, since it welcomes Turkey in EU family!


This is Dignity and FREEDOM in EU as it believes them!

Greek pensioners in despair!

Greece Dignity and FREEDOM in short!!




UK Promises- Empty Promises as all Above!


Finally this is the proposed FREEDOM, Dignity and Democracy promised to us in UK! Who will deliver it? Cameron delivered us plenty with his recent rounds of begging in EU Capitals! Glaring results, which will REFORM EU, as he says.


Too Hot for me!!

Remain means the above!

OUT and LEAVEEU promises new ERA for United Kingdom!!


Peter Constant-   Freedom Fighter            www.greekinart.com









                        MADNESS in EUROPE catches UNITED KINGDOM!





Never heard of Juncker until he became PRESIDENT of EU. Yes, he is the president of EU, a 500 million people UNION.  He is unelected by EU people and has been appointed, to the post by who else? Germany. Needless to say he comes from the biggest country member of EU, Luxembourg, a country of half a million. He accounts to Merkel and has been the cornerstone of success in EU such as Refugees debacle, Greek Junta imposition, Threats to member states to keep borders open to refugees, which by the way all nations disobeyed, except Greece because it is governed by Germany.


Federica Mogherini

Appointed Foreign Minister and Vice President 

Have you ever heard of her before? She has been thrown into the EU bureaucracy to represent 500 million people on the world stage because of her Italian political connections? How was that done? Who voted her there? How qualified is she? More importantly who does she go to to report after every trip she makes around the world representing you and me? Berlin, to inform her master Merkel about the talks she has had. Nowhere else!


Donald Tusk

President of European Council

Polish ex-Prime Minister who all of a sudden, for his good work to enslave Europe has been appointed President of EU Council. Needless to say who appointed him and needless to say why all these unelected bureaucrats, are unaccountable to anybody else but Merkel.


Why The Bureaucrats Have Us All by the Throat?

All of them LOVE EU gravy train. They pay themselves lavishly with money that belongs to us not them!

These are the top Bureaucrats who Govern us on the surface but in reality and in practice the power, the decisions, the orders and their power is in Berlin, Germany. It is a Dictatorship of Germany wearing EU uniform but there NOWHERE to hide now!


Who elects them and appoints them?

These Unelected BUREAUCRATS were elected to their posts by one country only, Germany. The rest of EU members follow the master or they are punished severely!

Deliver us you SOVEREINGTY or OUT of EU is the Greek writing! Thus Greece did and Germany governs Greece!

Have they accounted for what they did to Greeks and Greece behind closed doors in Brussels? Never, as the EU is a group of people who are Unaccountable to anybody except German masters!


UK People Asked to Forgo FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and Sovereignty of UK for The German=EU Jail!

Do you agree with that?

Are you in agreement with Cameron to sell UK to the Unelected bureaucrats of Brussels who get their appointments and orders from Berlin?

Are you in agreement to be governed in such Undemocratic, Dictatorial way by people we never elected, never heard of and have nothing to do with them?

I am a in NO agreement with Cameron, Osborne, Hollande, Obama, Merkel and others who push UK into the prison and boiling cauldron of EU.

I say NO to EU and its Unelected bureaucrats!

I say NO to EU and its Undemocratic mechanisms and machinations of Dictatorship!

I say NO to Unaccountable nobodies who have abducted our EU FREEDOMS and DEMOCRACIES by Stealth!

OUT of EU!


FREE UK from Shackles of EU=Germany!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter




                          "We Want to Remain in Reformed EU" shout Cameron and Osborne to Britain


The remain in EU campaign has done miracles already. They brought over to UK to persuade us leaders like Hollande and his ministers, Schauble and his threats of money. They sent us all a disgusting voting leaflet of generalities and nothingness. Yesterday, they promised us a REFORMED EU with a document that must have taken them months to put together in order to persuade us that all is ROSES in EU. Osborne and aids did a great mechanical job, like machines of German factory, manufacturing scenarios of doom and gloom.

Wolfgang Schauble fixed all problems of Greece and six other bankrupt EU countries!



USA Puts ITS BIG HAND in UK Affairs!!

Then on Thursday, President Obama is coming to UK to talk to us about the usefulness of EU, about why we must stay in the Dictatorship of EU=Germany, which is also now the front of NATO, the American military arm of supposedly Liberation of European people against Russia. I fail to see in any historical record when Russia attacked Europe!!


REFORMED EU and DREAMS OF Cameron plus Osborne and Remain in EU Campaign!

Why is Cameron so hopeful on REFORMED EU? 

Why is he promising the impossible since in all his rounds in EU capitals just a couple of months ago he failed in all respects?

Why is he promising a REFORMED EU since in the last 40 years UK has never managed to pass one single LAW and Regulation to favour UK interests? In 72 cases challenged in EU the UK lost all 72 cases?

How is Mr Cameron or any future UK Prime Minister going to reform the construction Germany has built since Germany is the money maker, the decision maker and the law maker in Brussels?

Are you Lying Mr Cameron?

Are you conservative with the truth Mr Cameron?

Are you ECONOMICAL with the truth Mr Cameron or do you.....




The REFORMED EU Cameron and the remain in EU advocate is not about reforms of LAW, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, ACCOUNTABILITY, LESS FAVOURING OF GERMANY BUT...

REFORMED EU WITH 80 MILLION MUSLIM TURKS IN EU DICTATING THE AGENDA and others hiding behind Turkey ordering the agenda!.

This is the REFORMED EU they are talking about, not the one about openness, accountability, immigration, sovereignty, FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY!!

The REFORMED EU Mr Cameron speaks about and he is copied by Osborne and others is all about membership of Turkey in EU, a State Union, A Brussels Bureaucracy ordering us all about , even though unelected, and a Jail of EU with Germany as the jailer and the keys thrown away for good!!


That is the REFORMED EU we are promised!!

Have you heard any of the REMAIN campaigners talk about FREEDOM?

Have you heard them talk about Democracy?

Have they talked about Sovereignty and control of our country and affairs?

They will never do except shady figures and scaremongering about possible economic effects that reside in their fantasies rather than in reality of world finances and trade.

Do you want to be in a REFORMED  EU with NO basic Liberties and UNION flooded by Turkey citizens demanding of us to change to accommodate their Muslim faith and beliefs plus those who finance and support Turkey?








Peter Constant-  FREEDOM Fighter            www.greeksinart.com