Closed Borders, Walls and Barbed Wires Shame EU, FREEDOM,  Democracy and SCHENGEN Signatories!


No EU without FREE Movement!

Without FREE movement, there is NO EU declared many officials of EU among them the famous Mr Claude Juncker. Not only he repeated that, but he threatened with financial penalties those counties that closed their borders.

As normal with this incompetent lackey of Germany the borders have been closing one after the other, the poor INVITED people of all continents started travelling to come to Germany etc and ...

Borders are Closed!

Barbed Wires are up!

Walls are UP!

Borders are guarded not only with border police but ARMY too!

How did we end up in a FREE, without borders EU to one with borders between France and Belgium and a series of walls and barbed wires all along the borders of Hungary, Slovenia and Austria?

EU has become very used to blaming for all its ills and all its problems one country: GREECE

So, once again it is Greece to blame because it has to save the refugees drowning under EU LAW, it has to save migrants in distress in its waters. Furthermore, it has to house, feed and offer to all humanitarian aid, whereas all other EU countries have closed their borders and accuse Greece of allowing these people in. 

Easy victim Greece, easy victimisation of Greece and its people within this scandal called European Union, Mrs Merkel's Solidarity Union. Where is Solidarity Merkel?

Have you heard Mrs Merkel speaking lately or is she hiding and plotting how to destroy fully, 100% Greece? Yes, that is what they all up to.

Have you heard any EU country condemn Turkey for exporting migrants, terrorists to EU?

Have you heard anyone member state of EU saying, NO more money to Blackmailer Turkey?

The answer is a stark, pitiful, disgraceful, NO!!

All quiet as they are afraid of the big guns of EU=Germany and their financial might.


Refugee Issue Final Blow to Dissolution of EU

Now, the Refugee issue is not a matter of a few thousand, it is a matter of millions and a matter of invasion of millions of migrants from Asia.  Thus France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary not only closed their borders to migrants and others but erected walls of shame to keep them out.

This is your EU Mrs Merkel! 

Is this Solidarity or Hypocrisy Mrs Merkel?

Is this prosperity and sharing in EU Mrs Merkel?

There is only one member state that prospers and the rest just survive. 

Germany never shares anything, they always profit against all of us because they legalise it themselves via EU!!

NO to Schengen, is NO to EU!!

Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter


                    The Fiasco of Refugees  is a CRIME Against Humanity and Against Greece Germany=EU!!


Turkey makes 3500 euros for each refugee it exports to Greece for Europe.



It is big business for Turkey and that is why it will never stop until Turkey is punished for Crimes Against Humanity it commits non-stop not only against people of Syria and Iraq but also Kurds of Turkey and migrants from as far as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afganistan and Iran! The flood of refugees from Middle East continues, the flood of migrants coming through Turkey continues. The details and promises of Turkey is just Rubbish and Lies for public consumption and news by MME, which cover up the real crimes of Turkey against these people and their own Kurdish people  in Turkey.

The Road of Shame of Humanity!!



Turkey has on its side two groups of nations that share willingly in my view the Inhumanity and exploitation of innocent people for their own ends. Turkey for money, Saudi Arabia and its satellites for Islam and EU=Germany for reasons only Merkel knows.

Most of us were puzzled to see how easy it has been for hundreds of thousands of refugees-migrants and terrorists to be exported from Turkey and land on Greek shores to be saved as people in danger at sea. The Turks know all about it, the merchants of human tragedy know about it, Turkey State know about it as well as EU. Thus Greece has become the landing port by position not policy, whereas Turkey by policy and plan exports us millions of people to ruin Greece first and then Europe.

Turkish leaders declared it on many occasions: " We do not have to have a war against EUrope. We will export you five million Muslims and that will be the end of Europe"

Thus Turkey pursues its policy of exporting as many innocent people over to Greece as possible. They collect their ransom from blackmailed EU, I do not accept that is blackmail, they collect their agreed fee from Saudi Arabia and pursue their plan of destroying Greece, turning it into an Islamist HotSpots Concentration Camp and finding the reasons to invade Greece in order to save the ones who now they export into Greece for money.

GREECE has become the victim of plans by Turkey to Islamisize Europe!! NATO and EU cannot see beyond their noses what the whole plan is all about! Even if they do, they do not give a damn about it.

The plan has been working wonders for Turkey and partly for Germany and Merkel, who have started feeling twitchy and uncomfortable about the whole issue. This is not about refugees arriving in EU now. All EU nations closed their borders except one , GREECE!

Why not Greece?

Two main reasons which are exploited absolutely by Turkey and its merchants of slaves and humanity. EU rules specify clearly: People at SEA and in danger of drowning must be saved by the nearest EU country. Thus Greece, is forced to apply the rules of EU, which conveniently do not apply to Turkey, who BLACKMAIL EU to pay them to keep these refugees-migrants, who they allow into Turkey in the first place in order to collect the 2000 per head from Saudi Arabia.

Germany=EU in cooperation with Turkey, they allow such crime to continue as long as it was only against Greece and its dissolution and complete Islamisation and subordination to Turkey and Germany. However, the problem now is not only Greek, it is pan European and it is the issue that might dissolve EU and put an end to the monster Germany plans to create and lead for its own ends. That is why LEAVE EU is our aim on this site now.

Using Turkey and allowing Turkey to do what it does to millions of people is a Criminal Act at the door of EU, not just Turkey. The victims are millions of migrants, the victims are 11 million Greeks, who have NOT enough to feed themelves and now face the feeding of millions arriving from Turkey to the urgings and acceptance of Germany=EU. To add SALT to injury it is the Greece's fault that Turkey exports these refugees into Greece and Germany=EU punish Greece further.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Germany= EU are at this moment in history committing CRIMES Against Humanity that involves millions of people in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


Sanctions on Turkey #EU, Not Rewards!!

Closed the DOOR to Turkey as the Greek islands can be closed immediately, if the rules and directives of EU were not practiced for humanitarian reasons!!

No more Blackmail money to the Criminals of Turkey, who have been exporting to us in Europe the migrants and the terrorists, who soon will become the terror of all Europeans.

Punish Turkey with serious Sanctions to stop their Criminal practice rather than wet their appetite with more billions, more billions of EU taxes.


             Merkel and Juncker Screamed and Shouted at the Greeks!!


Merkel and Hollande Pensive for Different Reasons!

Elections DO NOT COUNT in European Union!

The Greek elections of January 2015 started the break up of EU as we have known it before. The masters of EU could not allow a trainee Prime Minister, Tsipras, and a leftist party of the people SYRIZA, to change EU course and bring to it Democratic processes and rule of the people rather than


The Greek elections of January 2015 not only brought a government of the people ( 36%) demanding EU to change but also showing the way to other EU states that there was another DEMOCRATIC way to go in EU. Alas, that was not to the liking of the masters of EU with their base firmly in Berlin, not in Brussels.

The newly elected Greek Government was immediately attacked by who else but Juncker the President of EU, Democratic EUI they call it,  and his master Merkel, The Chancellor of Germany. The two leaders immediately declared, they stated it on several occasions on TV

The appointee of Merkel! An Undemocratic Appointment in itself!This man represents 500,000 people from Luxemberg. Really?


They were not lying, they were not dreaming at all. They told us the truth and they told it in public and on record. More importantly it is written in the EU TREATY which UK is a member and which our country has signed.

The treaty takes away Elections results and Sovereignty! The UK has signed it and if anyone of you would like to have a copy of it, you will NEVER get one. It is a SECRET!!


Undemocratic, Dictatorial EU of Germany Imposed Junta on Greece!! Greece Governed by TROIKA since September 2015

Thus EU with its might and its mechanisms brought Greece to despair and ruins in a few steps. Forced the Democratically elected Government of Greece to its knees and then forced it to resign by simply closing the money tap to Greece and then closing the Greek Banks. Yes, #EU brought the government down by closing Greek Banks and starving Greece. That is what EU and Eurozone are all about.

Is this Democracy #UK citizens? Are they going to do the same to us?


The UK played its part in that Crime against Greece. By September Greece had another Governement that 20% of Greeks voted for and it does exactly what it is ordered by Brussels=Berlin axis. If refusing, money is stopped and Greece dies away, thrown to the dogs by EU of UNITY, Co-Operation and Solidarity! Who is next will be shown shortly but how many nations will dare raise their head after what EU did to Greece?

We must show Solidarity Merkel and Juncker declare

The above event is what solidarity is all about in EU but it does not stop there and it continues with the Refugee and Migrant Crisis that shows exactly what EU is all about.

Each Nation for itself and if anything goes against  any Nation, the nation, if they can act , they do UNILATERALLY!!

NO SENGEN, NO Humanity, NO FREE movement of anybody!! We close the borders, we build walls, we erect barbed wire fences plus plus! To hell with other member states.


GREECE is LEFT TO ITS MISERY and Desires of Turkey!

Migration and Migrants from all around!!


Mr Cameron forgot to bring to all of us in the UK any new ideas and any restrictions on migrants from EU !! Restriction of migrant arrivals from everywhere too. This country is the most densely populated EU country. How can we welcome and house and feed and educate and provide health care to millions more, which is happening because of movement of EU citizens across EU? How can we do that on top of wasting 20 billion on EU already?

That is stupidity and EU policy that might work for Germany, France, Austria and others now but it will never work in long run. Unworkable because of huge standard of living differences between member states.

Where is the DEAL on this Mr Cameron?

There is FREEDOM on movement bur there is NO FREEDOM of voting and deciding our own future!!

That is EU citizens of Europe! A Union of so many undemocratic Laws and Rules which bureaucrats in Brussels pass but they have NO clue how they will impact and affect the 28 member states.





The Referendun of June will reveal all to everyone who cares in the UK, who cares about the United Kingdom. That is if we are allowed to hear everyone, to give us all a chance to weigh up the pros and cons of Remaining or Leaving EU.

This is Democratic EU in Greece. Crashed Democracy!! Who is Next Victim of Germany? UK?



This site and its author have long been an advocate of Leaving EU and that has not change because of some cosmetic concessions EU afforded United Kingdom.

Even though Mr Cameron informed us that we are FREE and not part of a political UNION pushed by Germany, that is not necessary correct or indeed true. A NATION that cannot pass its own LAWS but is obliged and forced to follow EU Laws and rules is not FREE at all.

WE are slaves of an Undemocratic Organisation which is Germany wearing a mask!!

A Parliament that cannot decide its own rules that benefit the country but has to follow the rules other unelected bodies impose on us is not FREE, it is subordinate to EU lackeys who happen to be, strangely enough, lackeys of Germany and in the hands of Germany with UK pushed aside and never allowed to exercise its FREEDOM Rights. In a Democratic EU, dominated and dictated by German Euros, nobody has any power except the money power, the bank, Germany which prints the Euro.

Do we in UK need such a farce, where the Germans wearing the mask of EU govern us?

Do we have to throw into the bin the memory of millions of lives sacrificed in order for Germany to become again what it was in 1914 and 1940?

All the above are happening and the paradoxical thing about it we pay for it with 20 billion pounds annually, or 60 million tax to EU a day. 


Why should our schools leak, why should our hospitals close in order to give money to EU to waste it on projects of NO consequence and on a murderous state Turkey; billions after billions for the Turks to commit Crimes Against Humanity that EU and WEST to cover up on purpose?

Why are our TAXES, our money should be sent to EU to waste on fat, fat salaries of lackeys of Germany and an organisation that is Undemocratic and has NO accountability to anyone and especially to the ones who pay the bills.

EU from a TRADE partner has become a State enslaving anyone becoming a member. Time to get out of this German Autocracy and BE FREE and Independent UK!!


Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter