With Blessings of USA, UK, and UN, Hellenism of Cyprus Enslaved to Islamist Turkey!

The Cypriot people and especially the Greeks of the island have been patriotically struggling to gain independence for Cyprus the whole of 20th century and in the first fifteen years of the 21st century. Unfortunately in these struggles and fight to FREEDOM the island has found insurmountable obstacles in #United Kingdom, #Turkey and now #USA, #EU= #Germany.

If the world thinks that slavery of lands and places has been eliminated and eclipsed think again.

If people of the world believe that UN is the protector of Highest Ideals of #Humanity, look somewhere else for that.

If people look to EU= Germany for FREEDOM and Democracy, do not go far to see what they stand for; look at what they have done to #Greece and #Greek people!

The old doctrine of conquer, govern and exploit has not been abandoned anywhere and especially so in Cyprus where the UK still holds lands in Sovereign Bases, supports Turkey to hold Rights as if we are in 1878 or 1571 and EU continues the criminal policies of Germany = EU, which reward today an ally of 1914 with a whole people and a whole island:


The Greeks of Cyprus went through Liberation Struggle against Britain, which ended in a FREE Cyprus apparently, but actually it was an interim solution to Division and in our days the ultimate betrayal of Greeks by the FREE world as they call themselves euphemistically in UK, USA, EU.

The FREE world is bribing Turkey with Cyprus, who cares about one million Cypriots, since they themselves are happy with their souvla and their "freedom", that comprises an enclave to be governed by the bully of Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey!!

The fault does not lie only with the powers of our day USA, UK, EU. No, far from that. It also lies with the Cypriot politicians, with the Greeks mostly, who sit at a table to TALK with whom? The spokesperson of Turkey who is ordered and threaten with annihilation, should he not follow instructions. At the same time the Greeks of Cyprus suffer the same in the hands of EU=Germany and USA plus UK.

However, there is one element in this equation of this tragedy in Cyprus that has remained apathetic, quiet, voiceless and bribed by what and whom; blinded and softened by promises and propaganda of liars and dictators of various forms and natures are the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, not settlers?

The Cypriots!! Cyprus is being donated to Turkey, Cyprus is being sold for a euro to Turkey, Cypriots are being sold as slaves and all Cypriots , Greeks and Turks are quiet and do absolutely nothing to change this catastrophy that is any minute becoming the famous SOLUTION of CYPRUS Problem!!

Where are you Cypriots? Rise and Shout NO to Solution that makes Turkey the Governor of whole Cyprus and all Cypriots slaves of the Sultans of Ankara!!

Peter Constant

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        Middle East on Course To Disaster??

The WEST, i.e. USA, EU= Germany and the rest are now the powers of the weak, the powers who have played a political and military game and lost badly to Russian diplomacy and military decisiveness in the Middle East.

For three years, if not more, ISIS , DAES etc have been making ground all over Iraq and Syria and the coalition of USA used to bomb the deserts and mountains of the area rather than the terrorists of #DAES and #ISIS. The people of these ares have suffered the insufferable, have paid with blood and millions of lives the role the WEST played in both Iraq and Syria. The refugees, migrants and terrorists are the result of all these sinister plans we have seen employed in Middle East from which we are all affected and as Paris bombing showed, we all pay for. 

The Russians stayed outside this arena of crime, terror and death for too long but when they saw that their last ally in the Med and Middle East was going down to Islamist fanatics and terrorists decided that it was time to intervene and save what was left among the ruins of Syria and Iraq.

The Russians proved to be as good as their word to the peoples of the Middle East. Supported Assad, supported Kurds and provided them with all the support they needed to stop the onslaught of ISIS, DAES and #Turkey, their biggest ally, financial supporter, trading partner and the power which desires to see the whole Middle East and Med, turning into a Califate and a Neo-Turkish State not dissimilar to old Ottoman Empire.

In fact Turkish leaders #Erdogan and #Davutoglu never kept that a secret. It was their plan to expand all over the known Ottoman Empire of 18th century from Baghdad, to Palestine, Cairo, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco. Some plan Erdogan and his mandra devised but they never thought that Russia would put a spanner in the works and destroy the whole concept. They never anticipated Egypt to turn away from Islamist extremists and back to National policies.

USA finds itself on the wrong side of many interests in the Middle East now. Turkey is proven very much untrustworthy, as they have been all along, without revealing that. Germany has tied its interests on a Turkey that will not be recognised as Turkey soon and so EU is once again led by an incompetent leader, Angela #Merkel, to another defeat in the hands of Russia and Middle East allies of the Russians who now seem to be as many as the whole of Middle East from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, to Israel and Egypt.

Thus an EU financing Turkey has opened Kassandra's Box together with Turkey. EU has been donating to Turkey two billion euros annually to access EU and become a member. Now, after blackmails from Turkey it donated Turkey another 3.2 billion to stop exporting refugees from Turkey to EU. The theatre of these actions is so poor, the reasons for this money to Turkey so blatantly obvious, that credibility of EU has been in tatters.

EU= Germany Finances Turkey to finance ISIS and Turkey's plans to dominate Middle East from the Aegean to Cyprus, to Syria, Iraq and further. These sinister plans started to unravel with Russia stopping ISIS, arming Kurds and encircling Turkey with missiles and military might that scares the lot of EU, Turkey and USA. Turkey in desperation has turned on its own people, the #Kurds of Turkey number 30 billion, and that figure makes it impossible to stop the inevitable and break up of Turkey as we know it now. 

The latest developments give hope to countries such as Syria, Iraq and possibly an independent Kurdistan but is terrible news for Greece and Cyprus which Germany has condemned to death with characteristic German precision and methods reminiscent of Hitler's time between 1930-1945. However, Turkey seems to me to be in the same situation and from victimising the Hellenes of #Greece, #Cyprus and the Kurds of Turkey, they might find themselves in far worse situation soon.

EU = Germany does not treat Greece as equal nor Cyprus as a country. Both have been demonised and thrown to the wolves of Turkey and money lenders but the beloved child of Germany and USA, seems to be to be sliding fast to the abyss and disintegration, is a distinct possibility.

                   BEST WISHES TO ALL!



                 The Year 2015 Will Be Remembered in EU as the Year Of Revolt and Suppression!

In January 2015 Greece revolted in EU demanding an end to #Austerity, an end to #Greek Humiliations and starvation. #SYRIZA party with #Tsipras and #Varoufakis came to power as the dominant force in Greek politics, demanding changes in Europe and FREEDOM to its people. The answer from Brussels and Berlin was brutal, criminal blackmail and humiliation of the Greek Nation and what it stands for: FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY!

By August 2015 Greece became a protectorate of Germany with closed banks and GUN in the head. Do this or ... 

The COUP against Greeks was brutal and Germany won the battle of suppression and Slavery over Freedom and Democracy in #Greece!

In November elections were held in #Portugal where the political party supporting EU and Austerity was beaten but EU was not. The President of Portugal refused to give the mandate to the party that won majority thus handing over government to the pro EU party. Another attempt against Freedom and Democracy in another #EU=#Eurozone country. This time round the COUP in Portugal failed and the people 's voice was given the right to govern but once again with EU= Germany as a big bully watching and manipulating the economy and money of Portugal.

Will the uprising of anti-austerity parties of Portugal survive or will German Autocracy triumph once again?

EU people disgusted with all the machinations of EU in Brussels and Berlin continued to revolt in #France where the anti-EU Right Wing party of Marie #Lepen astonished with its successes in November-December. That the other parties UNITED to beat in the second round of provincial elections in France, which they just did but..  However, the message from France is loud and clear:

EU is in trouble and Germany has to change policies and behaviour.

No doubt Germany is #Germany and their intention of change is obvious. More intimidation, more German Autocracy and to hell with dissent from the Greeks, the Portuguese, the French. We have the money and we order you about. Thus one hundred million Greeks, Portuguese and French do not matter in EU of Germany or do they?

Elections in EU as defined by its Constitution do not matter or do they Mrs Merkel and EU President Claude Juncker?

Now we have just had the elections in #Spain where the Austerity Government of Rahoy was beaten and the progressive anti-EU parties are in position to form a Government and challenge the autocratic EU and shake it in its foundations. They declare in NO uncertain temrs and words:

We want control of our country, OUR Spain, not EU and Brussels-Berlin. We do not want to hand over our FREEDOM and Democracy to un-elected bureaucrats in #Brussels and #Berlin.

To complete the real possibility of EU crumbling is the United Kingdom's threat to LEAVE EU and regain its own independence from rules and regulations, plus Constitution of EU, which is nothing else but Dictatorship of a few in Brussels-Berlin by stealth and by rules they vote, they control and never inform the EU people about.

The UK Referendum is one all UK people need to get involved and learn what EU is really about. It is not trade any more! It is one Federal State governed by Berlin via un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels.

The Freedoms and Democracies of poeple of EU have been stolen. That fact has been kept a secret from all of us!! NO to #EU and its political drive for one Federal State governed by #Germany via Brussels.