Turkey is the Rogue State of the World Today


Who supports Turkey and has it as ally?  USA, NATO, EU


Who finances Turkey and accepts it as future member of EU? EU of 28 states among them Cyprus, a member state occupied by Turkey since 1974.


What are the Crimes we Accuse Turkey of which Crimes are condoned, covered up by WEST?


a. Invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and occupation since then of 40% of the island. Any solution the Cypriots come up with is torpedoed by Turkey which stations 50,000 troops on the island and dictates any outcome to its advantage and criminal wishes.

b. Turkey has been the financier, the trade partner, the training ground and brains behind ISIS. It started in 2012 and today it clearly and blatantly supports financially and militarily ISIS, Al -Nusra, DAESH etc. For how long this comedy of Turkey and the rest is going to continue? Turkey is ISIS and more other terrorists organisations in SYRIA.

c. Turkey shells and bombards two independent countries right now, IRAQ AND SYRIA,  with NO condemnation, NO sanctions from UN. That is a Crime AGAINST HUMANITY THAT HUMANITY AS A WHOLE ACCEPTS, CONDONES AND ALLOWS.


d. Turkey is the main cause of millions of refugees coming out of Syria but the WEST sees it as Assad's doing. That is another distortion of facts and the truth, which we in the WEST have been bombarded with. The Islamists which Turkey supports, alongside Saudi Arabia and others MuslimS of same religion beliefs, create the refugee floods from Syria. NOT ONLY THAT, THEY EXPORT TO US TERRORISTS , WHO WILL TERRORISE US IN FUTURE FURTHER THAN WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

e. Turkey does not help refugees. It exploits refugees, it makes money out of refugees and that is why the invasion of EU by refugees and migrants never ends. Turkey makes well over 3000 euros per refugee it beaches on Greece=EU and then demands, blackmails EU to give it more to stop this flow. That is a CRIME AGAINST THE WHOLE EU people committed by Turkey and by EU itself.



Genocide of Today is Covered Up

f.The worst CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY committed by Turkey right now and over the last few years is the extermination and Genocide of Kurdish people of Turkey. The cities of Kurdish people in South East Turkey are under siege by Turkish Army. They are daily bombarded by the army and air force of Turkey and thousands die week in week out. The reports are few about the curfews, about the masackres of the Kurds but they are happening to the knowledge of all the WEST. Unfortunate and stupidly, they are covered up, are hidden from publicity because Turkey is an ALLY on the borders of Russia.

No other reason to have Turkey committing such crimes against humanity and remain unpunished for decades and centuries. The world has had enough of the COMPLICITY of the WEST to the CRIMES Against Humanity Turkey is committing daily now.

No more acceptance of Genocide of Kurds of Turkey.

No more acceptance of bombing, bombarding and shelling of Syria and Iraq

No more occupation of Iraq and Cyprus.

We demand SANCTIONS against Turkey now in order for their CRIMES against innocent people cease and stop for good!!

We demand PUNISHMENT of Turkey for its daily Crimes ,not reward in billions by EU!!!

That is another CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY against EU's 500 million people!!


Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter



                LEAVE or REMAIN IN EU is the REFERENDUM QUESTION!!


Referendum 23rd June 2016

We all know now that the Prime Minister called for a Referendum in the United Kingdom to decide whether we, as a Nation, would like to stay as member in European Union as it evolves into ONE state or stay out on our own as an independent, sovereign state?

WE are still undecided on many issues and arguments but our overall position has not changed at all.

We advise EU NOT FOR ME for many reasons which even though the Prime Minister tried to change, have not changed at all.

We will be back daily stating our position and reason to remain OUT of EU.


                         Is it 27 EU Members Against One?

David Cameron faces an EU of 27 other countries fronted by Germany. These countries are actually and factually portrayed as independent, democratic countries , equal among equals in European Union. Whether that is a fact or not events in EU over the last year point clearly to anything else than Democracy and Independent States happening within EU.

Dictatorship of Germany Covered Up!

It is a fallacy, it is a lie and that is far, far from the truth and reality of things in EU to believe that Democracy and FREEDOM is the order.  Germany dictates, orders and punishes anyone nation in EU that does not toe the line. Punishment is exemplary and delivered in a German manner and way we are all familiar with.

Economic strangulation of any nation that dissents. We already have the examples of five countries that are under the German influence, let me avoid German boot already. These five countries depend so much on German EUROS that their voting, their opinion and their decisions are already taken in Berlin not in Dublin, Lisbon, Madrid, Athens or Nicosia. Shall I add Rome and Paris in this list?

Unfounded Optimism Mr Cameron

Then Mr Cameron, who I believe has got his expectations wrong expects the poverty stricken Eastern Block countries to support his views and demands. Which countries will do that, since they are the beneficiaries of such largesse by UK systems and Social benefits? Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland?

What is the base of the expectations Mr Cameron?

There, I mentioned thirteen countries, there are more, who will never see your views, never see UK unhappiness because that unhappiness is their own pleasure and happiness in being a member of EU. If you believe that any of these nations became EU members in order to pay ransom, you are mistaken.

UK pays RANSOM to Brussels in the value of 20 billion a year and gets in return nearly nothing. 

NO power in serious political decisions. Germany decides and we follow like obeying dogs.

NO power in economic matters. Germany makes all the decisions to benefit Germany. That is evident in its prosperity and the financial ruins in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus with Italy and France following.

The myth that we will be safer in EU is as big a myth as the declarations of Democracy in EU. Where is our security in view of the migration issues all Europe is facing. They all closed their borders, they all worry about their countries and people.

Where is our security from terrorism since the Open Doors policy of EU=Merkel has led to us being scared to travel anywhere?



A Prime Minister With UK in Mind First

Your job and your duty is with people of UK. To protect our interests, to protect our own, we have thankfully our independence from German Dictators and that we must keep. Millions of dead Brits in Two World Wars against Germany demand it, millions in UK citizens and living in UK today demand it.

NO to EU veiled as a FOURTH Reich!!

No to Undemocratic German Hegemony veiled as EU

NO to remaining in EU

OUT of EU to save our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in UK !

Freedom Fighter

                       Impossible Task for Prime Minister Cameron, LEAVEEU Nearly Only Option!


Our site came into being a few months ago, knowing fully well the hurdles, the struggles and the issues involved in remaining in EU or LEAVING EU. Our position from the beginning was OUT of EU because we see so many unpalatable things happening in EU that leaves us NO hope that this concoction of Germany, ONE State will be anything else but a Dictatorship of Germany over 28 other states veiled as EU.

The results of the first years of EU=EUROZONE of 19 states now plus another 9 states stare us in the eye and shout:

LEAVEEU to save UK the country from a Dictatorial, Undemocratic political UNION called EU, now run, dominated and financed by Germany for Germany. If anyone has any doubts about that and how it has managed over the last fifteen years just read only the following:

These five countries of EU have gone bankrupt.

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and two more are on the brink of bankruptcy; Italy and France.

These countries have gone bankrupt while one country, only ONE country member, has prosperd at the same time in EU=Eurozone:


This is NO accident and NO miracle. Simply, EU and Eurozone are founded for Germany to prosper and the rest to be impoverished as long as they remain in the UNION, which I am to call form now on Dictatorship of Germany with very good reasons.

Once Greece declared its desire for reforms to tackle its economic problems, once the Greeks brought in Government a party and Government to fight for its Democratic Rights, Germany suppressed that, bankrupted the country completely and is governing it now from Berlin via TROIKA and Tsipras who has given Greece away to the German dictators. An EU and Eurozone that CLOSED the Greek Banks in order to blackmail the legitimate Government of a member state and force to submission is a criminal act that will happen again and nobody will be able to stop.

Forget Democratic Rights Member States, they only exist when Germany allows it.

This is not accidental and this will happen again, if any member State and Eurozone country dissents. The Germans will not only suppress and murder any dissent, they will make it so to scare any other nation to do so. That is what they did to Greece. Murdered its Democracy, imposed Bail OUT III, which is worse than if Greece lost a WAR. Worse than that, Greece lost its soveriegnty, lost its FREEDOM and there is NO semblance of Democracy in Greece ever since the summer of 2015.

It is all German Dictatorship veiled as EU, Eurozone!!


Good Luck Prime Minister!

Mr Cameron goes to Brussles today hoping to persuade other member states to see the UK point of view. That is a hopeless hope Mr Prime Minister. Germany has all the cards to play with and you have none. Yes, you have our rights to defend, but Germany has the rights and benefits of Germany to maintain and increase plus also the money to blackmail and threaten others if they do not toe the line.

Thus, in my poor view, only concessions from UK will be sought, only giving in from you will be asked and we shout loudly and will be shouting loudly everyday and until the Referendum happens:

NO to EU!!

OUT of EU!




Freedom Fighter