The Gangsters Try To Scare a Nation of 65 Million


Why not? Their interests are above anything else. Nothing matters to them but their interests, their money, their plans of hegemony and imposition of slavery on all of us, all over the globe. They did that to Greece. Greece does not exist as a FREE Democratic country, it is a protectorate and province of Germany. Germany orders, Germany rules, IMF orders, IMF decides whether Greeks starve or live for an bleak tomorrow. The cancer of IMF and Eurozone is terminal.


All of Them Against UK now!

It is UK turn now to feel the heat of these gangsters of money who are hiding behind these institution who print money, lend money to destroy countries and then control them with their money.


United Kingdom Demands FREEDOM and Democracy!!


How dare UK demand Freedom and Democracy?


How can we teach them a lesson like we did to Greece?

How can we threaten them to vote to REMAIN in EU, our super state of slavery in Europe and organ of our geopolitical plans?

Thus the WAR against a FREE UK has started in serious manner.

First they sent Schauble to scare us, then Hollande to threaten us with refugees and now IMF. In a few days weeks it will be OBAMA and USA threatening us all: Stay in EU or we will....


What is IMF?

So what is this IMF that all of a sudden knows what is to happen to UK, if we people of UK decide on BREXIT?

Do you know what EUROZONE IS?

In short IMF is a USA organisation to dictate money matters to all its members, roughly all the world.

Eurozone is its equivalent to dictate for Germany= USA  money matters in EU, ie its 18 members who are also EU members.

Fortunately UK is NOT a member of EUROZONE, otherwise we would have been enslaved like Greece to Germany money printing machines. 


How Credible is IMF?

They are a financial doctor who administers plans of action in order to make money for its bosses, ie USA pretending they are assisting countries to get them out of money troubles.

 Thus, this organisation alongside Eurozone, ECB, EU have over the last eight years administered financial plans, RECIPES, to get GREEK economy healthy.

They destroyed it and the patient, GREECE, is dead!!

That is how credible this organisation is. That is how much they know about National Economies and Financial prospects of Nations like the United Kingdom!

I say to Lagarde, President of IMF, and her bosses,: "Clean up your act and Mind Your Dirty Business"


No to EU!



Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter















                          EU Constitution and Its Mockery 


Article 1-3  3.

" The Union shall work for sustainable development of Europe based on balanced economic growth and price stability, a highly competitive market economy and aiming to full employment and social progress and a high level of protection and improvement of the quality of the life environment""


Balanced Economic Growth

I ask all UK citizens and all EU citizens to point to me, blind as a bat, where is this balanced economic growth? 

Why are these EU countries in financial ruins and were thriving economies before? Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and France to be added soon. Where is this balanced economy the TREATY declares? 

They just meant that only Germany will be having a thriving economy and the rest have a balanced bankrupt economy. Germany exploiting EU Rules and Regulations have indeed conquered Europe with its money and its industry by destroying most other EU industry. 


Full Employment

Undoubtedly, there is full employment in Germany. Actually Germany had shortages of menial workers and so Merkel Open the Gates of EU to all people from all over the globe with the consequences of Refugees-Migrants-Terrorists results.

Thus Germany has NO unemployment whereas the rest of EU and Europe are suffering for Germany's prosperity. 

Unemployment rates of 25% is common in all South EU countries and among young people the rate of unemployment is 50%.

Why is that EU? Are the Germans that much cleverer than all the rest of us?


Social Progress in EU

I have seen this social progress crawling on the pavements of Greece and Cyprus. People desperate for a piece of bread, people living on the pavement, people having NO electricity at home because they cannot afford it. Winters with NO heating and so on. Whole rows of shops closed, unemployment driving peole mad.

Our old people to the closed Greek banks! Our pensioners are to stay hungry, says the placard


That social progress the EU TREATY preaches is just EMPTY promises and Words to mislead us all and jail us all into the EU=Germany prison. Why are these pensioners in Greece running to the banks? How are they going to live when the cost of living in Greece is similar or higher to Germany and the salaries for most Greeks just about 500 euros?

Do You Want UK to be in the same situation?

Do you want Germany prospering and UK begging for crumbs?

Do you want a REFORMED EU as promised by Cameron which means another 80 million Turks in it?

NO, I do not!!



Peter Constant   Freedom Fighter

                            Why Are Member States Shackled in EU Law Passed by Unelected , Appointed by Germany Bureaucrats?


The UK has been a member of the European Union for 40 years now. During this time our representatives in EU, Brussels challenged 76 EU laws in order to improve them for the sake of UK people and in all 76 cases UK challenges failed.





Article 1-6 of EU Constitution 

Union Law

"The Constitution and law adopted by the institutions of it in exercising competences conferred on it shall have primacy over the Law of the Member States" quote from EU Constitution




That means simply our UK laws and all regulatory authority of the State of UK must follow the LAW passed by the unelected bureaucrats and lackeys of Germany.

The UK government finds it easier to try to blindfold us and tells stories rather than the essence of the Referendum and the major issues that should be discussed.

If the Law of the land is not discussed because it points to CONTROL of the UK by EU bureauctrats, then our UK Government is doing a disservice to all citizens of the country.

When we put the image below we had all the above in mind. We are prisoners of EU Laws and the guards of Germany have us locked in and have thrown the keys away.

The UK has an opportunity to escape from such a prison and that we must do!

OUT of EU!!

Escape the Jail of EU!



Peter Constant 


                   These Are The Values of EU

We hear too many words and too many promises from Prime Minister Cameron to officials of EU. Then, we go looking for evidence to support the fundamental declarations of EU leaders and TREATY of EU. We only have to mention that five EU countries, happened to BE Eurozone countries too, have been bankrupted by EU rules, regulations and economic decisions of EU. 

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy and France are kept as reserves and on the threshold of bankruptcy.


TREATY of EU says

Article 1-2     EU VALUES

" The Union is founded on the rules of Respect for Human Dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, the rule of law and respect of human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. These values are common to the Member States in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, Justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail."

That is the exact copy of the TREATY of EU as quoted and now let me see how much of this TREATY declaration is true or untrue:


a. Respect of Human Dignity. In No uncertain temrs and NO hiding this what dignity means to EU leaders when they treated Greece and Greeks like a third class State and citizens.


That is the respect shown to Greece, that is the Dignity Greece has been shown by EU.


I Am A Refugee From Cyprus

Cyprus has a population of about One Million people. How am I treated by EU? 

Abysmally, Shockingly, I am Betrayed! For 42 years Turkey occupies by home and lands and EU is financing Turkey=ISIS to annihilate my race, the Cypriots, Greeks and Turks.

Occupied Famagusta since 1974


FREEDOM, Democracy, Equality!!

How are these values applied and practiced in EU? I am not going to go far to point out, that these words are empty words to con us all, rather than benefit us all. 

Where is FREEDOM in Cyprus 40% occupied by Turkey?

Where is FREEDOM in Greece, where Berlin governs with Tsipras is playing the role of Junta leader in Athens imposed on Athens by a Coup in summer 2015? Where is Greek Democracy, Dignitity and Solidarity of EU when the Greeks were forced to the corner and made them look an African, jungle nation?


Germany Uber Alles!

There is only one Nation in EU prospering and doing very well thank you at the moment and for years now. Germany controls EU, Germany dictates EU and Germany exploits EU for its own benefit and prosperity. Where is equality of opportunity when all Rules and Regulations are passed by bureaucrats in Brussels to favour Germany?


I heard Merkel saying that and I was infuriated. She makes the decisions and we pay the penalties of her idiotic decisions! Refugees-migrants-terrorists, Ukraine, Turkey etc.

Where is Solidarity of EU when every member state closed its borders and left Humanity of refugees in the middle of nowhere?

Where is Solidarity in EU when all EU ganged up against Greece and in favour of Turkey to keep occupying Cyprus and exterminate anything Cypriot there is about on the island?


I have an array of articles that point to an EU of shambles and words to mislead us all and lead us to the JAIL of EU=Germany!!

NO to EU


Peter Constant  A FREEDOM Fighter