The NHS Lacks Resources, The UK Wastes 11.5  NET Billion on EU


That does not stop there. Cameron and UK Government see fit to waste our taxes on a Campaign to Remain in EU whereas the LEAVEEU campaign has to find its own resources.

If that is Justice in UK then you can guess what Justice and equal treatment UK gets in European Union that is dictated and guided by the  Eagle of Germany!


Whoever does not surrender its Sovereignty to EU, out of EU! That is EU policy!


The Waste on EU Bureaucracy!

The UK pays taxes to EU even if it is euphemistically called,  UK Contributions to EU.

Do not turn page here, please. Write the numbers down because when the UK Government supporting UK to REMAIN in EU, they will mention nothing of this. Not a single word about how much TAX we pay as a NATION to be wasted by Unaccountable, Unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels and everywhere in the 28 member states.


UK contributes to EU 55 million pounds daily.



20 Billion Gross, 11.5 Billion net





Would you like this to continue to a far worse degree for the following generations?

Would you like people you have NEVER elected nor Heard of before to be paid from these billions you earned with hard work of generations in UK? 

ONE Million Euros a Year?

These are the obscene sums the commissioners and officials at high EU posts get paid with?


Cameron Supports Remaining in EU and Starving the Country to Pay EU Taxes

The UK government have left the neutrality of the state behind and are on the road of REMAIN in EU against the LEAVEEU campaigners. Soon enough, we will hear more and see more from this government, EU and USA trying to scare us, intimedate us and threaten us with this outcome and out that, should our VOTE is for BREXIT.

Well, even when we decide on that and we will, EU will come back to push us further to say. Remember, elections DO Not Count in EU and refuse to accpet it!

The UK REFERENDUM is for us today but more for our children tomorrow! 

The UK is not FREE and Democratic and in Control of its affairs in UK, EU is by over 75%

THe UK does not prosper in EU!

The UK is not safe nor secure in EU!

The UK is not a Leader in EU!

The UK is under the boot of Germany!

GERMANY prospers, dominates, orders and bosses all EU members! 

This REFERENDUM is our only opportunity to escape from EU Jailers!!


Peter Constant  - FREEDOM Fighter




                     Turkey Crimes Covered Up By USA, EU, UK and UN


Let us all forget that Turkey committed the following GENOCIDES:

1915 Murdered 1.5 million Armenians

1922 murdered 1.00 million Greeks

1955-63 murdered, islamisiced, exterminated 500,000 Greeks of Istanbul


Turkey Today and Its Crimes rewarded by USA and EU



Thus we have Turkey of today: What has changed and Turkey today is the darling of the West led by USA. What has changed with Turkey and the so called  Democratic West is in love with and lavishly supports it financially and militarily to terrorise NOT only the Middle East but Europe too?


                      Cyprus Invasion and Occupation

1974: Turkey invaded Cyprus with 60,000 NATO troops on the pretext to protect Turkish Cypriots. It still occupies 40% of Cyprus, which by the way is EU territory and still stations 50,000 NATO Army in Cyrpus. That does not bother EU leaders and brains, it actually persuades them to finance Turkey with EU billions and make provisions to accept as EU member Turkey but also to allow 80 million Turks to invade Europe and Islamicise it RIGHT now, which is the ultimate plan.

Now and as I write these lines Greece is under attack of the Turkey=ISIS Islamists and the reports from Greece and what is happening within Greece make grim, sad reading for any Hellene. Add salt to injury and Turkey has just now brought to Cyprus another 20,000 settlers in addition to the 300,000 already brought in Cyprus since 1974 and demands from TNC to give them fake papers to travel on to EU. These people must be the poor Kurds who have been forced out of Turkish Kurdistan.

Kurdish Genocide

1990-2016: Over the last twenty five years Turkey has systematically exterminated the Kurdish population of Turkey in SE Turkey and forced them out of their cities and lands. The situation has worsened so badly now in 2015-16, that whole cities where Kurds live, have been turned to rubble by the Turkish Army. Whole cities look worse than Syria's destroyed cities, yet our Western mass media REFUSE to cover up such Genocide because Turkey is an ALLY, the dog guard of USA for Russia. If covering up such a Crime Against Humanity is not a CRIME, then what is a crime? 


Turkey = ISIS

Turkey has been caught and has been exposed as the super power behind ISIS, the terrorists who are spreading death and devastation all over EU and Europe plus all over the world. Yet, our EU leaders pretend that Turkey will stop its activities with those murderers and join forces with Europe and USA to stop them. That is a fallacy alongside the so many other EU leaders are following.


Turkey Exports Refugees, Migrants and Terrorists to Destory Greece First and Then EU

The brainless EU leadership and most other EU leaders believe and hope that Turkey will show restrain in its plans to re-surrect Ottoman Empire and keep out of Europe. I am afraid they live in cuckoo land. Already Turkey is in Greece and soon most of Greece will belong to Turkey. Already Turkey finances Albania and Bosnia -Herzegovina two Muslim States in Europe and their alliances are clearly aiming at maiming Greece and invading EU via Islam. Only innocent children cannot see this. Already Turkey has 25 million Turks living in Europe. Who stops them brains of Europe?


                           EU Commits A Crime Against Its Own Citizens


Concluding and warning all EU leaders of the fallacy of appeasement and rewarding Blackmail of Turkey. Turkey has plans of its own which have materialised already in Cyprus, Iraq and Syria and partly in Greece. Their European plans are sponsored and financed by YOU EU leaders and already Greece is succumbing to their Islamist invasion of Europe.

I accuse EU leaders of betrayal of Europe's most cherished values for military, geopolitical interests of other parties! 

I accuse Merkel, Juncker, Cameron, Hollande and all other leaders of EU of abandoning EU citizens to the mercy of Islamists of Turkey.

You know what their mercy is going to be! Just have a look at Paris and Brussels ISIS massackres and you get the picture!

Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighetr



                           The Crimes Against Humanity of Turkey , Covered Up by Its Allies

Turkey has been the most undemocratic, Dictatorial country in the Middle East for ages. It has committed and commits Crimes Against Humanity for centuries but NO serious punishment against Turkey has been taken. The reason is simple and it needs NO further discussion.


USA is covering up all CRIMES of Turkey now, Great Britain earlier and so on.


Today Turkey has been turned into a super power with EU money and USA money and military assistance for one reason alone. To keep Russia locked North of Turkey. That reason allows Turkey the biggest and Grandest Crimes Against Humanity, the world has ever seen:

Massacre of Armenians 1915, Massackre of Greeks in 1922 and 1955, invasion of Cyprus 10974, invasions of Iraq and Syria 2015-16 and now the biggest Crime Against Humanity on the planet, 


Genocide of Kurds of Turkey in thousands and Millions


The Kurds are a Nation  of 40 million with about thirty million living in Turkey and mostly South East Turkey. The Kurds have been demanding FREEDOM and Independence from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran for decades but now this desire is taking flesh and bones.

Turkey has about 25-30 million Kurds. The populations of certain cities, including Sernak and Sizre are mainly Kurds and the force of Turkish State brutality sees these cities of Kurds being destroyed and leveled to the ground.


Sizre Destroyed by Turkey State Army



This Crime Against Humanity continues but the WEST keeps it wrapped up under the carpet thus committing its own CRIME and becoming an accomplice of Turkey Criminals and their CRIMES Against Humanity.

That is a CRIME against Kurds of Turkey, that is a CRIME Against whole of EU since EU leaders and Bureaucrats Cover it up!

FREEDOM to Kurds!!

Stop Crimes Against Kurdish People!!

Peter Constant  FREEDOM Fighter




         UK Government Admits "OUR HANDS ARE TIED BY EU RULES"



The UK cannot save Steel Industries of UK because the EU has Rules that forbids such an event and action.

For those who have been sneering or laughing with our images and our articles, please think again and try to understand us once again.

EU Regulations and Rules and Laws stop progress in this country on hundreds of occasions daily! Enough is enough UK!

We are in the jailhouse of EU=Germany. 



We can all save our country, we can all SAVE UK from the jail of EU by voting in EU Referendum and by Voting 


It is a duty to save the country for its citizens and the future generations  of UK , rather than any other nationals of any other nation!


LeaveEU now!!

OUT of the Fire!! Out of the Boiling Cauldron that is melting up!