It Is Happening Quickly and Before we React!

Now it is Frontex.

Yesterday it was FEDERAL State where EU members are States in a Federal Union.

The day before it was forceful membership of Eurozone which means slaves of Germany as it has been proven already. Five countries of the 18 members are bankrupt but Germany reigns supreme.

Next is security agencies similar to FBI and CIA

Now is FRONTEX to protect EU from invasions of refugees, migrants and terrorists. 

The refugees we create in Middle East, the migrants we force to arrive because their countries are being exploited viciously by us and the terrorist we support, finance and arm via secret routes and ways as well as openly in the case of #ISIS via Turkey and those hiding behind Turkey.

What is FRONTEX? Apparently, an independent EU force to act and react in #Greece, #Italy, perhaps #Spain to stop refugees from coming into Europe=#EU. . The countries of the south are being subjected to occupation and denial of sovereignty by dictatorial EU quickly and without any authority from member states and their people. They decide in Brussels and Berlin and the member state keeps quiet or there is punishment.

NO money from Germany!

That is what EU is all about! One country that has money dictating to the rest, except UK, what to do and how to do things which favour and promote German Hegemony in EU.

The UK will have a referendum on whether to stay in EU and the more we look and analyse the situation of Despotism of Germany in EU, the more we see it as a definite NO!

Germany attempted to occupy Europe in two World Wars and failed, now it seems it is succeeding in conquering Europe via the EURO and imposing a Dictatorship of Germany via the back door!!

Freedom Fighter


Thus the Turkish Prime Minister went to EU , had a conference with the EU council and ministers and he came out beating 28 member states to accept his conditions, his blackmail and his demands. That is what happened readers two weeks ago and the brains of EU expect us all EU citizens and the world to believe this incredible, theatrical act of surrendering to the extremists, Islamists, Isis supporters of Ankara.

EU of 500 million people capitulated to the Sultans of Turkey because apparently they cannot force them to stop the export of tens of thousands of #refugees daily into #EU. That EU is incapable, there is NO doubt about it. From its President #Juncker to his master Frau #Merkel, we know that incompetence is their first talent. However, 500 million people accept their actions is really incredible and unacceptable.

Who is to blame MME? 

Who is to blame imperious Propaganda of EU?

Who is to blame Germany and Juncker?

The precedent you set with Turkey is indeed rediculous and it will not happen now and again for any  nation, let alone #Turkey= #ISIS.

What EU has acceted to do on Turkish blackmail for refugees, migrants, terrorists it exports via Greece to us all is diabolical:

a. Speed up our EU membership demands in spite of invasions, in spite of genosite of Kurds, in spite of imprisonment of the press and any oppositon in Turkey. Accepted, says EU

b. Forget Cyprus and the problem there. Bury the Cypriots, they are only one million. Cyprus is ours demand the Turks and so it is happening. They give Cyprus to Turkey, regardless of Fairness, Justice, FREEDOM and Democracy. Who cares about Freedom and Democracy in EU= Germany? Germany? No, thank you!!

c. Give us billions to stop the export of refugees, migrants and terrorists to EU and EU gives in so easily and Turkey not only gets billions for doing absolutely nothing about the issue, in addition it gets 3 billion a year from EU funds to access the EU. All that money is clearly now seen in their army which threatens EU itself. Millions of soldiers, 4000 tanks, 100 plus warships, 600 planes, missiles etc. 

d. Allow our citizens to come to EU FREELY, yes with Not much checking, not much vetting. This is the country that openly supports militarily, financially and trades with ISIS daily. Open Doors EU to Turks and EU accepts that too.

Am I going too far? No, these were the demands of Turkey and EU= Germany accepted them without much deliberation and consultation. Why was that EU= Germany?

Many good reasons but let me stop at the two main ones:

a.Turkey is the country enclosing Russia to the North and Germany= USA want them encircled and perhaps eclipsed. Give Turkey anything they ask for as we need them desperately to beat the Russians. However, the Russians are already out and fighting the WAR they will win and Germany once again will lose, even though cleverly now, they call it EU. We are not that naive despots of Berlin

b. Turkey is now rewarded for its stance in WWI and WWII. Pro-German, pro-fascist. Now it is time for Germany to show its loyalty to the Turks and punish the Greeks for being on the other side, that now are nobody!! Cleverly, the Germans reward Turkey with our TAXES, EU taxes,  forgetting conveniently that Turkey cost hundreds of lives in Callipoli and elsewhere.

Should citizens of EU accept an agreement that is an insult to our Freedom and Democracies? Should we sit silently accepting what one country, Germany, does in the name of all of us?

Freedom Fighter


             The Empress of EU Announced but ....

Will Turkey implement her order or like normal for Turks of all time, not just of today, come back and blackmail for more money? Will a blackmailer ever stop demanding more and more?

How naive are you Merkel or rather what a Hypocrite are you to expect us to believe that the billions you give away to Turkey is to stop refugees or for any other reason!

Merkel and her appointee, Juncker, have proven to all of us how bad they are, how bad they have been and how terrible they will be for a EU. #EU is shaking from its foundations just because the leaders, Germany, acts, reacts, changes direction and aims at will, individual will, rather than collective decision making.

Is this a UNION of 28 Nations, or an Autocracy of one Nation Germany over 27 scared minnows?

Germany's game is one and they apply it ruthlessly all over EU bar a couple of countries, ie United Kingdom. The rest of EU countries and especially those in Eurozone are just under sufferance with five of them in reality protectarates of #Germany = EU.

When a nation loses its financial independence, it also loses its political independence. The example of Greece is blatantly looking at Europe and questioning the whole building called EU. The Cyprus situation is another one where an EU accepts the laughable situation of one part of EU being occupied by a country non-member and EU does nothing to sort out a problem that is there over the last 41 years. On the contrary it finances it, it gives in to its blackmails. Ha Ha ha!

Now Mrs Merkel announces, she decides, she announces, that refugee arrivals in EU will be CUT drastically. That is some brave statement FRAU #Merkel. Apparently the Nazi style FRONTEX, will stop the refugees from entering EU and the Humanitarian catastrophe of Syria, blame Turkey= #ISIS for that will cease to exist.

The Empress of EU has decided and that goes. She decided to take over Greek sovereignty because Greece cannot cope. She does not tell us why Greece cannot cope. Is it because Turkey exports on purpose refugees, migrants and terrorists to Greece or is it because Germany has bankrupted Greece via EU= TROIKA and their policies. Of course, we will not hear from Mrs Merkel, but I hope our articles and anti-EU campaign reaches her and makes her and lackeys think time and again.

Freedom Fighter

                      Greece Under Attack of the German Autocrats of EU

Greece has been the victim of German hegemony, theft and cheating since the beginning of the century. For fifteen years now Greece has been under the boot of Germany and the punishment has NO end and NO mercy. Dictators NEVER have any feelings let alone mercy for the down trodden, the poor, the hungry and the destitute!! They always act for their own ends and their own interests!

The conspiracy against Hellenism and against the Greeks of Greece and Cyprus continues unabated and intensifies in the hands and of the German Despots of Brussels and Berlin. They have established a Propaganda Machine second to none, they have established an economic strangulation of NATIONS of EU and NO other nation is in worse shape than GREECE. All this situation of the ruins in Greece under the guidance and the imposed policies of #EU= #Germany and their organisations of #ECB, #Eurozone etc.

They plotted, they organised and brought about with impunity, the closure of all industry and agriculture in all of Greece with orders and directives from Brussles, and now they wash their hands and accuse the Greeks of laziness and cheating.

#Greeks are #cheating but not #Volkswagen, Audi, Deutsche Bank.

Four months ago, the brains of EU decided to make Greece the dumping country for refugees, migrants and terrorists. Yesterday, they signed the official documents as if anybody would have said NO to them.

Greece is not Governed, not administered by Greeks. The SYRIZA government does not act for Greece's interets but Germany's and Turkey's. They are a government of collaborators who act on orders from Berlin.

We pay the bills, we decide,declares unashamedly Wolfgang Schauble, the Vulture of Germany!

No other country in EU has suffered more than Greece in the stupid, idiotic policy of Open Doors of EU to all, which #Juncker and #Merkel trumpeted as their policy only four months ago. Now the slave country has to pay for their mistakes. The refugees will remain, will be sent, will be housed in concentration camps in Greece, not Germany the benevolent country all refugees wanted to go to after Merkel and Juncker invited them, and Greece will be the country to give them employment plus, plus.

Greece the impoverished by #EU= #Germany country, DEBT of 400 billion, how was that concocted, the country with unemployment of 50% will give them employment. This is the EU that shares, the EU that all are equal, the EU that cares about Humanity! Dump them all in Greece, the dumping place and the Slave Bazaar of Modern Europe.

Where are the Greeks to rise before the German Nazis wearing German Uniforms saying EU will arrive? Where are the Greeks of the world to join us and scream back to the Autocrats of EU!!

Freedom and Democracy in Greece!! Freedom and Democracy in EU!!

No Autocracy and Hegemony of Germany!!

Peter Constant