The Disaster of Disasters Occurring in Front of Our Eyes!


Ukraine citizens are  given FREE travel visas to EU! 42 million of them!

Turkey citizens are also given visas to travel freely in EU 80 million of them!

In total we will have another 122 million people being able to travel to UK and anywhere in EU and disappear!

Who will blame them?

Who will find them? Who has found the Terrorists ISIS sent to us via Turkey=ISIS?


Political Decisions That Make No Sense???

EU leaders have made several decisions of late that leave us all sceptical and numb about the real motives behind such decisions. Why give Ukraine people of 42 million Visas to come to EU, when we all know that the country is in a WAR mode and many will leave and come to EU and settle for good?


Why are the Dutch Holding a Referendum on the iUKRAINE Visas issue and UK Prime Minister keeps it quiet from UK citizens?

Why NO Referendum for this matter in UK Mr Cameron?


Is that your victory about immigration Mr Cameron? Who will house, who will feed and who will chase out these millions who will be coming legally to EU? No doubt they will come, as their country is at WAR and in desperate need of money which Merkel gives freely to Kiev.

Why give Turkey Free Travel Visas?

Then the newest wave will follow with even bigger vengeance and menace. Eighty million Turkish people will start the journey from Turkey to meet another 20 million Turks already in EU. Will anyone of them go back? Are you seriously thinking that any one person, Turkish person from Kurdistan will want to return to Turkey's Kurdistan that looks like a burial ground?

This is Sizre in Turkey, it is not in Syria. This is what the Turkish Army turned this Kurdish City into. Who  from this city will want to go back once in Germany, UK or anywhere else?


Thus Mr Cameron and all other EU leaders in one voice agree to give Visas to 120 million to come to EU and expect them to return back to these situations. Either I am a madman or they live in coockoo land. Since neither is the case, there must be other reasons which simply speaking are NOT hard to see and work out.


Two countries in the flanks of Russia, Turkey and Ukraine are treated preferentially and lavishly by EU. Billions of aid, billions for NO reason other than to keep them going and standing up to Russia. Thus, our EU is not acting for our own good and welfare but for the political vendetta of the USA with Russia. We are the plaything of the USA and our leaders obey or there is punishment. There is a bigger boss across the Atlantic on top of the one in Brussels.

I despair with this inability of 500 million people to stand up and say that is enough USA masters.

I despair with UK that fails to stand up for its people and slavishly follow the plans and machinations of USA and now EU.

The betrayal of our Ideals for the Hegemony of USA and Germany is treason in my eyes. It is impossible to accept that the Dark Forces from across the ocean order us all about and we obey like poodles!

I am all about FREEDOM and for me FREEDOM away from EU and its Hegemony is priority right now.

Leave EU and Live in FREEDOM and Democracy!!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter

                           Where is Peace  Within and Around Turkey?


Turkey has been in the news for over a year now and for many more with its leaders Super Fanatic Islamists and living in the DREAM of revival of Ottoman Empire. To that they have been having the support and financing of EU and USA.

What has Turkey done for me to be so critical?

If it's not invasions and incursions, its the exports of millions of supposedly refugees to EU, it's the Genocide of its own citizens, the Kurds of Turkey, it's the crack down on Freedom of Press and expression and finally it's all Turkey's activities in its neighbouring countries from Greece to Cyprus, from Syria to Iraq, from Azerbaijan to Palestine and add more and more ..

This is the list of Democratic activities Turkey has engaged in and EU finances all of it unashamedly and without consent of its people:

Cyprus invaded and occupied by Turkey since 1974!

Iraq invaded by Turkey 2015-2016!

Syria invaded by Turkey 2015, pushed back and now it finances ISIS to do its dirty work and carry out its plans since 2013.

Greece is invaded daily and the Armadas of Ankara are near Athens and Pireaus. Greece bankrupt and unable to defend itself since EU and NATO are actually governing Greece, Not Tsipras. Greece as planned will be divided and half the Aegean and its islands will be captured by Turkey.

Azerbaizan is a Turkey agent waging war with Armenia at the borders of Russia and Turkey is planning and plotting everything.

Israel, they threaten it daily but cannot do anything to the Mighty Israelis.


Billions to Turkey from EU To Commit CRIMES


Sizre  in Turkish Kurdistan Destroyed by Turkey State


This is the country USA and EU are in cahoots with and dare not punish for its CRIMES, not just against its neighbours as explained above but also its own citizens. If anybody dares voice any concerns or dissent they find themselves behind the Democratic Prison of Erdogan called Turkey. That Democracy was shown in NEW YORK recently. The Turkish Democracy is thriving in North Cyprus where 50,000 Army governs 40% of Cyprus with IRON fist and where they protect Turkish Cypriots, who from 130,000 in 1974 are 60,000 today.


No Punishment;Instead Grant Rewards!!

Who punishes Turkey for these Crimes? No punishment for years now. Instead OUR EU pays Ransom to their Blackmails. Instead OUR EU leaders pay billions to Turkey not to send us any more refugees. Instead OUR EU will accept Turkey in EU, 80 million Turks,  as a reward for all the CRIMES it commits and will commit against us all?

Well, I am sick, I abhor all EU decisions and SHOUT


Traitors of EU have gone beyond any sensible decision. This is Betrayal of all of us. The DEAL has nothing to do with refugees, it has to do with making Turkey so powerful, that in the end we will all fall victims of its power like Cyprus. Greece, Syria, Iraq and its own Kurdish population.

This is madness and MAD decisions taken by idiots who lead 500 million Europeans to suicide.


The UK suffers in lack of money for its own people, its industries and infrastructure and we donate billions to EU in order to waste it on Turkey and its Crimes. I find such politics and such decisions NOT only Anti United Kingdom but also Anti-Human.

No to such DEALS UK!!

NO to EU UK!

OUT of EU to Save UK!!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter

                     We Scratch Our Heads in EU


Why is EU lavishly rewarding Turkey with billions for refugees and accepting a blatant, gangster like BLACKMAIL?

Why is EU giving Turkey rights that NO other non EU nation enjoys?

Why does Liberal EU cover up the CRIMES of Turkey within Turkey and outside it as in Iraq, Syria, Cyprus and Greece?

This is Turkey, not Syria!!


Why after 42 years , Cyprus, a part of EU is occupied by Turkey? That is an insult and a comedy!!


Why is NATO  hiding behind every decision that is connected with Turkey and favours Turkey in an obvious blatant way?

Why do EU nations have to finance Turkey for its WAR machine and Ukraine for its war with Russia?

Why is Russia such an enemy to the Europeans since it has always been the Europeans attacking Russia rather than the other way around? Napoleon, WWI,  WWII lost their conquering wars and kept mainland Europe FREE because Russia stood up to them!

Are all the above decisions happening just because Turkey is NATO member at the flanks of Russia?

Why am I asking the obvious though? Simply, because  most of us lay people have been conditioned to accept what they feed us with their propaganda and controlled MME of the WEST or indeed any other National network.


Turkey, The Country USA and UK and EU are in LOVE With!!


Images speak billions of words

However, my article here is about Turkey, about EU corrupt DEALS with Turkey and the absolute silence of all EU member states, accidentally most of them are NATO members too, except Turkey. 

Is that the reason why Turkey is allowed to escape with murders and Genocides?

Is that why Turkey is allowed to escape with invasions of Cyprus, Syria and Iraq?

Is that why Turkey is allowed to terrorise Greece with daily violations of its sovereignty with an army of 1.5 million plus hundreds of planes and ships as well as 4500 tanks?

Is that why NATO now is occupying part of Aegean to hand it over to Turkey soon?

Is that why Greece was bankrupted to satisfy Turkey and its deamands?

Is preferential, scandalous, treatment of Turkey because Turkey is historically the biggest enemy of Russia going back centuries?

Is EU of 500 million people a UNION standing on its own and making independent decisions or are we all under the thumb of Big Brother?


Turkey Is ISIS!!

My readers might have read articles and seen proof of what Turkey is up to with Terrorists in Turkey, Syria and now in EU.

They have sent us enough terrorists to send us all to the mad house.

They have planted amongst us thousands of terrorists, which they trained, financed and exported to EU as refugees and we pay them with billions for that. I mean our leaders do, including Cameron, who zealously supports Turkey EU membership.

Turkey is behind all this attack on Europe and Europe is in danger not just from the terrorists planted in our countries but also from the military machine of Turkey which conveniently we financed and keep financing. Turkey is the biggest military power on the planet after Russia, USA and China. 

Why do we fiance such an obvious danger?

Do any of our brainless politicians believe that Turkey will stop from invading Europe when the opportunity arises? 

Does any EU leader believe that Turkey will respect any country, if they have a chance to invade, occupy, pillage and re-create the Ottoman Empire the Fanatic Islamists of Ankara believe in?


Leaders of EU, UK Prime Minister

I accuse you of appeasement of Turkey.

I accuse you of financing Turkey to impose on our life styles fanatic, Muslim rules and religion.

I accuse you of knowingly allowing Turkey to invade our lives first with 80 million Turks and then with their hordes of Army.

I accuse you all of betrayal of Christian Europe for the Muslims of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

I accuse you of abandoning Christianity to the mercy of Islam, which is not part of the terrorist agenda and their agenda!







Peter Constant  FREEDOM Figher




             Why is That UK Leaders?


Why is German Unemployment 5.5% and rest of EU 20%?

Killing Industries and Creating Unemployment Disaster


About thirty years ago the mining industry was killed because coal digging and burning was not profitable. Today the STEEL industry in UK is being poisoned and dying gradually. The government is looking on, EU that cares and looks after us in UK (??????) is looking on and doing its job, PR and Propaganda so that the bureaucrats keep their jobs, and we poor citizens of EU pay their lavish salaries.

Mr Cameron has gone quiet, the Steel Industry in the UK is being sold and finally being condemned to death because China produces cheaper steel. However, Germany's steel industry is thriving and they are producing expensive steel. How come is that happening within the EU, where we are preached we are all in it TOGETHER?


The Germany Steel Industry Flourishing, UK Steel Industry Dying

The Indian owners of steel factories in Wales are looking to sell the company and workers to be laid off and become as normal, permanently unemployed. Whole communities to be wiped out but our government seems to care NOT!

Why is the German Steel industry doing so well?They also have to face China's cheap steel? Why not impose tarriffs on China steel to save our domestic produce and jobs of tens of thousands of people? Why the fabric of life, the communities have to be abandoned because somewhere in China they produce cheaper steel now? Look at Greece where all manufacturing is dead because German industry products are cheaper. Is that what we want in UK?


Where has subsidising our industry gone?

Before you look further, let me inform you; EU does not allow it. It is illegal!!

Thus EU governs our internal needs and social fabric. We have NO Sovereignty over our country, its interests and its people.

This is what EU YES campaign will never tell you.

Mr Cameron, EU and UK have billions to waste on Turkey and elsewhere but NO money for our own workers, our own industry! We pay Blackmail lavishly to Turkey, we pay lavishly 11.5 billion to EU to waste but our own people matter not.



Well, I say No to EU and the rules that favour one nation, one country in EU, GERMANY!

United Kingdom has Industry Too! UK has people to look after too. Do not expect EU or Germany to look after OUR OWN People!!

UK governments with blessings of EU have abandoned plenty of industries and replaced them with nothing. That is why our Unemployment is 10% whereas in Germany is 5%. That is why unemployment elsewhere in EU is about 20%. Germany benefits, we pay for that.

Why should we be importing 100% more industrial products from Germany and not make them ourselves? We lose all that TAX on those products so that Germany sells its own products without facing local taxation. Furthermore, German products fuel our unemployment with all its social problems.

Wake up, about time to be National!

Why NOT tell the people Mr Cameron that EU is formed, it is legislated to enrich Germany as an industrial powerhouse and impoverish the agricultural countries and less industrial ones of EU? 

Our view remains UK for UK citizens not Germans.

Out of EU


Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter