Leaders of 500 Million EU Citizens Implore Dictator Erdogan of Turkey


The betrayal of our Freedoms and Democracies in EU have been summed up for us all in one event:


DEAL with Turkey to stop exporting refugees , migrants and terrorists to EU


Six Billion Euros, Visas for all Turks to come and stay in EU, Membership of Turkey in EU, All of Cyprus, Aegean Sea and Islands of Greece plus , plus.

The image above has been the daily image in multiples of hundreds of refugees-migrants and terrorists shipped in Turkey and send over to Greece, thus EU. Just pay attention to the image to see how these people arriving in Greece are. Fully equipped with an inflatable boat, life saving suits and all young with NO women and children, No old people. These are supposed to be the refugees from Syria but how many from Syria? 


Turkey Invades EU with Syrians, Iraqis, Afgans, Bangladeshis etc

More importantly how all these people and all this preparation goes unnoticed in Turkey and EU has to pay for it to stop?

Why does EU has to pay RANSOM to the Blackmail of Turkey? Why do EU leaders accept such Blackmail?


Our leaders will not discuss it with 500 million of us. Thus, Erdogan and his boy Davutoglu fire away demands, which conveniently and outrageously EU accepts. Six billion for refugees, three billion annually to Turkey to access EU, yet it spends all this money on its ARMY that threatens all Middle East plus Europe.

The brainless leaders of EU, Merkel, Juncker think that Turkey will obey orders. They have something else coming. Erdogan and Fanatics of Turkey will invade any country they fancy and will find the excuses required and support too.

Turkey invaded Cyprus, Syria, Iraq! Who stopped them? Not EU!! If Russia did not intervene in Syria, only God knows where this world would have been now.


Punish Turkey to Stop Turkey

Thus Erdogan has to be stopped Not with appeasement but with actual punishment of different sorts. Fortunately, USA started that process as EU  has NO balls and NO direction to do that. Headless chicken in the cauldron of EU boiling away to dissolution.



The Turkish State and its officials, Erdogan and Davutoglu now, have no of hiding their crimes from the world even if our MME have strict orders to cover up their crimes. Erdogan goes to New York to declare that Turkey wants a solution in Cyprus but, yet Turkey occupies Cyprus 40% with 50,000 Turksih army. Not only that, it settled on the island 300,000 settlers and exterminated the Turkish Cypriot Community on the island from 130,000 in 1974 to 60,000 today. Conveniently, he manages to mislead the world because our leaders want that. It is Turkey!!


Stop Turkey now!

The plans of Turkey are No secret and are declared daily via various Turkish media associated with the TY Government. All of Cyprus is Turkey's, the Aegean Sea is Turkish, the Greek islands of Aegean are Turkish, parts of Syria and Iraq are Turkish, Eastern Thrace is Turkish and all the area of Balkans and Middle East belongs to Turkey because at some point in the past it was part of Ottoman Empire.

The Turkish diplomacy is powerful, experienced and with the wealth the WEST afforded Turkey, it can buy powerful voices and MME in the WEST. That has happened already. However, FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE have died away Not only in Turkey but in EU too, as our leaders act and react to situations like amateur kids, seemingly. 



Paying RANSOM to Turkey today is a CRIME by EU leaders.

NOT only it will lead to bigger demands from Turkey but also much more Terrorist actions by Turkey covered up as ISIS etc. Turkey is ISIS without their black flags and masks. The whole world knows who trades with ISIS, who sends them arms, who trains them, who nurses their wounded and who offers them refuge now they are defeated in Syria.


I abhor all these betrayals of EU and also UK!

I abhor the payment of BILIONS to EU and then Turkey while our Steel workers are left out in the cold unemployed.

I abhor Cameron's desire to accept in EU Turkey while allowing our industries to be exported to Germany and China!!

LEAVEEU is necessary or UK will be a long memory soon! 








The UK became an EC member, not EU member, for trading reasons alone. TRADE!

None of us, NOT your parents and grandparents, voted to be a member of a Political Union that is dictated and bossed about by Germany and its Euros, which by the way UK props up as EU currency with 11.5 billion pounds net annually.



Today and in June Referendum you are asked and will be asked to vote to remain in EU by our Governement, which ultimately will mean, more or less weakening of the POUND, undermining the Royalty of UK and accepting submission to the German juggernaut. For over forty years the Germans have won all LAW contests, 72 out of 72 we lost and we are going to lose all others, whenever they appear.





The jailer is EGermany wearing an European Union Uniform

Once in the NEW European Union we relinquish, we abandon, we give away the most FUNDAMENTAL parts that make up the UK:


These are not just ideas of the writer. These words, these Fundamental Ideals of Humanity are NO longer in effect once we sign and become member state of EU, as it it is today. All our RIGHTS pass on to the unelected BUREAUCRATS of Brussels, who conveniently are appointed by Germany. 

Yes, this figure is correct. Two thousand Brits employed by EU, 10,000 Germans.

You will never hear of the dangers to the Royalty, it will be covered up, you will never hear of the danger to our currency and of course as it has already became apparent, 


YOUR FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and SOVEREIGNTY of United Kingdom does not matter!!


Vote to remain FREE from shackles of EU Bureaucrats and Germany!




             UK Must Stay in A REFORMED European Union


Mr Cameron has stated on many occasions and has argued in front of live audiences and TV cameras that


Thus UK is asked vote to stay within EU and then within it, UK will try to change it like we have been trying over the last FORTY years but it has never been managed. On the contrary it has been going from BAD to WORSE. From a TRADE UNION, thAt was how it was at joining EU in 1970s,  the brains of Europe, Germany really, have decided to turn EU into a political UNION so that all member states are chained, imprisoned and dragged anywhere Germany and its Bureaucrats want  it to go.






UK citizens are the mercy of a PM who wants the country to REMAIN in EU and those who want to LEAVEEU led by Johnson and others. Who is promising us the impossible?

Mr Cameron has been working hard to get for UK what he feels is the best. His recent rounds of EU capitals yielded an absolute ZERO. Yet, he presented his rounds as successful! That is misleading us citizens of UK.


Mr Cameron fought to stop the appointment of Claude Juncker as EU President but he could not stop Germany from doing that and the consequences of such a brainless person at the helm of EU speak louder than words. EU in turmoil, EU in the hands of Terror, which Juncker and Merkel invited into EU. How did you influence such a serious issue that is tormenting us all now, Mr PM? They never even asked any member state. They decided, they shouted over to the whole world and now we all pay for it.


Mr Cameron and UK citizens, over the last FORTY years UK tried to influence and change 72 Law making decisions in EU. In all 72 cases UK failed and Germany imposed its will and Laws in order to favour Germany and be detrimental to all other member states. What makes YOU even to suggest that you can REFORM EU Mr Cameron. That is an absolute DREAM, you may have but in EU it has NO place!

I ask you UK PM as an individual who gains nothing either we stay in EU or LeaveEU.


How do you propose to REFORM this European Union you advise us to stay in?



How come all previous UK Prime Ministers failed to REFORM EU before you?

How will any one following you can do it since you and so many others failed abysmally before?

Mr Cameron, you wont be around for long, how will you influence and change the Hegemony of Germany and its Bureaucrats lackeys in Brussels and anywhere else over Europe?

Mr Cameron we state simply and in NO uncertain way:

You or any future UK Prime Minister have NO power to change, to REFORM  EU, as you say, let alone turn round the German Juggernaut, called EU Dictatorship and Bureaucratic Junta!!


The UK has been in EU for trade for many years. It failed us all except Germany. The only country that prospered in EU over the last forty years has been Germany, NOT UK. All stats prove it with NO doubt!!

My UK is boiling to dissolution in the Cauldron of EU. Let's get it out, let's save it and LEAVEEU!!

LEAVEEU to Save UK!!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter






                          Stop The Flow of Refugees-Migrants-Terrorists For Us, Here Is Ransom You are Demanding


The year 2015 will be remembered as the beginning of a process that might lead to EU dissolution and serious consequences for small member states. Turkey exported to EU about two million refugees via Greece among whom as ISIS claimed were 5000 terrorists of theirs.

EU leaders proved to be incapable of any decent decision on the subject with an array of calamitous mistakes that calminated to rewarding Turkey with billions of euros, visa benefits for 80 million Turks plus accession to EU of Turkey in spite of all its crimes against its own citizens and with NO exception all its neighbours.




Turkey Guarantees EU Safety and Security!

Thus it seems that EU security and safety depends on Turkey and its Islamist leaders, who the world has started to consider not just as dangerous but also as hostile to the plans of the masters of the planet. However, our concern here is European Safety and Security and how that is not decided any more in Brussels but in Ankara and Istanbul.

Turkey has been accepted as the cornerstone of safety and security in EU but at a price, a seriously heavy price. Not annual three billion to access EU but another six billion to stop the flow of refugees and migrants, forget the terrorists for a moment, but instead of those one or two million refugees, we will have to accommodate 80 million Turks arriving in EU.

That is NOT just crazy, it is absolutely diabolical, CRIMINAL and a conspiracy against us all citizens of EU. 


Unsafe EU!!

Brussels bombings and murder still echo and make us all itchy about what will happen next? Paris bombings and killings are as fresh in our memory as the Brussels ones and we are all wondering and asking; Where is the next attack to happen? Why should we all worry about such an event?

Safety and Security in EU Non-existent!!

The events in Brussels as well in France showed clearly that there is a criminal Incompetence in the security forces of individual countries and EU.  Merkel and Juncker opened the borders of EU to all and the new terrorists among us are not among us to socialise and exploit our social systems just. They are here to promote their masters' goals and beliefs.

Murder and spread their way of life and destroy ours!

Unless EU gets down to vetting thoroughly all people who entered EU in 2015-16 and earlier, we will feel much more unsafe in the future whenever we travel to EU or indeed within our cities. The fact that borders are open for anyone who carries an EU passport is helpful when we travel around EU but how easy is that for criminals to travel in the same way from country to country and organise the murders we have witnessed within EU in the last four months? Who stopped these terrorists to travel from Paris to Brussels to Hungary to organise our DEATHS?

I feel NO Safe nor Secure under EU

I look back at what the OPEN Doors policy of Merkel and Juncker has done. The more I see what events followed, the more I feel uneasy about their ability to govern and see problems arising from their policies. We all live in fear of a lot more of Brussels events in the near future. Why should we all be at the mercy of paranoid Muslim fanatics Merkel and Juncker invited to come to EU without the consent of other members?

Why should UK accept the mistakes of Merkel and her lacky and pay dearly for them?

Why should we feel Insecure and Unsafe in UK because the Leader of EU is incompetent?

Why should we stay in such a UNION that cannot even guarantee our safety and security?

LEAVEEU is not a crazy idea, it is the only sane IDEA to look at and vote for as the alternative is the chaotic EU you witness daily!!

OUT of EU for a safe and secure UK!!

Peter Constant FREEDOM Fighter