Greeks Need Money, EU= Germany Need Hot Spots for Refugees


The Betrayal of EU=Eurozone 


Since September #EU bureaucrats and Germany have been hatching the plans to turn Greece into  the concentration camp of Europe. It has been going to plan and to nobody's demonstration and dessent in Greece. A few voices like this one, a few people writing and demonstraing, a few lonely voices of politicians but all those are silenced by silence and threats of:

You take the refugees or We CUT the money!! That is how EU works! Threats and Inimidation


Beggars cannot be choosers and so Greece is being turned at this moment and time and as these lines are drawn to the Concentration Camp of refugees 3% and migrants 97% of Europe. Yes, Greece in its weakness, in its stupid politicians and their actions, Greece under the boot of Germany=EU=Eurozone can do nothing but accept the HUMILIATION.

First invasion of refugees on plan and plot from Turkey, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, Arab Muslim world, Germany and USA, then the occupation of the Aegean by NATO on pretext of refugees, the decimation and partition of Greece into Turkish area of control, NATO area of control and the final division of Greece by plan and plot and as we witness it unfolding right now.


NATO a Tool of Destroying Greece! and Elevating Turkey into Superpower


Thus a NATO force is deployed i the Aegean to stop the invasion of migrants from Turkey, ( is that really the reason?) not Syrian refugees and they all make us believe. These people are not Syrians; these people are anything but Syrians. All migrants paid to make the trip via Greece to EU with Arab money and Turkish expansionist plans into Europe to unite Turkey with the Muslim countries of Europe, Albania and Bosnia - Herzegovina. It is all working clockwork and the invasion of millions of Muslims in Greece is paving the way for that. Greece will cease to be the Christian Bastion to stop the barbarians, it will become their base to launch the final attack on Europe and destroy it for good. 

Alas, Incompetent EU Leadership Fail to See Where All These Events Lead us!

Germany as EU leader and as the financing nation by printing money freely, rather than having it as such, are financing the Turks of Turkey to implement the invasion, to supervise the invasion and destroy #GERMANY=#EU in the final analysis. As Davutoglu, the Turkish Prime Minister declared recently and he is NOT wrong,  " You cannot keep Turkey out of EU. We already have 20 million MUSLIMS IN #EU" That was last year and by the end of this year, they will have added a couple more millions at the gates of Europe, even if the borders of EU are being closed and Greece is forced to welcome, house, feed and finally succumb to the invasion of Muslims and Islamisation of the country for sure. 


All young people. NO refugees; All economic migrants! Two days ago in Northern Greece

The process is unstoppable. Turkey is the power and once the Syrian mess is cleared up in one, two, three years, Turkey will turn to Greece, alongside its friends and allies, USA and Germany and create the same situation and civil war in Greece, with EU just watching and each nation worrying about their own safety and own citizens.

That is the nature of EU. All for themselves, NO SOLIDARITY Mrs Merkel, hypocrite leader of Germany and EU. There is NO solidarity anywhere, there is only German Dictatorship wherever it can work and can be imposed. That is imposed on Greece and Greece has been destroyed step by step by NO other than Germany and bureaucrat lackeys of EU=Eurozone.

NATO is in Greece now supposedly patrolling the Aegean and stopping new migrant arrivals. It is all bull..... and all part of the plan. Soon you will see the German soldiers not in the Aegean as FRONTEX but as police in Athens and elsewhere to impose fully German occupation of Greece. This is happening, this is in action and as these lines are written, the enforcement of such "DEMOCRATIC" actions by EU=Germany are applied.

By the end of September and when another half a million migrants arrive, Greece will be buried under a Muslim invasion, NATO will hand over the Aegean to Turkey and Germany will deploy its Police and troops all over Greece like 1940.

What is the difference in Greece today that those years? Absolutely none, bar the absence of German Army and execution squads. They are coming soon though!!

VIVA EU!! Let us stay in EU, UK citizens! Will it be UK next? Will it be Italy next?

Greece is gone!!

Peter Constant  - FREEDOM Fighter

      Blackmail of EU=Germany Makes Greece A Migrants Camp of Muslims!


"We will Conquer Europe by Exporting You Five Million Muslims" declared Turkish President Ozal in 1990s.

That policy, not just declaration has never been forgotten and under the present President of Turkey has been revived and implemented with exemplary political skill and finesse. Well done, Turkey and Erdogan.


Flooding EU on Purpose and to plan with Refugees- Migrants - Terrorists

The flood of refugees to EU is not accidental nor the result of the war in Syria just. It is a policy of Turkey's Islamist fanatics supported financially by the Islamists of Saudi Arabia and the satellites following them. With money is NO issue, Turkey opened its borders to all Muslim Asians, has started its exporting of hundreds of thousands of supposedly refugees to EU via Greece. Not via Bulgaria, that has borders with Turkey too, but via Greece and mostly via the Aegean a much more perilous route than through land and Bulgaria.

Greece must FALL first!

Do not wonder and do not think too hard to see why Turkey and its allies are doing this. Do not wonder why the WEST is blind to the plans of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The GATE to Europe has always been Greece. From ancient history to today stands between Asia and Europe and protects Europe form the hordes of Barbarians, whoever they happened to be through history. It has to fall first before the rest collapses and that is the plan today, that is the ultimate target now.

The initial victim and target is GREECE. 

Greece right now is the weakest link of EU, it is the weakest economy in Europe and it can be distabilised and dismembered by flooding it with Muslim migrants, not Syrian refugees as they trumpet on TV stations to blind us. Only two days ago 4500 Afgans were unloaded in Athens and found themselves in Victoria Square in Athens. Two of them tried to hang themselves. Only on Thursday 7000 refugees entered Greece with NATO watching them arriving. The crime against Greece has a NATO stamp now, in addition to EU's and Turkey's plus allies.

Who Are The Refugees?

The images of so called refugees include one child per 50 migrants who have NO facial connection with Syria. Actually as Hurriyet, Turkish Daily Newspaper, reported a couple of weeks ago, " 97% of so called refugees are migrants of  Asian origin and mainly Afganistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran etc. No connection with Syria but only with migrants looking for a better future in EU.


Why Are They All Coming?

After Mrs Merkel and Claude Juncker the President of EU invited everybody to EU in summer 2015, these young people borrowed, mortgaged whatever to come to EU and seek a better life. The incompetent politicians of EU invited them, why not take the opportunity? Who wouldn't?

Alas, Mrs Merkel and Mr Juncker recalled their invitation and the Open Doors and Borders of EU are now Closed Doors and Barbed Wires of EU! Yes, they changed their mind, the brains of EU, and now all these Humanity from all over Asia are stranded all over Europe but mainly and predominatly in GREECE, which has become by order and imposition from EU=Germany the damping place of the rest of European Union, the union of Humanity and SOLIDARITY according to Mekrel.

Where is she to repeat it! Where are you Merkel to tell this to the Greeks of the Aegean Islands, the citizens of Athens, the people all over Macedonia that will have to build cities to house the guests, YES your guests, not the ones Greece invited. You did!!


                          Greece Blackmailed Again!!

Thus Greece is Blackmailed once again by EU=Eurozone, both criminal organisations of Germany not Europe, which Germany has under its thumb. Any refugees coming from Turkey to Greece, Turkey is allowed to export with NO penalty, must stay in Greece, must be housed in Greece, must live for years in Greece and who knows if ever they will leave Greece. Where is the punishment for Muslim Turkey?


Muslims and Demographics Change!!

Thus Turkey and Saudi Arabia continue zealously their exports of Muslim migrants to change the demographics of Greece, to create huge Muslim camps all over the country, which for sure soon will rebel. That will give Turkey the excuse, the reason to invade Greece to protect the Muslims of Greece with eyes on the whole of Europe where blind politicians lead the continent to disaster.

The war in Syria will continue as long as Turkey is there and Saudi Arabia finances it alongside Germany and others. Germany is led by incompetent politicians whose priority is how to subjugate members of EU and dominate there but have forgotten that Nations do Rebel and others do have plans for expansion too. The two superpowers of Europe, Germany and Turkey in cahoots now, but for how long this will last?


Germany Commits a Crime Against Humanity in Greece

Greece has been the victim of German inhumanity never seen since WWII. The country on its knees, the country ruined economically by Bail OUTS of German concoction and profits and now Greeks face the biggest test of their recent history. Invasion of Muslims by plan and by design to destroy the country and pave the way for Muslim expansion in Europe with the help and sponsorship of EU= Germany.

The plans of building Migrant Camps in Greece is fiercely opposed by Greeks but ... Greece is governed by Germany and Eurozone money, NOT the Greeks. The JUNTA of Greece is called TROIKA and that is the monetary organ of Germany, EU, Eurozone, IMF and other Lenders.


Concentration Camps called Hotspots

From Lesvos, to Kos, to Mytilini, from Athens to Pireaus and the nearby suburbs, from Evros to Kilkis and Salonica, Greece is full of migrants and now Hotspots finance and run by Germany, the masters of Concentration Camps. This is the EU Germany wants, this is the EU many other nations want for their own interests.



GREECE is now the victim but who will be the next one. EU Nations?

Is it your turn Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria?

Is it about time EU ceased to exist and Nations given back their FREEDOM and Democracy?

Is it about time Greece was treated humanely and not like a Nation of lepers who must be thrown in the ravine of Keadas like the Spartans used to do?

EU is NOT for Me!!

LEAVEEU to give Liberty to Europe and its people!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter

                Freedom and Democracy Outweigh All Other Issues and Aspects of Referendum!!


The UK Referendum will be one of the most important decisions the British Nation will make for generations to come. The decision is not as simple as many, including the government want to present it to us. 

The rhetoric of the government and its agencies plus most financial institutions who trade with EU is powerful and will intensify the closer the date of the referendum approaches;

Uncertainty    -  Plenty a country out of EU and do well

Unemployment  --  We are powerful economy in EU or outside

Solidarity   - There is NO solidarity in EU. Obvious example Greece and Refugee problem

Decision making in Europe  - Germany and its lackeys make all the decisions. 72 out of 72 decisions UK lost to Germany and its satellites in EU last year

More power in EU  - WE have none as I mentioned above. Germany does whatever it wants

We make decisions by being there!  -- We make NO decisions. They do and force them upon us!

We are in Heart of things! -- Never more untrue. Out of Schengen, Out of Monetary Union!

Security! -- We never want to be part of a European Army or police that serves others not UK! Our security in our responsibility not incompetent EU.

There will be one million more arguments the government bring forth and will try to persuade me and you that we should stay in EU. Should we though?


MONEY COST  11.5 billion wasted on EU

I am not going to elaborate on the heavy penalty we pay to EU! About 20 billion  a year, out of which 11.5 billion is net loss and waste to EU bureaucrats and their schemes!



Can the Government  guarantee our Democracy within an Undemocratic EU that makes decisions and laws in Brussels, made by unelected bureaucrats, which are forced on us.

75% of our laws are now EU laws which our Parliament has NO power over them. Why do we have a Parliamentary Democracy since EU bureaucrats are the law makers?

What kind of Sovereign State are we? What sort of Democracy are we, since the decisions are make by the German lackeys like Juncker, Schultz etc. All German or German lackeys!

What sort of Democracy are we when elections in the UK or any EU country can be contested and be overturned by EU. Look at Greece and what they did to it.

What sort of Democracy are we, when they as a gang, gang up against UK for reasons of their own and defeat any UK motion and initiative?




This country has fought two World Wars to be FREE from the despots of Germany and to keep Europe FREE.

This country lost millions of Brits fighting for FREEDOM to these shores against the evil coming from Berlin.

That evil has never stopped existing and has never stopped working its way back to Hegemony and Despotism all over Europe. It is actually with us thriving manifested in EU, which is the mask Germany wears today to impose its plans and its machinations. Are we all that blind or are they using blindfolds on us?

UK does not need such patron! UK does not need such hegemony and masters called Germany, masked as EU!

Either we acknowledge the facts or not, either we make the observation or not, the fact is one and it is staring us all in the eyes.

Germany dictates  and directs EU at will and and wish. That is NOT FREEDOM to UK!

UK never was a satellite of Germany and it will never be, NOT through our vote and signature.  It will be a betrayal of those  who died fighting for Britain to allow it today through our vote and signature!!





Peter Constant !Freedom Fighter!

                          Closed Borders, Walls and Barbed Wires Shame EU, FREEDOM,  Democracy and SCHENGEN Signatories!


No EU without FREE Movement!

Without FREE movement, there is NO EU declared many officials of EU among them the famous Mr Claude Juncker. Not only he repeated that, but he threatened with financial penalties those counties that closed their borders.

As normal with this incompetent lackey of Germany the borders have been closing one after the other, the poor INVITED people of all continents started travelling to come to Germany etc and ...

Borders are Closed!

Barbed Wires are up!

Walls are UP!

Borders are guarded not only with border police but ARMY too!

How did we end up in a FREE, without borders EU to one with borders between France and Belgium and a series of walls and barbed wires all along the borders of Hungary, Slovenia and Austria?

EU has become very used to blaming for all its ills and all its problems one country: GREECE

So, once again it is Greece to blame because it has to save the refugees drowning under EU LAW, it has to save migrants in distress in its waters. Furthermore, it has to house, feed and offer to all humanitarian aid, whereas all other EU countries have closed their borders and accuse Greece of allowing these people in. 

Easy victim Greece, easy victimisation of Greece and its people within this scandal called European Union, Mrs Merkel's Solidarity Union. Where is Solidarity Merkel?

Have you heard Mrs Merkel speaking lately or is she hiding and plotting how to destroy fully, 100% Greece? Yes, that is what they all up to.

Have you heard any EU country condemn Turkey for exporting migrants, terrorists to EU?

Have you heard anyone member state of EU saying, NO more money to Blackmailer Turkey?

The answer is a stark, pitiful, disgraceful, NO!!

All quiet as they are afraid of the big guns of EU=Germany and their financial might.


Refugee Issue Final Blow to Dissolution of EU

Now, the Refugee issue is not a matter of a few thousand, it is a matter of millions and a matter of invasion of millions of migrants from Asia.  Thus France, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary not only closed their borders to migrants and others but erected walls of shame to keep them out.

This is your EU Mrs Merkel! 

Is this Solidarity or Hypocrisy Mrs Merkel?

Is this prosperity and sharing in EU Mrs Merkel?

There is only one member state that prospers and the rest just survive. 

Germany never shares anything, they always profit against all of us because they legalise it themselves via EU!!

NO to Schengen, is NO to EU!!

Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter