The Myth of Prosperity in EU and Thus United Kingdom


The Referendum in UK should be the event to bring to the surface the FACTS about EU, not rhetoric and false projections as is the case up to now. Facts that have happened already in EU and guide us as to what might happen in the near and long future, if UK remains in EU. Not the guesses, not the propaganda of Government agencies led by the nose by EU bureaucrats and REMAIN in EU people.

The facts speak louder that guesses, even OUR own guesses.

Thus prosperity in EU is REMAIN ideologues major weapon. That is great because we all want to live a comfortable and if possible prosperous life in a prosperous country. How has EU achieved that for us and the whole of Europe? EU has a long history for UK and other nations and offers a great way to see whether it has succeeded or failed.

Has it succeeded in Greece?

Pensioners in Greece Crashing each other at Closed Banks, Begging for mercy EU !




Germany=EU has Prospered No Doubt!

There is only one EU member that has prospered among the 28 nations! GERMANY!!

ONLY Germany!!

Wolfgang Schauble, Finance Minister of Germany and EU in essence. No to the Vulture!

Germany has NO unemployment and thus it Opens Borders of EU and invites Refugees and Migrants to come to Germany and creates to a meyhem of refugees-migrants. Forget the terrorists for a moment.

Germany exports to UK double the goods we export to them annually according to stats of HMS, not my figures. Since 2008 we import from Germany double the goods we export to them. In January 2016 we imported 4.26 billion from Germany, we exported as UK 2.56 billion of goods.


Bankrupted EU Members!!

There are seven member states in EU which are Bankrupt right now whereas Germany continues prospering and bossing all members about everything. Dare to disagree!. The EU gurus and PR cover it up but the facts deny them clearly:

Greece: Bankrupt with 25%, 50 % among young 18-30, unemployment and if NO EU money, it ceases to function as a country occupied by German agencies TROIKA, ECB etc

Cyprus: Bankrupt with 25% unemployment and citizens leaving country in droves for employment

Ireland: 25% unemployment and Bankrupt

Portugal: 25% unemployment and bankrupt relying on ECB financing or ...

Spain: Bankrupt with 25% unemployment and relying on EU financing

France: 18% Unemployment, Bankrupt but Germany=EU keep it quiet and covered up. 

Italy: Bankrupt but EU finance Italy as long as the tow the line of EU. 25% Unemployment


For how long will EU keep this disaster covered up?


UK Forty Years in EU

Where is the prosperity in UK because of EU membership?

The UK Gov. prints billions monthly to keep it afloat. The Government is in debt by about 1.8 trillion and increasing monthly. Why hasn't this EU miracle made the miracle they say EU is making for UK but only for Germany?

Why is the EU miracle and promises in its TREATY of balanced economic progress ( Article 1-3  3.) and prosperity apply only to Germany and not to the above seven countries plus UK?

EU and our own Government feed us with false projections and false promises as the TREATY of EU says but none of those promises is actually happening.

It is all on paper, it is all worthless EMPTY Words to DECEIVE!!


EU Serves its Masters Germany!

EU has not delivered FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, Independence and Prosperity to EU member states. It has served only GERMANY as it is set up to serve GERMANY, NOT any other member nation, including the United Kingdom!


United Kingdom Lost to EU its




LEAVEEU to prosper and live FREE!!!






                 A Merkel of NO Power and No Political Will


A criminal person of Turkey Erdogan, forget he is the President of Turkey, orders Sputnik site silenced in Turkey and then orders Merkel to stop FREE Expression in Germany, which she agrees to do!!

This is the country all EU members made a DEAL with to give six billion for refugees, it means weapons to fight Russia, three billion annually to commit Genocide against the Kurds and invade its neighbouring countries, plus make it a member of EU.

Are you to vote a YES in EU after all these betrayals of FREE EU?

Are you thinking to keep UK in this hypocrisy and this betrayal of all our High Ideals?

Are you as a voter to condone the CRIMES Against Humanity Turkey is committing not against its own people but to all peoples around it and us all in EU?

What is it with Turkey and all the Blackmails from The Sultan of Turkey?

If it was just one incident, I would say it is just a small think and forget it. However there is a serial criminal activity, Humanitarian Criminality by Turkey which is covered up by WEST and not only that but rewarded lavishly too. I am not going back to last century but only the last few years.


2015: Invades Cyprus because Cyprus is exploring its South Seas for gas. It occupies 40% of Cyprus, an EU member, since 1974. That is embarrassing!

2015: Invades Iraq and justifies that by saying our borders are here not there, where they were before.

2015 Invades Syria, bombs, Syria, takes border lands of Syria because Syria is part of the Old Ottoman Empire.

2015 Turkey is caught being the financier and open sponsor of ISIS. It allows ISIS fighters to travel through Turkey to Syria and from Syria to EU to bomb us all out.

2015-2016 It exports to EU millions of migrants with about 10,000 ISIS terrorists and EU makes a DEAL with this nation to stop it.

2015-16 There is an on going Genocide of Kurdish people of Turkey in South East Turkey. The evidence is undeniable, the Civil War is on and WEST official Media keep it covered up.

2015-16 Finally, the whole of Turkey is under a Martial Law, Dictatorship, where anybody who speaks openly about FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, Erdogan etc, find themselves in prison.

The DEAL with Turkey is a Betrayal of European people. No country with such criminal data against it should have any political ties with EU, let alone be financed, given FREE visas for its people to flood EU and membership to poison our societies with their fanatics.

OUT of this Boiling EU that poisons our Lives!!



EU betrays us all in Europe and in UK!


NO Criminals of Turkey in EU!!





                  I Have Seen Hypocrisy and WEAK Arguments 

Jeremy Corbyn came out to support the REMAIN in EU campaign and what did he have to say?

"Workers Rights will be thrown away if we LEAVE EU?"

I have heard pathetic arguments but this is the tops. How will that happen you, sunflower, unless you, the Labour Party have already decided that the Conservatives will rule this UK country for ever? How will our workers Rights all of a sudden be in danger because our own Parliament, you our own politicians, will decide the fate of this country, rather than bureaucrats in Brussels and Berlin politicians.


Human Rights and State Rights

The Rights of workers are so important to you Mr Corbyn, and I do agree with you, but where have you mentioned Human Rights and State Rights of UK and in EU?

Doesn't the UK have Rights as a nation? Is it only the Rights of Germany that matter in EU?

Dont we people of UK have Rights as Humans?

Why should we give up on our Fundamental Rights to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats Berlin appoints for its own benefit and ends?

Why should the UK imprison itself in EU=Germany jail?

Are you so blinded by policies for other interests, rather than the interests of this country of 65 million?

Look at what has happened to the Rights of a State and its people in Greece! What other proof does one need to understand that EU is not a Democracy but a German Autocracy wearing EU Uniform?

This is NOT my EU!!

This is not my UNION!


LEAVEEU and Bless UK with that!

BREXIT to save UK from clutches of Dark Forces!


Peter Constant  FREEDOM Figghter








                               Dignity EU Treat Article II - 61

EU Constitution is supposed to protect the DIGNITY of the individual and as the treaty says,

"Human Dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected"


How much of it is Empty Words and worthless?

I am a refugee at the end of my life. My home is in Cyprus. It was taken and demolished by Turkey in 1974. My lands are taken and used by Turkey and I cannot use them, cannot even go there to see them. The cemetery of the village destroyed. Where will I be buried when my time comes? Where is my village, my home and my lands EU of JUSTICE and Human Rights?


Turkey Destroyed my Life, You Will Make it an EU Member

Not only you do not protect the rights of 250,000 refugees of Cyprus, your own citizens, you give more rights to Turkey invaders and occupiers. That is betrayal of the signatures of the member states and the people of those states.

Untrustworthy and Unjust, why should anyone TRUST anything you say, anything you promise or do?

You appease Turkey, the occupyer of 40% of Cyprus since 1974. Betrayal of all Cypriots!


Is the Respect of the Individual in Greece? Greeks crashing each other to withdraw 50 euros to live on because EU and Eurozone Closed Greek Banks and imposed a Junta in Greece? 

Is this respect of the individual on our borders with refugees suffering like animals?



Article II - 66

"Everyone has the right to respect for his or her private and family life, home and communications"

I led a happy life in Cyprus. My family lived happily in our home, lands and jobs. All of a sudden I became a refugee. NO home, No lands, No rights just because Turkey invaded, occupied and still occupies 40% of Cyprus to the acceptance and agreement of EU. 

Where are my FREEDOMS EU?

Where is my Home and my Lands?

Why are you blatantly betraying me and 250,000 other Cypriots, Greeks and Turks because of Turkey?

Who will you betray or are betraying right now in order to satisfy other powers and other interests?



Why should any person in EU believe a word of what these Bureaucrats promise us?

Why should we live our lives with the worry of  what the Bureaucrats of Brussels might do to UK in order to benefit Germany and its people?

Why should we abide by their LAWS, which their lackeys passed in order to benefit the masters, Germany?


My Dignity and My FREEDOMS are being Betrayed right now as described above.

Do you trust they will not BETRAY yours in UK?

Peter Constant   Freedom Fighter