There Is A Crisis Caused by Open Doors Policy!

How come millions of #migrants are on the borders between EU countries in the middle of winter Mrs Merkel and Claude Juncker? 

What happened to your "All welcome policy?"

What happened to your castigating countries for protecting their borders and disputing your orders and despotic running of EU?

Why aren't EU countries punished for refusing your orders except #Greece which was left to its misery by a vicious, vindictive EU=#Germany=#ECB?


What happened to 3.2 billion donated to Turkey to stop the #refugees -#migrants-#terrorists flow from Turkey, a country that not only does not stop refugees, it exports them to EU and creates more now with their Genocide of #Kurds? 

Finally Frau Merkel admits failure of EU in controlling the flow of millions of refugees into EU, failure in stopping the flow everywhere and a crisis of such seriousness that will see EU collapsing under the millions who invade EU from Asia and Africa. However, Merkel insists on Open Borders as that is fundamental. 

Let us see which one will give as it seems Frau Merkel is not controlling EU members any more even if her EUROS try to do so and threaten to do so. France closed borders. Austria, Holland, Denmark and I do not who else closed borders. Nations need to protect their citizens but Frau #Merkel needs to protect German economy and well being more, forgetting all other nations of EU in the process.

UK is fighting for control of internal immigration from EU as well as immigration from elsewhere. Of course, Germany and Brussels do not care about our well being in #UK but our government and Ministers do. We all know how much the system can support, how many difficulties there are as things stand, let alone with millions more within the small UK.

Concluding, I must say the problems of refugees stems in the countries of origin. Why arent those countries taking responsibility of own citizens? They need our help, as I understand it, that is where we help, not after they have arrived at our doorstep with the consequences we have been witness over the last year.

For that to happen we need a capable, UNITED effort which will never come from #EU as there we have honey suckers rather than competent officers to implement policies.

Giving billions to #Turkey to wage her WARS and Genocides is not assisting refugees.

Peter Constant


EU=Germany has already shown us all what colours it wears but it will not stop there unless it prevails via its inefficient, incapable bureaucracy in Brussels and its brutal masters of Berlin. If anybody has doubts about how they go about imposing their type of FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Highest Ideals of Humanity just think of these events to make you think twice why EU is on the wrong path and on its way to dissolution and a historical relic.

a. EU= Germany has as its biggest ally in the East, Turkey. Erdogan's Turkey has suprassed in brutality the most brutal regimes of the planet already. Not only they invade neighbouring countries, they commit Genocide against the Kurds, their own citizens, within Turkey. That does not bother EU. Forgetting all the above, Turkey exports to EU millions of refugees, migrants, terrorists and yet, they are REWARDED FOR SUCH CRIMES AGAINST US AND HUMANITY!! Finally, Turkey occupies Cyprus with 50,000 Turkish army and is now awarded more loot in Cyprus rather than being punished for its invasion of 1974 and occupation since then. Shall we forget recent invasions of Syria, Iraq and financing of #ISIS? Shall we forget the murders, jailings of Kurdish and Free thinking citizens of Turkey? Shall we forget gagging of press and MME in Turkey?

Coincidence Turkey continues its crimes with support of EU= Germany?

b. The Far right of France was so successful in recent elections that all the dirty tricks of politics were gathered to beat Marie Le Pen and her Far Right party that demands FREEDOM from EU= Germany. Thus, Le Pen is conveniently accused of Tax evasion now in order to stop the threat of a Far Right win in future elections.

Coincidence Marie Lepen accused of Tax Evasion?

c. The attempt to kill Nigel Farage in a car accident, a critical MEP of EU policies and practices, does not speak favourably for EU, either they are involved in such plot or not.

Coincidence Farage had been the victim of attempted murder?

d. The most striking example of EU's dictatorial practices and curbing of our FREEDOMS and DEMOCRACY happened in Greece in 2015. A socialist party dared to rise and challenge EU's practices and policies. EU= EUROZONE= Germany did not hesitate to behead Greek freedom and democracy by closing its banks and causing hunger and misery in Greece. They closed the banks, they imposed their own German government, ordered by TROIKA= Germany and all is fine in Greece; so they think and so they believe. They will need more than a FRONTEX and German police to occupy Greece. 

Coincidence that FRONTEX and German POLICE take over control of Aegean and Greece is governed by TROIKA?

Who is next victim and what is to follow next is unknown but ...NO GOOD WHATEVER!

Many will feel, well it is only Cyprus, a small island they are rewarding Turkey with. Then it will be a few more islands and Greece and so on. Where does it stop people of Europe? This expansion of EU, in the manner it happens is not just dangerous, it is murderous of our present and future. Can anybody stop the German neo-Autocrats of Europe?

I hope that our #UK vote in the upcoming Referendum stops the Germans in their tracks as Britain did in WWI and WWII.

Freedom Fighter

                    Executing 47 People is a Matter of Human Rights Sultan of Turkey

Turkey is in support of Saudi Arabia, the financiers of their policies of conquests and extermination of opponents by any means and in any ways within Turkey and outside it.

President Erdogan of Turkey has already stated clearly his views and beliefs on the matter and in support of what and how Saudi Arabia treats its people and citizens:

a. I am like Hitler!

b. Saudi Arabia's execution of 47 political opponents is an internal issue and it should not be the concern of anyone of us living outside Saudi Arabia.

c. Such declarations by President Erdogan of Turkey have of course one reason and only one:



Whatever Turkey does to its citizens  in Turkey is an internal affair and nobody else's business


Turkey Commits Genocide Against Kurdish Citizens of Turkey, which is A Human Rights Issue and a Crime Against Humanity!

Turkey has been at the top of world news for some time this year. Either it is statements by its fanatic leader, support of #ISIS, export of millions of refugees, migrants, terrorists to EU= Germany or domestic issues that are always covered up by local and foreign media. We only hear , here and there from social media or from solitary articles from a world known paper, ie NEW York Times over last ten days of what is actually happening in inside Turkey and its persecution of its own people. Fortunately RT brings news of the Turkish atrocities which can only be Criminal and worth Human Rights investigations and trials of  Turkey's leaders.

Turkey murdered 3500  Turkish citizen Kurds in 2015

Turkey has under curfew for months several big cities and town in South Eastern Turkey destroying them to their foundations and exterminating the people living there. It is GENOCIDE!!

Turkey has murdered prominent leaders of Kurdish community.

Turkey has imprisoned  several prominent journalists and reporters, closed newspaers, radio and TV stations and gagged the rest of press.

Turkey has  imprisoned thousands  of dissidents  as enemies of the State just because they are Kurds demanding more Human Rights for their minority, which is under extermination and annihilation in the hands of Turkish State.


Turkey occupies Cyprus since 1974, like Saudi Arabia does of Bahrein etc.

One wonders why is Turkey still a member of UN, why Turkey is a staunch ally of NATO and USA and why EU= Germany wants Turkey in EU regardless of its crimes and its policies?

I wonder as a Cypriot, forget the Greek and Turkish community, why any real Cypriot, would wish to have Turkey as occupier of Cyprus, having 50,000 troops stationed and governing 40% of Cyprus and why would Greeks and real Turkish Cypriots consider a solution under these circumstances of Turkey.

Are the Cypriots mad or what? 

No, they are not mad, they are just blackmailed and pushed to a corner by big powers which promote interests only and sacrifice peoples. There are only 60,000 Turkish Cyprus among the 300,000 residents of North Cyprus, 240,000 are settlers brought over from Turkey to impose their plans on Cypriots. Thus the 60,000 genuine Turkish Cypriots  have NO power to say NO to Turkey. The 700,000 Greek Cypriots are slaves of EU= Germany and its policies of appeasing and satisfying a murderous regime in Turkey.

Thus we arrive in 2016 with a Turkey as murderous as Saudi Arabia but significantly supported further in all its plans and criminal activities inside and outside Turkey by EU=Germany and USA.

Why does  EU= Germany, a solidarity UNION, aspiring political UNION , not only accepts such a Turkey but goes further to appease those crimes by giving in to Turkish blackmails and demands?  Why reward a criminal State with the whole of Cyprus and billions on top? Are there any other real reasons for German betrayal of basic Human Rights in the case of Turkey, Germany?

Freedom Fighter

EU = Germany In Driving Seat of Turkey = ISIS

Cyprus was invaded by Turkey in 1974 and since then 40% of Cyprus' North has been a Turkish province with no cover nor hiding the fact. The island has been Islamicised, the Greek Christian North has been turned into Turkish north with Turkish flags and Turkish Army present everywhere. To top all the change of iconography of the island the demographics were so violated that today one wonders if ever the island had different demography. 

The Turkish Cypriots from 130,000 in 1974 are only 60,000 now. Turkey imported and settled in Cyprus 250,000 Turks from Turkey and the 50,000 invading army is stationed on the island permanently. Villages have been renamed, churches demolished, Ammohostos a ghost town and Nicosia, the capital, the only divided capital in Europe because Turkey wishes so and because its army, NATO army please, dictates so.

The above with the acceptance of EU= Germany, who shout in their propaganda for Unity- Solidarity!

Under these circumstances, with these facts in place we have the well wishers of the last 40 years and of of now trying desperately to impose a solution on the Cypriots, Greek and Turks, that will wipe out the peoples of Cyprus and replace them with Islamists of Turkey, thus changing the island from a Bastion of Christianity into a Bastion of Islam. 

EU= Germany, USA, UK and UN are not so concerned about who resides on the island as to how many military bases they have on the island and as to whether their strategic interests are served well by whoever is the master of this island of 120 x 50 miles. The latest initiatives, I call them blackmail of Greeks and Turks of Cyprus, is to solve the Cyprus Problem so that Turkey is rewarded, is appeased to perform its duties for them in Middle East. Their guardian dog in ME.

The Turkish Cypriots are under Turkey's so called protection but essentially under Turkish occupation, which they cannot get rid of. Thus, 50% of TC have left the island and left the remainder to the followers of Ankara and their army in Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots have resisted the sell off of the island for 41 years but it seems that the boot of Turkey, the shackles of EU= Germany and the pressures of USA and UK are unbearable and they are ready to sign for any solution, so that Cyprus essentially becomes 100% Turkish and more importantly Islamist.

That I hope Israel can see. That I believe Israel is aware of. Surrounded in all directions  by Islam it will be impossible to escape Israel!

The WEST has been standing on the side watching for 41 years. Now, Germany =EU has taken the initiative in Europe and is allying itself and therefore EU with Turkey, their ally of WWI. Thus their position and politics are not only blatantly anti-Greek , they are pro-Turkish beyond belief and doubt. An invader, an occupier of 40% of Cyprus is rewarded with its loot plus more and as Turkey demands. To this, all power brokers, USA, UN, UK, EU support Turkey and press Greeks to sign the sell off. 

The shame of Freedom and Democracy continues by who else? Hypocrits!

We shout and scream, NEVER! The solution they systematically promote and looks like Greeks and Turkish Cypriots accept, is nothing else but donating Cyprus to Turkey as they donated billions to wage wars and support ISIS in November. Turkey is not an honourable nation, Turkey is not a trustworthy nation, Turkey is a Nation of Genocides and extermination of minorities and that has already happened in Cyprus. The proposed solution will finish the job in zero time!

It is a Crime Against Humanity!!

Never trust Turkey that still occupies Cyprus, Never trust Turkey that has invaded recently Syria, Iraq and commits Genocide of Kurds in Turkey calling them terrorists because they demand autonomy. Thirty million Kurds do not deserve autonomy within Turkey, yet 300,000 Turkish Cypriots deserve autonomy on a small island, 50% government seats, a alternate President and theft of OUR Homes and Lands by invasion and Occupation!

I say, the WEST as represented today by EU= Germany, USA, UK, UN is a shambolic, dictatorial conglomerate of immoral policies exercised by IMMORAL officers! 

Freedom and Democracy for Cyprus and all Cypriots, World!! 

Peter Constant