Blackmail by Turkey Criminals Conveniently Paid Up by EU Leaders


An EU of 28 nations succumbs to BLACKMAIL by Turkey and hands over SIX billion euros, Visas , Cyprus, Greeks Islands and mainland Greece plus EU membership.

Incompetent EU  closes borders to real Humanity and refugees, it opens the floodgates to 80 million Turks and Islamisises Europe from Greece to UK.

The BETRAYAL of Europe by its leaders is unprecedented, its criminal and it should be resisted by all of us. 



Betrayal Upon Betrayal of EU Citizens

Merkel and Juncker Opened the Gates of EU and invited all people of all sorts to come to EU. Sure enough among the desperate people who travelled to EU were also 5000 ISIS terrorists. hidden and masked as migrants, Syrians, Iraqis or Afgans.

All of these  terrorists originated, travelled through Turkey with its blessings and its help. The invading ground, the invading land has been Turkey. Turkey invaded EU for second time as it did that in Cyprus in 1974 but leaders of 28 nations saw nothing wrong in that. 

Why is that EU leaders? 

Who are you covering up; what are you covering up?


Unapologetic and Criminal

The hosts Merkel and Juncker never apologised for this CRIME against all of us.  They have never criticised Turkey to this day. They firmly shut the DOORS and EU has been in turmoil of terror attacks, migrant and refugee invasions plus a phoney, outrageous BLACKMAIL from Turkey. They have destroyed Greece and they pretend they try to help. The ruined the land of FREEDOM and Democracy and brought upon it the Darkness of Autocratic Germany and Islamist Turkey.

Greece PUNISHED!!!


Blackmail Accepted, Blackmail Paid UP to Turkey! Criminal Acts Against 500 Million EU People

We are not going to stop the flow of refugees unless you pay us three  billion euros. Three months later the demand of Turkey became six BILLION. What? No rush please. We also want Visas for our citizens to come to EU and stay for ever, EU entry on the quick in spite of Turkish Dictatorship in place in Turkey, genocide against Kurds, prisons packed with innocent people. Anything else? We demand to forget invasion and occupation of Cyprus, we demand half the Aegean and preparation of the ground to Turkofy and Islamisise Northern Greece and Greek Islands of the Aegean.



The brains of EU, OUR LEADERS, accepted the blackmail thinking that Turkey will be satisfied with the above. Laugh with brainless, naive Europeans who know nothing about our History and that History repeats itself. I wonder though; are they that stupid, that naive or ....


Is there A Reason Behind All These Idiotic Moves from EU Leaders?


Is Cameron Stupid and Suicidal? No!! What then?



That I will deal with in another article.

In the meantime this EU, this farce, is NO good for any nation member of EU and much more for UK. Germany is the one exploiting it and enriching itself plus imposing its Dictatorship on us.

NO EU unless you deliver to EU the sovereignty over your country! That is one of EU provisions of its Constitution.


Out of this farce called EU.


LEAVEEU to keep control of our borders, our destiny and the future of our children, NOT those of Germany and Turkey!!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter 






 My article with about 1500 words was not published when saved but the title was. I am not amused by whatever and whoever has caused it.  

It verifies once again that we are not alone NOR FREE to publish what we want!!

Does EU have anything to do with it?

Does UK Yes campaign for EU have anything to do with it?


No Accountability!!

EU has a budget of 155 billion which the bureaucrats spent at will and wish with NO accountability to any member state or any citizen. That is unprecedented for any organisation of a small proportion, let alone a UNION of 28 states.

How are these officers and bureaucrats ACCOUNTABLE to you and me?




The year 2015 will be written in history books as the worst year of Europe from the betrayal and dissolution of Greek Democracy by EU=Eurozone, to the invasion of EU by millions of refugees-migrants-terrorists at the invitation of Merkel and Juncker. As Donald Trump said the other night, it is a crime committed by Merkel, Germans are living Germany because of this and yet;

Nobody in EU questioned their criminal Opening of Doors of EU top everybody!


No Accountability in a Dictatorship as there is NO FREEDOM!

Once in EU it is impossible to get out, states Juncker, the president of EU

He is NOT lying, he is telling us the truth, the only truth and nothing but the truth. The EU Constitution states that:

NO elections in member states count!

The Constitution of EU states: EU is in control of territorial rights of all members.

Thus Mr Juncker and Frau Merkel never bothered to apologise for the crime against us all in Europe. They Opened the Gates of EU, they allowed 5000 terrorists in, who now they bomb us at will and impose their crazy way of life on the rest of us.

Will these two leaders of EU apologise? Of course NOT! They will punish anybody who dares criticise them or contest their authority


Are they Accountable For Paying Up BLACKMAIL of Turkey?


EU leaders, including Greece and Cyprus, agreed to pay Turkey six billion euros to stop the flow of refugees and terrorists to EU. Furthermore, they agreed to allow 80 million Turks FREE movement in EU, accession in EU no matter what CRIMES Turkey has committed and commits now.

How can they decide on such an issue without consulting us , the citizens of EU? Do we want another 80 million Muslims in addition to the millions already allowed in, in the last year and this year? Do we want Islamisation of Europe via Turkey, the most criminal nation on the borders of Europe?

Where is accountability for the above? Where is our FREEDOM to decide whether we agree or not on such issues?


Dictatorship of EU

Of course I am talking rubbish above since I forget the basic issue in EU Constitution and existence:



No Democracy in EU only EU Autocracy!

EU is an Undemocratic UNION governed by Bureaucrats appointed by Germany to serve Germany and its interests! That is the essence of EU, that is the essence why UK is having a REFERENDUM. It is NOT only about money and finances as most YES campaigners want to tells us!

Forget Security now! Forget safety in EU. We have seen it unfolding on our streets and screens three times already in the last six months.

It is about FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY which does not exist in EU!!

EU NOT FOR ME is stronger than ever!


LEAVEEU  UK, to prosper in FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Security!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter












Peter Constant    

                     The Creator and Financier of ISIS Erdogan Declares Lying: "I told you So"


Europe is reeling in shock from another terrorist attack which was hatched and originated in Turkey and Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, has the audacity, the temerity and face to declare just immediately the tragic event happened: "We arrested this man, he conveniently escaped but we told you about him."

How many more like him have you sent us over Erdogan?


Events Before Brussles

Before I come to Brussels events of 22.3.2016, let me elaborate on what Turkey and Erdogan have done in the above case, let me go back and remind you of some stark truths that WEST, ie EU and USA refuse to acknowledge and reveal to us all, because Turkey is a NATO member and vital part of the war against Russia. The USA and as a result, EU are prepared to accept, endorse and support anything Turkey does because of this fact and only this fact. Turkey must be on USA side in their WAR against Russia. We are all punished for that but Turkey is rewarded. 


Turkey creates and Finances ISIS plus other Terrorist Organisations in Syria

Turkey and its Islamist leaders have visions of recreating Ottoman Empire. To that effect they create ISIS in Syria, they make the war in Syria and alongside them have Saudi Arabia and other Arab-Muslim nations supporting them financially and fanatically. The evidence of Turkey training, financing, manning and trading with ISIS is irrefutable and documented. All was going well and to plan until Russia intervened and destroyed the plans of Turkey and Saudi Arabia on that front.


Refugees  - Migrants - Terrorists

The second leg of their plans was to invade Europe with Muslim refugees which they started at the same time Syria and Assad were nearly beaten and collapsed. Millions of Refugees, Migrants and amongst them 5000 terrorists, according to ISIS came to EU via Turkey. Turkey imported the Muslim migrants and exported them at the same time.  Turkey not only allowed ISIS fighters from Europe to go to Turkey, now it became the exporting country of those terrorists, who are now bombing us insane. Why hasn't Jordan and Lebanon done that since they have about eight million refugees among them? What makes Tuirkey so different? Erdogan and his fanatics!

EU and USA have messed up our lives but have not come out to punish Turkey for its role in ISIS and the role in the refugees-migrants-terrorists invasion of Europe. The spineless EU leaders, the spineless Europeans, instead of severely punishing Turkey for what it has done to all of us Europeans, they are paying the terrorists of Ankara and Turkey with billions to stop the invasion.

Why is that EU? Who is forcing your hand EU? Not Turkey for sure?

EU Leaders, I accuse you of CRIMES Against us citizens of EU


Turkey invaded Europe via Muslim Refugees-migrants-terrorists and EU accepted their BLACKMAIL. It is a betrayal of us people of EU and our Ideals of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. The results of such betrayal are already evident and will get worse. Turkey being paid for terrorist attacks on Europeans by EU is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. EU has committed a crime against us all and Mr Cameron and Merkel boast that Turkey is part of EU.

The Criminals of Ankara, whose CRIMES our secret services cover up by order from above, are rewarded for their terrorist acts against us in Europe. I cannot describe this betrayal in words. It is a political scandal that will echo for a long time in our homes and on our TV screens.

If you think, brainless EU leaders, that the master USA will stop this now, you are so mistaken as they have lost the plot long ago. You have lost it too. We are the slaves of jihad and Muslim fanatics who roam our cities and countries freely and you have NO idea who and where they are, because you allowed them FREE entry, FREE uncontrolled entry in EU.

I am going to be their next victim? Is my family going to be the next victim?Are you?


How Many Jihaddists-Terrorists Amng Us in EU Erdogan?

Erdogan has told us one person has escaped from Turkey to have the right to say that he is on our side, because he told us that one of his crazy fanatics is in EU. He has never told how many he allowed to go to Syria to fight and be radicalised by ISIS, he has never told how many Terrorists he sent us over the EU masked as Syrian refugees and as migrants.

He conveniently accuses ISIS of bombing Turkey whereas he knows very well that all attacks in Turkey are the work of FREEDOM Fighters of Kurdish people.  Turkey is not fighting ISIS nor any other affiliated terrorist organisation. Turkey ARE those organisations and the WEST, USA and EU, cover up that role because they do not want Turkey to break away from NATO. That is why Turkey not only is not punished for all its CRIMES everywhere, within Turkey and outside it, but is rewarded too with billions from EU, with Visas to EU and EU membership.


Mr Cameron you BETRAY UK people by wanting Turkey in EU and rewarding Turkey Crimes!

EU Leaders Betray Us ALL and Appease Turkey.

EU Cover UP Turkey's Role in Terrorist Attacks on Europe!

EU Cover Up the Invasion of EU by Muslims with Turkey as the main Criminal Party in it!


I abhor the actions of EU and our Leaders.

I abhor the rewards to Turkey for Crimes Against Humanity in EU!

I abhor the terrorists Turkey are sending over to EU in order to change our lifestyle into Islamist ways of Erdogan and his Turkey.

I abhor the attacks on our Values in EU and our Religion!!

NO to Cameron's policies!

No to Terrorists of Turkey masked as ISIS!

No to any EU that betrays its citizens!


Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter



                Turkey  Criminally Exported to Europe Millions of Refugees-Migrants but Also 5000 Terrorists!


The statement of ISIS in summer of 2015 was routine and few of our brainy EU leaders believed it and took it seriously. The Open Doors Policy for ALL, the Welcome to EU for ALL of Merkel and Juncker still echoes.

Far less remembered the warning and the boasting of ISIS!

"We Have Sent You 5000 Terrorists Among The Refugees- Migrants"

Paris attacks passed and forgotten but Brussels attacks today freshen the memory and remind us who are the main perpetrators of these Crimes against us, citizens of EU. We hide nothing, we support nobody. We want our FREEDOM, our Democracy and Security which EU has locked up and threw the keys away in the summer of 2015. Now, it is perhaps too late to stop the avalanche of such attacks all over the Open Borders of EU with so many terrorists and potential terrorists amongst us.


Blackmail of Turkey!

Turkey states unashamadly;

"we can do more to stop the refugees and with them of course the terrorists who spread death in Brussels yesterday."

I abhor your actions incompetent Tusk and Juncker! I loathe you blackmailer of Turkey Davutoglu!

Thus the bargaining of Turkey to get billions out of EU, to extract concessions that we all know are ridiculous to accept and give to a Nation governed by Dictators, a Nation suppressing its own people and threatening all its neighbours with the Military Power we in EU and USA made it possible with our billions, year after year. A Nation that commits Genocide right now against Kurds of Turkey and that CRIME is covered up by EU.

Thus the three billion were not enough for Turkey and so the demands for six billion were accepted with NO worry and NO issue. Other demands too.

How much has EU given to Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt who also have about EIGHT million refugees from SYRIA plus all the other known places?

What will Turkey demand next in addition to Turkey in EU, all of Cyprus for Turkey, Greek Islands and Aegean Sea to Turkey? What else are you to give to Turkey you blind EU officials?

When has a blackmail of this magnitude been accepted by anybody let alone the leaders of 28 Nations of EU. What scandal, what betrayal of us EU citizens is this?


Islamism of Turkey and Spreading  of Jihaddism in Europe


In 1914 a jihad was issued by Turkey's Sultan. The following year a Genocide happened against the Armenians of Turkey. The Turks massackered 1.5 million  Armenians which of course they still deny today.  The invasion of EU by mainly Muslim people  in 2015 and for sure in 2016 is facilitated by Turkey on plot and plan. It  is now delivering the devastation we all were afraid of nine months ago and it is changing the face of Europe form a Christian landscape to one where the force of Islam scares the hell out of all peaceful Christians.

At the Head of this Islamist attack on our European values is Turkey, masked as NATO ally.

Two deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels, the HEART of EU, send the messages the terrorists of ISIS want us to get. You are not safe, you are not invincible and we are after you and your lifestyles and way of living. You will live like us; in darkness, in rape, slave bazaars and Islam of untold suffering for men and women.

The liberal policies of EU, the Open Doors of Merkel and Juncker have led us to a point of NO return and a way of life we all abhor and hate. The bombings have become a way of life, the terror of Islam, (one form of it, I must admit) has  changed our lives irrevocably.

An Incompetent EU is NOT for ME

Why should I be afraid to step on a bus, a train, a plane? Why should I be afraid to go to the cinema, the club the restaurant?

Why has EU made our life such a misery with all its stupid, idiotic policies and bureaucratic decisions?

I declare NO to EU and its unelected bureaucrats who have destroyed the fabric of our lives already!

I declare LEAVEEU to live in peace and safety of UK, NOT chaos and terrorism of EU!

A FREE, Democratic UK is much more important than a Dictatorship of Incompetent, Continental Europeans

Peter Constant-  Freedom Fighter