Thus Threatened Erdogan Tusk and Juncker of EU= Germany!!

What will the fanatic of Turkey tell #Merkel?  

Will Merkel be able to pacify and satisfy the Sultan of Turkey with a few more billion of our TAXES, EU and UK citizens?

Will the tough man of Turkey be able to continue his wars on Syria, Iraq and Russia without the billions of Merkel, which billions are supposedly meant for refugees-migrants and terrorists?


Erdogan of Turkey is becoming crazier and crazier by the day and the leaders of our world accept him, reward him and bribed him to toe the line. He lambasted both Tusk and Juncker yesterday in Attalia but will our MME report anything like that? Of course, NOT. They have to toe the line of our governments and 


He accused EU of rejecting Turkish application to join EU and he demands immediate acceptance.

Who is this Criminal?

He has Turkish troops invading three neighbouring countries and threatening with WAR Russia.

He has in prison in Turkey more journalists and reporters thatn China.

He has closed TV and Radio stations that did not support him to become President.

Finally he wages  Genocide against Kurds and murders via Turksih Army hundreds of Kurds daily in Turkey's Kurdistan, annihilating a minority of 30 million Kurds of Turkey and destroying their lives in seven major cities in SoutH East Turkey.

Finally, the President of Turkey, the ally of EU and USA, challenged and threatened EU Presedent Juncker and Tusk;

" I will drown 15-20000 refugees tomorrow. What will you do?"

" I will send millions of refugees to Greece on buses; What will you do?"

This is the man Mrs Merkel went to beg to help EU to face the refugee-migrant threat. This is the man that will never be satisfied with a few billions Merkel.

This is the Sultan, the deranged Turk who thinks he can bring back OTTOMAN EMPIRE!!

The OTTOMANS came to VIENNA last time. Hope with your support MR Merkel, Erdogan and his millions of Turks will NEVER reach Berlin this time round!

NO to Turkey!!

NO to BILLIONS of our EU TAXES going to criminals of Turkey!


                    The Comedy of Germany and Turkey Continues Veiled as Refugee Crisis

In 2015 we had a Merkel and Juncker, her appointee EU President, trumpeting: OPEN DOORS for all in Europe. All refugees welcome to Europe. Then, when the refugee/migrant invasion became a flood to drown EU, these two incompetent politicians declared countries rogues, NOT EU members and threatened with financial penalties, their weapon is money, if they did not allow refugees through their countries. By 2016 ALL EU DOORS are closed and Germany as leader, who else, accuse and punish Greece for letting refugees in EU.

Where do all these refugees come from?

Who sends them over to Greece?

Who exports them via Greece to EU?



One Nation Germany loves so much, its own National reasons for that, one nation that allows these allegedly refugees into Turkey and then exports them to EU at a price of course.

Hurryet, the most respected Turkish newspaper stated in a serious article: 3% of refugees come from Syria, the rest are migrants. Yes, 97% of these allegedly refugees are migrants from all over Asia and a few from Africa. 

Thus Turkey allows millions of migrants into Turkey first, and I wonder why, as you do. Why is Turkey, an autocratic nation as it is,  allows these migrants from Pakistan Afganistan, Bangladesh etc into Turkey in the first place.

SAUDI ARABIAN Money in Billions

Each migrant exported from Turkey to Greece=EU is financed with 2000 dollars to go to Turkey first. Then Turkey, allows its merchants of humanity to send them to Greece either to drown or to make it in Europe with another 1000 dollars per head. Thus it becomes easy to understand why we have a flood of migrants that have changed the demographics of EU nations and threaten the stability of Europe. Each one of them bring an initial 3000 dollars each to Turkey. 

Then EU Billions to Turkey with Merkel pretending EU Knows NOT what is Actually Happening!

This is done in the knowledge and planning of masters like Merkel, who now is in Ankara to discuss the refugee issue. All a smkescreen of how much more money to give to Turkey in order to topple Assad and beat the Russians in Syria this time round, since they failed to do so in Ukraine.

Germany is waging its wars with the euros it prints and is carrying alongside it 27 other Nations, innocent NATIONS, I hasten to add.

Merkel will talk with murderers of Turkey Erdogan and Davutoglu and surely she will force all 27 EU members to finance Turkey to help refugees. In reality is to finance its WAR against Syria and Russia. More billions to Turkey to wage war against Russia and against Kurdish Nation, which they murder daily in a criminal Genocide, which EU covers up.

The plan is destory Assad and Russia in Syria.

The plan is extermination of Kurds in Turkey as they did to Armenians in 1915.

The plan is Islamisation of Greece first and then Europe.

The plan is German Hegemony in Europe, which Germany cannot impose militarily but another mighty dragon will do it for them, Turkey.

Alas, history tells us taht, these dragons and slaves of money turn nasty and become themselves the masters finally.

Turkey is too big for its own good now financed by Germany=EU and USA.

Needs to be stopped by any means and ways but unfortunately is fed by German dictators to destroy us all in Europe. I am painting as nasty picture here citizens of Europe but that is really what is happening.


This is NOT my EU. This is an EU that represents and is Germany written all over it!!

OUT of this Dictatorship of NEW REICH!!

Freedom Fighter.


                            Fundamental Ideas of FREEDOM and Democracy Override Business and Money Matters!


The YES people and supporters have only one argument and only one. Trade with EU will suffer and unemployment will go up by as much as three million, even though the same will affect EU members. There will be more LAME arguments of the same sort but, us Brits, must decide Democratically, not in EU democracy fashion, about what we all need, what we all want as a majority and as a priority.

For me there are fundamental arguments of a FREE and Democratic United Kingdom above anything else in this country, which means above money, above banks and above any other business.

Remaining in EU, will definitely and with NO ifs and buts, UK will become another province of Germany and the despots of Berlin will decide our fate and our lives.

I shall not go into who and what the Germans are and stand for. They have proven that in two World Wars and they are proving it right now with Greece and other Eurozone economies, who stand still and salute German Autocracy or face the music of Bank closures and economic starvation.

With today's example of how EU and Eurozone are treated and governed by Brussels=Berlin, why should we in the UK even discuss the idea of STAY in EU. 

Why stay in EU when our basic, Fundamental Human Rights are already violated by EU, which is composed of Unelected bureaucrats who legislate for Germany, not for UK nor for any other of the 27 EU members.

Why should UK be in disadvantage by Germany's currency, EURO, a plot of Germany to dominate and impoverish the rest of Europe, which it has already achieved triumphantly and with colossus profits for Germany 

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and now Italy and France have not gone bust because all these nations and their people are stupid, extravagant or lazy. The fact is that has happened because all the rules, all the regulations and all the bodies of EU, Eurozone are dominated and governed by Berlin and work for Berlin.


United Kingdom the Only Democracy STANDING IN EU!

The only standing economy, the only beacon of progress and self reliance in EU, is United Kingdom. That is not because we are a member of EU. That is because we are not part of EU in manny areas and particularly NOT A MEMBER of EUROZONE, the German guillotine that has already taken the heads of six members of it and is ready to behead Italy and France should they not toe the line.

If any Prime Minister in UK is really interested in our welfare, the UK's FREEDOM and Independenace from the Dictators of EU= Germany, then this PM, should call the people to vote!!


Freedom Fighter!!


                    Wrong Priorities, Wrong Financing; OUT of EU Dictatorship of Germany!!


Many countries have in place public sectors that others talk about and envy aplenty. They might be education, the army, research, industry, economy etc.

In the UK we have one institution not all of us UK citizens are proud of but also the whole world is jealous of and talk about with pride and sort of jealousy! 

The National Health Service or in short NHS

At this moment and time of furious discussions on whether UK should stay in EU or get out to regain its FREEDOM and Independence, we hear that the NHS is strapped, the NHS is bankrupt and FIVE BILLION pounds are missing from the only British Institution that works and the whole world is envious of. Yes, the NHS is underfunded but at the same time our Government has plenty of billions to support murderous nations and be part of an Undemocratic, Autocratic Institution called EU.

Bankrupt NHS TRUST Yet..

WE waste 20 BILION POUNDS to be Members of EU

So much money wasted to support a corrupt EU, an undemocratic, German dictatorship of 28 nations.

There are plenty of solutions to find these missing billions and our solution is simple and straight forward.

OUT of EU!!

Stop wasting 20 billion a year!! 

I am not going to make  this article long but my shout and my scream is one:

OUT of EU! Save our Billions for UK!

Save our NHS and our Schools with 20 billion annually!!

No more HONEY to the robbers of Brussels and their masters in Berlin!!

Freedom Fighter