Are They Talking About This Safety and Security?


The YES campaign in the REFERENDUM is not running just out of serious arguments, they are now making ridiculous claims that even primary school children know are untrue and completely the opposite of what is happening in EU and our country!


We will safer and more secure if we stay in EU they state with NO proof and NO shame!!


This is what security in EU has done and doing right now:

a. Closed borders between EU countries because there is an ongoing invasion of refugees-migrants terrorist from all over the borders of EU. Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. FRONTEX, EU Police , borders police cannot secure the borders. Where is this famous Security the YES campaign is shouting about and makes it a reason to stay in EU?

b. FREE movement of people within EU has not made EU more secure and safer but has scared the hell out of the whole continent. Terrorists bombings and attacks, attacks on civilians, attacks for rights of migrants etc. The UK borders are NOT safe NOR secure because we have to have them open to all EU citizens under EU laws and regulations.

Cameron failed to persuade the other EU leaders about the FREE movement of EU citizens all over EU.


Threatened by Other EU Members

The intention of UK and the possibility of BREXIT brought out to the surface the dangers EU poses to our safety, security and FREEDOM. They all started threatening EU with this penalty and other, two years to get OUT of the jail and agreements EU has imposed on UK and even sent their Ministers to do the dirty business of blackmailing us to stay in EU or ...

Our Security Our Safety is in UK Hands Not Incompetent EU!!

The refugees issue opened our eyes to what an impossible UNION EU is. The refugees came with NO arms and yet EU collapsed. Infighting, closed borders, threats by Juncker and Merkel and all this because EU is an ungoverned UNION that will collapse sooner or later due to its diversity and individual nation interests.

Already we see what individual nations have done for their security. They built walls, they put fences. That is security the YES people are calling about to assist them in a Bankrupt campaign.



Turksih Army in Dayabakir, Kurdish City in Turkey

This is what Mr Cameron and YES campaign are telling us. Perhaps, they will bring over to UK the jails of Turkey that hold tens of thousands of FREE thinkers, Journalists , writers and dissidents! That will enhance our Security and give us FREEDOM and Democracy!!





                   Cameron Managed to Stop 30 Millions Pounds Bleeding But.. No FREE Movement!!


UK Wastes 11.5 Billion as 

Thus the propaganda of Cameron Government continues. We did this for migrants and we saved 30 million pounds. Yes, listen to it and write it down;

Mr Cameron's negotiations saved the UK 30 million pounds for the year but UK waste 40 million daily on bureaucrats of EU and their German Dictators.  The YES people want the UK to stay in EU and pay slavery money to the dictators of EU led by Germany and their bureaucratic machine of Brussels.


Migrants from EU have FREE Movement to UK

That is not the main draw back UK citizens. The worst hemorrhage on UK fiances are the migrants arriving from all EU and their impact on the system and social fabric of the country. The DOORS are wide open, movement is uncontrollable within EU and we all suffer because of this. 

Houses not enough, schools not enough, hospitals not enough and closing and the story continues all over the country. The UK is unable to stem the flow of hundreds of thousands of EU migrants because the borders are open, WIDE OPEN to all EU citizens, either they are fit for our society or whatever else.


Add 80 Million Turks to EU's FREE Migration

Add to the serious problem of migrants from EU the MEGA problem of Turkey becoming a member of EU and being allowed to flood EU with its citizens. The population of Turkey is 80 million Muslims, who once allowed in EU will join another 25 Muslims in various EU countries.

Is that NO problem for you Mr Cameron?

Have you asked the UK people whether such a political decision benefits the UK or is this decision to allow Turkey in EU is for some other purpose and organisation?

Would you accept in EU any dictatorial, murderous nation just because they are blackmailing EU and are members of NATO, which they should have not been under any circumstances?


Merkel Invited Refugees and Migrants, NOT UK!!

Thus UK is obliged to accommodate migrants Mrs Merkel invited to EU and now changed her mind and closed EU doors.  Why would we follow an idiotic action taken unilaterally by the German leader and master of EU?

Did Merkel ask you before she invited millions of refugees to EU?

Did Juncker as EU leader inform you?

Neither of them did because Germany treats EU as their own organisation.It's their organisation and their domain. We are not even guests, let alone partners where we pay lavishly for Germany to be the leader.

Why should we pay slavery money to German organisation called EU? The money we waste on EU can easily turn around our country and our economy. One Hospital and one school can be built weekly with the money wasted on EU.

No more 11.5 billion of our UK taxes to Dictators of Germany wearing the mask of EU.



Peter Constant  FREEDOM FIGHTER!!



              Where is The Logic in Government Actions?


The Chancellor George Osborne planning to CUT 4 billion from various Government departments in UK as there is NO money in the coffers.

"OUT OF EU=EUROZONE IF YOU DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR SOVEREINGTY" demands EU of Greece, the translation of above.



The Government is wasting 11.5 billion pounds  net of  OUR UK taxes on FEES to be a member of EU


The Government maintains we will be financially better off in EU but HMS stats and 11.50 billion fees make the case to of LEAVEEU almost WIN WIN situation.


Lame Arguments by Government to Stay in EU and SCARE UK People

Mr Cameron as leader of STAY in EU has been scaremongering the whole of UK that our economy will collapse if we leave EU, that our factories will close, that our workers will lose their jobs and unemployment will spread all over the British Isles and decimate our way of life.

What a lot of RUBBISH!!

What a lot of useless scaremongering of the whole UK.

What a lot of cheap propaganda by those who purport they want to stay in EU for the GOOD of the UK.


EU is Scared of UK leaving EU!

The fact is that it is EU that is running scared and tries to create scenaria of doom for us in UK. It is the French and the Germans that ran to London to scare us with refugees coming from France and Schauble laughing his his fears away.

The fact is that EU=Germany is scared of UK LEAVING EU because all EU countries benefit from trading with us in UK much more than UK does. YES, we trade under EU rules they pass for them to benefit, Germany that is. 

This is not all word and this is not all LEAVEEU propaganda. The facts are stark and clear. No doubting them because the government owns them and are available to look at. HMS Services provide the info below. You can actually visit the site, it is FREE, and read the reports on UKTRADEINFO. No secrets UK people.


So what is it they say: What are the facts?

a. UK imports over 33% more from EU countries than it exports. So, why should EU stop trading with us since they are selling to us about 55 billion goods annually and we sell to them only 33 billion annually.

b. The stats HMS provides report clearly that the above for 2015 is the fact for the period 2008-2015. It is about 33% in favour of exports from EU to UK. Actually the main beneficiary of the exports to UK is Germany. Why will Germany stop trading with us?

Why will Merkel and mantra impose tarrifs on UK, which they know will hurt their own economy more than ours?


We conclude with facts NO rhetoric:

OUT of EU we can impose OUR UK trade rules and regulations to favour British Manufacturing and exports, NOT EU ones, which are passed by Brussels under German orders.

LEAVEEU is a stronger case than many present to you people!!


Peter Constant-  FREEDOM FIGHTER







            Government Misleading UK People or HMS Figures Are Wrong!!


NO to EU Jailers



The argument of Mr Cameron and YES campaign is that we are better off in EU because we trade with EU. Fair enough we do trade but doesn't EU trade with UK? They carry on and say that,

if we LEAVEEU we will lose this business and trade

How is that going to happen they are hiding from us and they never explain to UK people why that is NOT going to happen because EU is making more money by trading with UK. In addition we pay EU 11.5 billion pounds as FEES to be in EU.

Why pay 11.5 billion to bureaucracy of EU when our Hospitals, schools and people suffer?

The Government and HMS have stats that point to certain facts and these facts make the case clear cut to us.


EU will be at pains to maintain trade with UK, not the other way round because they export to UK tens of billions more to us that UK to them.

I have two examples right here to show that UK trade with EU is much more important to EU than to UK and so NO danger from EU boycotting our product:


March 2015 UK Imports and Exports to EU information provided by HMS& Customs and Excise

Exported form UK to EU   £11.8 billion

Imported from EU to UK at the same time 19.7 billion  


January 2016 Imports and Trade with leading countries in EU

Germany: Exported to Germany 2.56 billion and UK imported 4.26 billion 

France: Exported to France 1.4 billion and imported 1.7 billion

Netherlands: Exported to Holland 1.3 billion and imported 2.5 billion


I ask Mr Cameron and YES campaign: Why will EU as a whole and countries individually stop trading with UK all of a sudden after BREXIT, since they make more money from UK trade that UK makes from them?

Mr Cameron and supporters of YES to stay in EU have NO economic -trade weapons to argue against EXIT and LEAVING EU.

LEAVEEU is the solution in order not only to improve our trade but also to keep our FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and SOVEREIGN.

LEAVEEU is our call!!