More German=EU Billions For Turkish WARS and Migrant-Terrorists


EU=Germany, none of the 27 oher EU members can say NO to Germany, agree, can they do anything else, to finance with another TWO BILLION EUROS of our Taxes, Turkey.

Why was Turkey Given 3.2 Billion three Months Ago and another TWO Billion now since it not only stopped refugees but intensifies the export of them to EU?

Germany has found the reason and way. Give Turkey money to keep the refugees, to assist EU in the fight to stop the refugees coming to EU via Greece. 

How do these supposedly refugees come to Greece and Bulgaria?

Are they really refugees or migrants and terrorists?

Who checks these people out and confirms their identidy?

The facts and rational point to a well organised Crime Against Humanity in which major players take part including Germany, Saudi Arabia and USA plus of course Turkey. All with money of our own, Saudi Arabia's petro dollars and Turkey's hunger to get money any way it can in order to survive the recession, the Russian threat and get into EU to destroy it for sure.

Only 3% are Syrian Refugees;the remainder are Migrants and Terrorists!


Hurryet in yesterday's edition asserts: Only 3% of refugees are Syrian. The remainder are migrants coming from all over Asia and Africa.

This is NO fiction and NO dream writing. We have posted tens of photos where we ask?

Are these refugees? They are all males from South East Asia

Are these refugees? They are all males of 18-25 years old. 

Few families, few children and NO old people etc

BBC documentaries showed us many males claiming to be Syrians, which they admitted was a lie but a lie to get them to EU

Thus what is going on here Turkey and allies, who plan to destroy Europe and Christian nations of Europe with the assistance of idiots in Berlin and Brussels, who either are stupid and cannot see the game Saudis and Turkey play or collude with them to dominate Europe by using Islamist Turkey as Army and Islamists of Saudi Arabia as financiers.

The plan is simple with Turkey as always the alpha and omega of the plan:  A sly, misleading criminal nation of invasions, genocides and dictatorships.

a. Turkey opens its borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran, Armenia and other countries and allows in millions of Muslim people plus the few Syrians who are the genuine refugees. All the migrants from all over Asia are financed by Saudi Arabia as each one pays Turkey 2000 dollars to be allowed into Turkey and then exported to EU without any issue. Thus far all good for Turkey.

b. The migrants are invited by Germany. Merkel and Juncker, and they all rush to come to EU. No way they can be assimilated, housed, employed and so Turkey, which allowed them in, in the first place, blackmails EU for money to keep these migrants.

EU of 500 million is Blackmailed by Turkey of 80 million LAUGH and LAUGH!!

Can you believe that? Can you in your dreams even think of that? Yet, the brains of EU have persuaded us all that we must finance Turkey=ISIS with billion month after month so that they stop exporting the migrants they allow in Turkey in the first place and get paid for that.

Thus, EU pays Turkey for a second time, third time and Lord knows how many more times to stop exporting refugees to EU, which never happens, as more and more arrive on the beaches of Greek islands exported from Turkey by plan and geopolitical consent of Germany, Saudi Arabia and I believe USA.

What a trade between Turkey and EU!

What an insult to our intelligence people of Europe?

What a dirty game the Germans and Turks are playing against all us Europeans?

So, summing up as I did a few weeks ago; Turkey will come back to EU blackmailing for more money and Germany will oblige by forcing every Slave Nation of EU to pay the Turks, the ferrymen of drowned Humanity more money to continue its WARS, using as front refugees of Syria which are really migrants, Muslim migrants from all over Asia and Africa,.

This is the EU the "YES" people of United Kingdom want us to stay in and be part of. This is the EU of partnership, Humanity and transparency!

This EU is not for my EU!!

OUT of EU now!! 

Freedom Figher


                     Facts and NO Fiction Citizens of EU!!

Who has asked EU officials to practice propaganda for their own ends?

Who has asked EU officials to cover up in any way and means Volkwagen Scandal, Turkish Invasions of  Cyprus, Iraq, Syria and Atrocities against Kurdish People of Turkey?

Who has asked you and me to give Turkey 5.2 billion euros of our money in order to export to us refugees, migrants of 70% and terrorists in their thousands. Who has asked us whether we want a Turkey of 80 million muslims to be part of a  Christian EU?

The list of Undemocratic, Autocratic EU=Germany will take pages and days to make and present well. Thus, I rest my case and continue with the three fundamentals that consist our existence in a civilised country and world:


EU declares, EU trumpets, EU makes propaganda that there is FREEDOM in EU and all nations are equal but.. Some nations, or rather ONE Nation, GERMANY, is more equal than others and can boss and order other nations about. Let us forget Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus and look at Greece and how Germany, its finance Minister Schauble and TROIKA govern Greece with an IRON FIST, rather I must say GERMAN efficiency.

Is that what people in UK want from EU? Just imagine if UK had to ask for money from Germany, if our politicians did not have the vision to stay out of EURO and Eurozone!


Mrs Merkael, the undeniable leader of EU has repeatedly and on many occasions declared that EU is a DEMOCRACY of 28 nations or 19 of Eurozone. Juncker declared it in his FAIR DEAL yesterday and we are going to be subjected to such a myth daily from now on and until the Referendum takes place in UK. 

Where was DEMOCRACY in the case of Greece when Merkel said it depends on all Eurozone members to enslave and execute Greece because it muddled up its economy and the Bail OUTS of EU=Eurozone=Germany and IMF proved to be cancerous and deadly for Greece?

They all decided democratically, DEMOCRATICALLY???, including Cyprus, to execute Greece. They did as a shining example, so that NO other nation dares to dissent and disagree with masters of Berlin. That is German style execution of WWII.


EU, EUROZONE are Democratic UNIONS of nations, yet, there are NO written minutes of any meetings. NO written evidence of what and who said anything. Thus, stated in NO uncertain way Varoufakis, who after questioning the issue and finding out that there were NO minutes taken in EU Council meetings, he started recording them himself. What the tsars of EU were dictating and telling him is up to Varoufakis to reveal, which he promises to do. Well, that is words, anyway. Do they matter to you and to me? Bet , they do!!

United Kingdom Pays EU 20 Billion Pounds Annually!

How about money and billions for that matter? How about our 20 billion from UK? Where do they go, how are they spent and why so much money is wasted by EU and we see nearly nothing in rebates in UK? Why billions go to Turkey, YES, three billions annually to help Turkey to join EU, now another 5.2 billion to help Turkey to export all the migrants and terrorists that torture EU.

Why, you and I, must pay Turkey Blackmail money? Why should we pay Turkey that extortionist sum to carry on its WARS on its own citizens and its neighbours? Why should we finance Turkey that finaces ISIS?

Why has EU made us complicit murderers of Kurdish, Syrian and Iraqi people since we finance Turkey which we know for sure is behind ISIS and other terrorists organisations and for sure commits Genocide in Turkey against Kurds.?

Is EU worth our staying in?

Does EU offer us British people VALUE FOR MONEY?

NO is the answer. Definetely NOT is the answer!!

Freedom Fighter


                 Where is the Fairness in This Treaty and Purported Concessions!!

Mr Cameron had talks in Brussels, in many European EU capitals. Now he claims that United Kingdom has got a deal from EU to keep UK in the Union ins spite of all earlier talks in various EU cities failed. Mr Junker, the President of EU, an appointee of Germany, please note that, calls the deal on the table FAIR to all.

Where is the Fairness of the deal Mr Juncker and Mr Camerosn?

a. UK pays into EU 20 billion a year and gets back absolute hair trimmings. In addition it gets the rough end of the stick, since Germany has all the rest of EU under its financial might and control.

Do not dissent or make wrong move or we CUT the funds, threatens Germany not EU!

b. UK Parliament cannot legislate as most of the laws, 75% of them are gone to EU legislative, unelected bodies.

That is the FREEDOM and Democracy we have left. Do not take it from me Go to BBC and Watch EU debate on the deal. We will be back when time is more appropriate on this issue.

c. Our Judiciary, our Judges and Supreme Court is not a Supreme Court any more but a subsidiary of a concoction in Luxemberg , a country of 500,000.

Is that what a Nation of 70 million want? Our courts and our systems to be handed over to unqualified nobodies in a country run by Germany?

d. The famous deal on social benefits is not a victory Mr Cameron, it is up to other 27 EU members to agree to what you wish, which means you are outvoted as before.

Mr Cameron, tell the British people in plain honest language:

1. What are we forsaking by being in EU?

2. What do we give away and what do we get in return?

I am voting conservative and this issue, unless you come out clean and crystal clear, will turnn me away to other parties who are OPEN and Honest about what the Real Deal is!!



Freedom Fighter


        Why is Greece the Victim of EU and Turkey the Rewarded One?