EU Propaganda Machines Out To Persuade EU Citizens Of Growth That Never Happens


Last ten years NO growth in EU except in Germany

Growth in EU is coming trumpet propaganda machine of EU but they forget to tell us that is only for Germany!

Propaganda makes people believe. Propaganda persuades people to believe that black is white and vice versa. Thus, EU has put together with our billions, a machine of propaganda second to none. They fail in nothing and that is something all of us can witness daily. What the officials are doing, what the president and his team are doing, how well the Foreign Lady is doing, how well the refugees - migrants are treated and how well the economy is doing for all the nations of EU!


One Nation Prospers,Germany, Rest Struggle in Poverty!

Yes, all the nations of EU are doing very well apparently and that growth is happening in a stagnating EU over the last ten years. Thus EU propaganda forget to tell us that five economies of EU and Eurozone are busted and two are on the brink!

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Italy with France just on the brink of ruins!

They never tell us about that. They also forget to tell us which country has real growth treble and ten times the growth of the rest of EU=Eurozone. They forget to tell us that unemployment is everywhere in EU above 5% with Greece at 50% and Germany has NO unemployment, which made Merkel and Juncker call migrants:

EU has Open Doors for all!

The master Nation Germany has NO unemployment!!


All EU Members Exploited for Benefit of Germany!

They never bother to analyse why we have seven of the 28 nations bankrupt, six of the new members in shambles and one in ruins just because they are part of EU and the Euro. Will EU=Germany ever acknowledge such a crime against some 160 million Europeans? Will they ever acknowledge that EU in its inception is wrong, Eurozone is wrong and it is exploiting all members for the benefit of Germany? Will they ever acknowledge the Crime Against Humanity of 11 millions Greeks that is now coming home to roost and torture Germany with migrants invasion?

Do not expect such admission from the lackeys of Germany. Do not expect any improvement in the fate of the nations mentioned above. In fact, the situation in above seven countries is worsening but we are told all is fine and progress is made.

All unfounded claims, all fabricated lies and Propaganda products!

All propaganda for the people to swallow and carry on the cross of torture and slavery called EU and Eurozone.


Referendum Brings Hope to United Kingdom!!


There is one small hope for UK people as the economy is staggering back from ruins. The possibility of Brexit and liberation from dictatorial EU with rules and regulations favouring just one nation and ruining the rest!


Our position remains the same and stronger than before!

OUT of EU!! LEAVEEU to UK for a better future away from Dictatorship of Germany=EU

Peter Constant

                A Rogue State Supported by Rogues Destroys Our Lives and Continent!


This is what is Turkey doing to Europe but NO nation or organisation NATO, EU can punish Turkey and Erdogan, except Russia.

Will Russia save Europe unintentionally or indeed intentionally?

Will Russia save EU and Europe by destroying Turkey plans to Islamicise Europe and conquer it as a result of that?


Islamisation Covered Up as Refugee-Migrant Issue

The refugee- migrant-terrorist issue the result of invasion of EU by millions of Asians and Africans has been called a refugee issue, plain and simple! This is not a refugee issue. Refugees do not come in millions from far away and away from war zones. Refugees do not demand and force their way through borders. Refugees are not paid to make invasions. They are destitute. Most of migrants we see today are young men, are healthy, wear and carry with them mobiles, Nike clothing, credit cards and money!! These are not poor migrants. They are paid migrants for other reasons. No women, only men!!


Wrong ten times! Wrong one million times!

It is called Invasion of Europe by Muslim Migrants by Plan and Plot!

The issue of migrants-refugees ( 97% of them are migrants) is about invasion of Europe by Muslim people paid and financed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia plus their allies among whom are Germany and USA. ( I must add here that the leaders of EU=Germany and USA are not fit to run a billion people) Thus Turkey not only have been financing the invasion covered up by the civil war they have created in Syria, but also plotting and planning how Islam will prevail in EU and destroy it for their own ends.


How is Turkey achieving that is astonishing and so weird when I can see what they Turkey is doing and yet, USA think tanks cannot, German Think tanks cannot, EU think tanks cannot.

a. Turkey is the main force behind the civil war in Syria. Turkey is ISIS plus Al Nusra and other terrorist organisations. The waves of refugees from Syria are mainly toward other Arab States. Thus, the wave of Muslim people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran and Iraq is being let through Turkey on payment. Payment is made mainly and primarily Saudi Arabia, the arch Islamist Fundamentalist State, in order to destroy Greece first and then distabilise Europe and invade as it has been happening.

Russia intervened and delay their plans temporarily.

b. Turkey in spite all the begging from Merkel , Germany, EU etc still exports non-stop migrants in thousands daily, only migrants to EU , which is completely financed by Saudi Arabia at about 3500 dollars per head. That is important trade when about 20,000 daily were exported to Greece in the summer and now in winter about 3000 per day. Business is brisk and the plan is being carried out successfully. Greece is swamped with migrants, Muslim Migrants, EU is on the verge of collapse.

c. The ceasefire in Syria threatens the plans and plots of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Thus, Turkey still bombards areas of Syria, Turkey does not recognise the ceasefire agreed at UN and it is getting ready to invade Syria alongside Saudi Arabia and some 18 other Muslim countries with an ARMADA the world has never seen before. Why and who has given these organised gangsters of Islam the right to invade Syria and do whatever there? Who authorised them and who asked them?


Co-Conspirators Cannot SEE or Refuse to stop the Poison Called Turkey!!

Merkel went to Turkey two times to appease the Sultan of Turkey. No results.

Junger and Tuft, the leaders of useless EU went to Turkey to appease the Sultan who biligerantly told them; " Who will stop me to bus these migrants to Greece?" Thus, NO results

Moneghini, the Foreign Minister of EU, laugh for this, could not visit Southern Turkey because the flight was cancelled, not because EU covers up Turkey's atrocities against Kurds of Turkey.

Turkey does allow NATO, yes it does not allow NATO, to patrol the shores close to Turkey in order to stop the export of these migrants and return them to Turkey. FRONTEX just occupies Greek space rather than stop migrants arrivals.

All the above are facts readers. Draw your own conlusions as to why Turkey has the power and the guts to threaten the whole Europe, Russia and the world.

Concluding and as the situation is clear to me but not to our leaders:

a. Greece is flooded with refugees and the country is being turned within a year into a Muslim protectorate of Turkey. Like in Germany with the Turks of Germany, soon these migrants will revolt against the host country and civil war similar Syria, instigated and supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia will start.

b. The migrants, in their majority Muslims, will rebel all over EU that is already collapsing under the waves of migrants. Walls are up, barbed wires up and the fighting and civil war within EU is bringing it down fast.

c. Nothing saves Greece and if the plans of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are successful in Syria, then the destruction of Greece and fall of a Christian Nation to Islam will be fast. That will lead quickly to what I predicted in earlier articles;

Will we see the Turks outside Vienna again, threatening the whole of Europe or will Russia destroy them once and for all?

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter




                       The Migrants are Big Business for Turkey!


The crocodile tears of Turkey about refugees from Aleppo, Lattakia and Syria will never drop down their cheeks as there are NO tears. It is business for Turkey like ISIS was and is. They still deny that and will deny that the Migrants Crisis of EU is created on purpose and to plan by Turkey and allies..

Why haven't the refugee-migrant-terrorists waves stopped since everybody knows where they come from?

Why are the migrants form Asia flooding EU via Greece daily?

How do they get to the Turkish shores first, how do they get into boats second and where can an Afgan, Pakistani, Banglasdeshi migrant find more than 5000 dollars each to pay for this murderous trip?

There are plenty of answers which Turkey knows, intelligence agencies know but they close eyes and ears for the bigger plan and target:

Destroy and Islamicise Greece first and then destroy and Islamicise Europe as EU will not exist in ten years time. 


Frontex, NATO, German Police Unable to Stop the Invasion!

Why is that and how is that possible? Everything is possible when Turkey is involved. Founded ISIS, traded with Isis, profited from that trade but they claim, we have nothing to do with ISIS. Sure, since all MME and WEST have covered up everything and only Russia and RT inform us all of what has really being happening in Syria.

Now it is the migrants financed by Saudi Arabia, USA and other concerns plus EU=Germany. The so called refugees are 97% migrants of Asian origins. They tear their passports, they become Syrians all of a sudden and in no time there are in boats landing on Greek islands. How does that happen in a Dictatorship like Turkey? Impossible, unless the Turksih Government is involved. Then all others pretend they are trying to stop the migrants, something which Turkey refuses to do and exports them for billions of dollars to EU with only one purpose:

Destroy Greece which is happening

Destroy EU which is happening.

Islamicise Greece and Europe which is happening.

The refugee-migrant crisis has already shaken EU in its foundations and is disintegrating it steadily. The plan of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and their allies is working clock work and all these phenomena of migrants flooding Greece and EU will be a WAR of migrants soon, Turkey and its allies against infidels of Europe. It is already happening between borders where migrants are violent in order to continue the promised lands, which will be just a dream for them now.

Only narrow minded, only blind cannot see what the plans are and only idiot European leaders can sit quiet and accept what Turkey and its allies are doing. Stop Turkey now before it is too late and before Greece FALLS and the rest of Europe collapses before the Goliath EU and USA created, called Turkey of Erdogan and Islamist Fundamentalists!! 

Our FREEDOM and Democracy are in the hands of murderers of Ankara. That is criminal, that is preposterous, that is A CRIME AGAINST ALL 500 MILLION EUROPEANS!

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter

                     Greeks Need Money, EU= Germany Need Hot Spots for Refugees


The Betrayal of EU=Eurozone 


Since September #EU bureaucrats and Germany have been hatching the plans to turn Greece into  the concentration camp of Europe. It has been going to plan and to nobody's demonstration and dessent in Greece. A few voices like this one, a few people writing and demonstraing, a few lonely voices of politicians but all those are silenced by silence and threats of:

You take the refugees or We CUT the money!! That is how EU works! Threats and Inimidation


Beggars cannot be choosers and so Greece is being turned at this moment and time and as these lines are drawn to the Concentration Camp of refugees 3% and migrants 97% of Europe. Yes, Greece in its weakness, in its stupid politicians and their actions, Greece under the boot of Germany=EU=Eurozone can do nothing but accept the HUMILIATION.

First invasion of refugees on plan and plot from Turkey, in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, Arab Muslim world, Germany and USA, then the occupation of the Aegean by NATO on pretext of refugees, the decimation and partition of Greece into Turkish area of control, NATO area of control and the final division of Greece by plan and plot and as we witness it unfolding right now.


NATO a Tool of Destroying Greece! and Elevating Turkey into Superpower


Thus a NATO force is deployed i the Aegean to stop the invasion of migrants from Turkey, ( is that really the reason?) not Syrian refugees and they all make us believe. These people are not Syrians; these people are anything but Syrians. All migrants paid to make the trip via Greece to EU with Arab money and Turkish expansionist plans into Europe to unite Turkey with the Muslim countries of Europe, Albania and Bosnia - Herzegovina. It is all working clockwork and the invasion of millions of Muslims in Greece is paving the way for that. Greece will cease to be the Christian Bastion to stop the barbarians, it will become their base to launch the final attack on Europe and destroy it for good. 

Alas, Incompetent EU Leadership Fail to See Where All These Events Lead us!

Germany as EU leader and as the financing nation by printing money freely, rather than having it as such, are financing the Turks of Turkey to implement the invasion, to supervise the invasion and destroy #GERMANY=#EU in the final analysis. As Davutoglu, the Turkish Prime Minister declared recently and he is NOT wrong,  " You cannot keep Turkey out of EU. We already have 20 million MUSLIMS IN #EU" That was last year and by the end of this year, they will have added a couple more millions at the gates of Europe, even if the borders of EU are being closed and Greece is forced to welcome, house, feed and finally succumb to the invasion of Muslims and Islamisation of the country for sure. 


All young people. NO refugees; All economic migrants! Two days ago in Northern Greece

The process is unstoppable. Turkey is the power and once the Syrian mess is cleared up in one, two, three years, Turkey will turn to Greece, alongside its friends and allies, USA and Germany and create the same situation and civil war in Greece, with EU just watching and each nation worrying about their own safety and own citizens.

That is the nature of EU. All for themselves, NO SOLIDARITY Mrs Merkel, hypocrite leader of Germany and EU. There is NO solidarity anywhere, there is only German Dictatorship wherever it can work and can be imposed. That is imposed on Greece and Greece has been destroyed step by step by NO other than Germany and bureaucrat lackeys of EU=Eurozone.

NATO is in Greece now supposedly patrolling the Aegean and stopping new migrant arrivals. It is all bull..... and all part of the plan. Soon you will see the German soldiers not in the Aegean as FRONTEX but as police in Athens and elsewhere to impose fully German occupation of Greece. This is happening, this is in action and as these lines are written, the enforcement of such "DEMOCRATIC" actions by EU=Germany are applied.

By the end of September and when another half a million migrants arrive, Greece will be buried under a Muslim invasion, NATO will hand over the Aegean to Turkey and Germany will deploy its Police and troops all over Greece like 1940.

What is the difference in Greece today that those years? Absolutely none, bar the absence of German Army and execution squads. They are coming soon though!!

VIVA EU!! Let us stay in EU, UK citizens! Will it be UK next? Will it be Italy next?

Greece is gone!!

Peter Constant  - FREEDOM Fighter