CRIMES Against Humanity in Turkey by Turkey


The civil war in Turkey is intensifying and the Turkish State are becoming more criminal by the day. The Turkish Kurdistan is under military curfew, the army is deployed all over the SE of Turkey attacking with vicious intensity anything connected with Kurds and their culture. Months of curfews, months of NO medicines, no water, no food, months of murders and imprisonment turned Kurdish cities into wastelands!

NO MME media reports in the WEST. The only TV station reporting on the atrocities and GENOCIDE of Kurdish people by Turkey is RT, the Russian News TV.

Why is that, we all wonder and scratch our heads?



Why is such a crime in the 21st century covered up? How can such a crime be covered up in the 21st century when satellites from above can see in minute detail the crimes against innocent people. 

Why is EU covering up the crimes of Turkey against the Kurds?

Why is EU covering up and supporting the crimes of Turkey in North Cyprus against myself and against all Cypriots Turks and Greeks?

Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and occupies 40% of it today. That is a part of EU! Disgraceful #EU leaders!



Why is USA and UK covering up the crimes of Turkey?

The answer can only be one, an insulting one for our beliefs in Democracy and FREEDOM.

Turkey is the dog guard of WEST against Russia and that  justifies any CRIMES, that justifies any Blackmails by Turkey, that justifies any RANSOM to be paid to Turkey.


That is preposterous, that is a crime against us all citizens living in Europe. 


Terrorists arrived FREELY through Turkey in EU

I accuse EU, USA, UK, Germany of allowing Turkey to export to EU FREELY terrorists, which are now spreading terror all over Europe. I accuse the EU of allowing Turkey because of its NATO role, to export to us the terror we witness right now, today, in Belgium.

I accuse EU, USA, GERMANY and UK of allowing Turkey to sent us not only millions of refugees-migrants but also terrorists, corrupted, fanatics of ISLAM=ISIS to destroy our societies, to destroy our fabric of life and distabilise the whole of Europe in order to implement their own Dictatorship of fear and terror.

Turkey has exported to Europe 5000 terrorists, as ISIS told us in the summer. Yet, not only was not punished for not stopping it, EU has rewarded Turkey for the crime. Cameron and Merkel vowed to allow Turkey in EU whatever it takes and on top paid RANSOM to Turkey of six billion and we are counting.


Genocide Against Kurds of Turkey


Not only that crime is covered up, they cover up the Genocide against the Turks of Turkey. The Kurds of Turkey are 30 million. They are not terrorists. They are a humanity demanding Democracy and FREEDOM, which Turkey steadfastly refuses with the backing of the WEST too.

The CRIMES of Turkey against the Kurdish people in Turkey are horrific.

Whole cities destroyed. Yes, the images here are not from Syria nor Iraq. They are from Turkey.

Whole communities made refugees, whole families murdered and disappear in the Kurdish areas, murdered by the state.

Such Genocide, such crimes against humanity are not ever mentioned on our MME TV screens, unless one turns to RT, which many people have NO idea it exists.

The Crimes Against Kurdish People are Crimes Against Humanity.

Do NOT cover up this Genocide, as more will follow!!

FREEDOM to Kurdistan!

No DEALS with Criminals of Turkey!

No to Turkey in EU!



Peter Constant - Freedom Fighter


                      EU Invites Turks Into Greece and Occupies Aegean Islands For Turkey Domination




Tuft and Juncker of EU congratulate Davutoglu  on accepting his Blackmail



The crimes against people of EU by EU continue with NO shame and NO precedent. After giving in to BLACKMAIL of Turkey by paying six billion euros of OUR Taxes plus plus, they are now bringing into Greece Turkish Fleet and Turkish Police to complete the fiasco and occupation of Greece by Germany and Turkey.

The DEAL between EU and Turkey is complete. Turkey will get paid for exporting refugees to EU, Turkey will get lands of Greece for doing that and EU will accept 80 million Turks into EU for services to HUMANITY ie Genocide of Kurds of Turkey, Invasions in Iraq and Syria, invasion and occupation of Cyprus and Suppressing all FREEDOM of Speech and Liberties in Turkey.


An EU I am Ashamed to be a Member of

I am a refugee from Cyprus because Turkey invaded and occupies 40% of Cyprus since 1974. Not only Turkey has not been forced out of Cyprus, it has been allowed to settle on the island 500,000 Turks and Turkofy-Islamisize the island while EU is watching this crime against my country and my people.



Why should I be proud being a member of this scandalous UNION, that cannot defend its own members?

Why should I want to be a member of a UNION such as EU, when it not only pays ransom to a rogue state like Turkey, it also sells Greece to Turkey apparently because of a refugee problem that originates in Turkey, is created technically by Turkey in order to distabilise EU and destroy the pillar of Western Civilisation, GREECE!

Why should any NATION want to be part of this charade called EU, whose only aim is domination of one nation, Germany over the others?

Why would the UK people want to be part of an Undemocratic, Bureaucratic Dictatorship that undermines our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY for totalitarian domination of Germany masked as EU?


Dictatorship Is NOT For UK or Any EU Nation

EU nations are in serious danger of being swallowed up by a bureaucracy that attempts right now to impose a Dictatorship and make us all slaves of one super State that has NO other view of our world but domination of the few over the masses and imposition of Dictatorship over all of us in EU.

EU has destroyed Democracy and FREEDOM in Greece. The results are obvious to all but hidden from all. EU has destroyed Cyprus where they are appeasing an invader by forcing Cyprus Government to make concession after concession for the benefit of Turkey.

EU covers up all CRIMES of Turkey because Turkey does the dirty work of EU and USA against Russia, the main enemy of the WEST. All the Crimes of Turkey are swept under the carpet and accepted in front of our eyes and distorted because Turkey is the pillar of USA against the enemy, Russia.

EU is NOT for me readers.

EU is NOT for UK citizens of UK!

Turkey and 80 million Turks belong Nowhere in UK.

I vote LEAVEEU because this a UNION of nations to exploit other nations with main beneficiary and architect of the whole project GERMANY!! 

I vote LEAVE EU because this a Dictatorship of Bureaucrats we finance and pay lavishly to create the jail called European Union not Common Market any more.

OUT of EU! FREEDOM to all Nations of EU!!

Peter Constant  Freedom fighter

                       Turkey Invaded and Occupies Cyprus Since 1974


Turkey has been occupying 40% of Cyprus since 1974, after a brutal invasion that saw 250,000 refugees, moving by force populations and destroying the whole fabric of the island.

Turkey has changed the demographics of Cyprus to the knowledge of EU. Turkey has made 250,000 refugees in Cyprus. It has uprooted and made disappear the Turkish Cypriots on the pretext of which Turkey invaded Cyprus. Since 1974 they imported 500,000 mainland Turks and settled them in Cyprus, thus turning Cyprus into a province of Turkey. Since 1974, they govern the occupied areas behind the scenes and have puppet T/C imposed as leaders. Akinzi, the latest Turkish Cypriot leader is now the spokesperson of Turkey as opposed to what he declared he would be on election.


Greek Cypriots Made Concessions Upon Concessions, Turkey Demands Dissolution of Cyprus State



The Greek Cypriots have made concession after concession to see a solution and unification of Cyprus but Turkey stood in the way and stopped all processes in order to see Republic of Cyprus disbanded and Cyprus annexed to Turkey. They control and govern 40% and try everything in their political manouvers to take the whole of the island.  

EU, regrettably, and in full knowledge of what is Turkey up to, accept the Injustice against Cyprus and endorse Turkey's actions in Cyprus too. An island of one million people is left in the hands of 80 million  Turks of Turkey. They are the same Turks of 17th, 18th, 19th centuries. They have NOT changed an iota.


Refugees Issue and Blackmails of Turkey


EU faced with refugee-migrants issue are ready to surrender to all Turkish demands and Blackmails, including acceptance in EU as a full member without taking away from Cyprus their administration and their 50,000 strong Turkish army, I am adding NATO Army. Yes, Turkey stations 50,000 fully armed troops on an island of about 8000 square miles, occupies a part of EU and leaders of EU do nothing about it.

EU leaders, I call them Hypocrites and self indulging politicians are gathered in Brussels right now to satisfy Turkey, accept its Blackmail and if they can, sacrifice Cyprus in order to appease Turkey for its good services to humanity: Stop Exporting to EU Refugees and Migrants plus terrorists.

That is the reality EU people.

I abhor it!

I am disgusted with it.

I feel sick with it and the whole lot of them!


Cyprus Fight for OUR FREEDOM and Survival as Cypriots!


Cyprus Government stand firm and NOT give in to pressure and Hypocrites of EU.

Anasatsiades stand firm and Liberate Cyprus! Do not sell us to Turkey and their Dictators! 

NO to Turkey in EU!

FREEDOM to Cyprus from Turkish Occupation.

Peter Constant  Freedom Fighter


                Handicapped People State  Benefits of 4.5 Billion to Be Cut, Turkey to Get SIX Billion Euros from EU with Blackmail!


The UK on a daily basis hears in disbelief the actions and decisions of the UK Government and wonder what on earth is happening to the TORY government we all voted in and I personally supported for years with my vote. What is the matter with you Cameron and Osborne? Why is the government making decisions that stink, if a I am allowed to use the word, decisions that are rotten from their foundations.

I am attacking two or three ideas the government of Tories have announced and are following lately


A. Cut 4.5 billion of benefits for Handicapped people.  That is so callous and so inhumane to punish the most vulnerable of our society with CUTS in order to save money because the government is in financial trouble. Our finances are in trouble and the most vulnerable in our society have to pay for that. Why is that Mr Cameron and Osborne?

Why these poor people are once again hit by us since they have been unlucky to be hit by serious illnesses?



B. The UK Government is in EU, Brussels,  you are in Brussels, right now, discussing with another 27 member states how to pay extortion money to Turkey or face exports of refugees from Turkey. Turkey blackmails us all 500 million and you are accepting the blackmail and paying up.

The BLACKMAIL of Turkey will be paid up, the BLACKMAIL by the thugs of Turkey will be rewarded in generous ways;

a. Six billion euros immediately

b. No visas for Turks when coming in EU

c. Entry of Turkey in EU regardless of Human Rights, regardless of occupations of other countries and and regardless of Genocide against Kurds of Turkey.

C. Turkey does not only demand BLACKMAIL money, they also demand recognition of their Dictatorship as Democracy, their murderous sate as equal to all ours.

Mr Cameron you are in EU negotiating to give Turkey six billion on refugees issue, I call most of them migrants deliberately allowed in Turkey and exported by Turkey for blackmail purposes, prepared to pay ransom to a criminal state. The amount of money Turkey receives from EU is 3 billion annually to access EU and now another six billion.

That is nine billion to Turkey of which I estimate that 20% or two billion UK will pay.


You Accept To Pay Two Billion To Dictators-Murderers of Turkey but Cut Handicapped Benefits


You hypocritically shouted, I know what a handicapped person suffers and what his family suffers. You know of all those things except the money matters. You turn your back to them now in order to give the money to a murderous Nation like Turkey.

You turn your back on poor refugees that knock on our doors but you are accepting 80 million Turks to travel in UK and EU and become members of EU in spite their undemocratic, brutal policies within Turkey and against their own people. What do you think Turkey will do once a member of EU? Support you and your famous, " If we are in EU we can influence things"



It is an absolute lunacy to believe UK will influence Germany's decisions for the benefit of UK. All EU decides and is ordered today to accept the Turkish BLACKMAIL You decide to hand over to EU 11.5 billion a year to waste with such decisions as this one but prepared to CUT the benefits of poor, powerless, poor.



You demand a vote in a REFERENDUM that CUTS from our society and hands it over to others to waste at will. You will get our vote and with that your own Good Bye from being The Prime Minister.

UK needs leaders who support and fight for UK, not for interests of others and their people

I accuse you of abandoning our people for the people of Turkey, EU and then the masters of all from across the sea.

NO to CUTS to Handicapped people!

No to EU to save UK.

NO to 11.5 billion wasted on EU

Peter Constant   - FREEDOM FIGHTER