Greece Threatened; OUT of Sengen, OUT of EU, NO Money from EUROZONE!!


 After being for 35 years in EU and 15 years in EUROZONE, Greece is bankrupt in spite following and swallowing all the wrong medicines EU and IMF administered and imposed on Greek State. In one word and one sense of the word;

EU imposed Dictatorship on Greece for eight years and failed!! The treatment happened but the patient died!

Blame the Greeks, not incompetent officers from EU=Eurozone and IMF and their TROIKA!

Now EU=Germany= Schauble threaten Greece with GREXIT, with Sengen exit and with as many other threats and blackmails anyone might imagine. Why? Because behind all these threats, all these blackmails against Greece hide Germany in collusion with Turkey.

Behind all these machinations of Germany=EU is hiding the National Territory of Greece and its survival as a NATION!! Germany wants Greece to cease to exist and become a German and Turkish province as it is partly now, albeit hidden by EU veil and uniform.

The crimes against Greece have the stamp of Berlin, the stamp of EU nearly as a whole and the obligatory, imposed by Germany punishments by EUROZONE, which have destroyed Greece and brought it to bankruptcy. Greece never borrowed 400 billion euros, that amount was criminally created by lenders with their expenses, their charges and their manipulation of conditions. The Greek debt was never 100 billion but put expenses and fines over eight years and you get the amount they say Greece owes now.

Thus the blackmails, the threats and other coercion intensifies and the collaborators in Athens accept the intimidation and blackmail as if there is NO alternative. There are many alternatives which the JUNTA in Greece cannot follow because they do not govern Greece:

Greece is Governed by Germany from Berlin, not even from Brussels!!!

Who can stop this crime against Humanity, against 11 million Greeks of Greece and over 1.5 million refugees stranded in Greece and enclosed, imprisoned in NEW Concentration, German style Camps, because of Merkel's and Juncker's  Open and Close Doors of EU at will and whim of those two incompetent people.

I say incompetent, I say guilty, I say criminal!! I accuse them as such!! 


GREXIT the ONLY Way to Salvation and Liberation! GREEKS!

Any sensible person, organisation or state remains in any organisation when its interests are served. Any sensible politicians toe the line of EU as long as EU=EUROZONE serves their country and its people.

Greece is not only served by EU=Germany=Germany, EU=Germany=EUROZONE commit a crime in Greece not only against the Greeks of 11 million people but also against the refugees of 1.5 million.

Why is Greece still in EU=EUROZONE?

Why does Greece accept the humiliation of Germany and others?

Why do the Greek people hide and NOT take to the roads to overthrow this corrupt situation of Greece relating to EU, Eurozone, NATO etc?

Greece is threatened with starvation of its people!!

Greece is being threatened now with military occupation of its borders as it cannot control the exports of refugees  coming from Turkey.  

Yes, all the refugees come from Turkey and Greece is to blame for that. NOT Turkey which sends them over and gets paid 2000 euros per person by Saudi Arabia and other Islamists states of the Gulf. Not Turkey which blackmails EU and gets 3.2 billion to stop refugees, which it does not! and also has the audacity to ask for more money! Mark this down, Germany will oblige as this money is used to carry on with Turksih WARS against Russia etc.

EU=Germany, the hypocrites and criminals of Europe, find fault with Bankrupted by them Greece, but NO fault with Turkey, a State of criminals, invaders, occupiers and war mongers. This is the EU we have today and expect Greece or Great Britain to remain as members.

United Kingdom is governed by principles of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY

That is not what European Union is all about. Do you Britons wish to be part of a German Dictatorship that is in bed with a Turkey that right now and at the moment this is written invades Syria, commits Genocide against its Kurdish people and jails in hundreds anybody who dissents even in words against their Dictatorship, the Erdogan Dictatorship. Why, after 42 years Turkey occupies Cyprus with 50,000 NATO army?

EU=Germany is behind all these Undemocratic, thuggish actions in Middle East and Mediterranean. These actions are closer to home with refugees now!!

Do you want the German crimes to become UK crimes tomorrow? I am sure you say, NO!!

OUT of EU!!


Freedom Fighter

                  EU is Undemocratic, Dictatorial and Lacking Credible Legislative FREEDOM!


Freedom is thrown out of the window when nations and peoples are superficially UNITED and FREE but essentially they are dominated by a super power of money. This is essentially what is happening with European Union. It is a UNION of necessity, not a union of nations working together to better themselves.

How is that, the lovers of EU will argue with zealous arguments, that do not stand and cannot stand in serious arguments:

a. France, the second pillar of EU is on the brink of financial collapse with unemployment reaching 11% and climbing. Why is that happening in France and next door, Germany, has 5.5% unemployment and falling?

b. The countries of Mediterranean are all bankrupt and all begging for mercy of Germany, who has ruined them with their EURO and the legislation and rules of Brussels which aim at one thing only;

German superiority, German hegemony and finally German governance which means German Dictatorship.

c. That has already happened in glorious fashion and manner in Greece. TROIKA=Germany govern and the government in Athens is nothing else but an Instrument of Berlin dressed as SYRIZA and Tsipras.

d. Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Italy are already under the cosh of German money power and discipline, which translated in simpler language means German hegemony of EURO, Germany's currency and licence to impose Dictatorship all over EU State Nations is closer than what it looks.

Greece has gone as Democracy and itis a Junta of German TROIKA economists tha govern, not Tsipras. Cyprus is being sold by EU=Germany to Turkey with the Cypriots apparently agreeing to keep 50,000 Turkish Army occupying 40% of Cyprus. Laugh here, please!


 United Kingdom Stayed OUT of EURO and Saved Itself from Bankruptcy!

The 2008 crash and collapse of world economies was a test of world financial system and UK's too. The UK came out of it stronger and functioning well and on the road to expansion and prosperity outside EUROZONE. It was all possible because UK kept its pound, kept its FREEDOM to print its currency and be FREE from German EURO and diktats.

Germany and its provinces of various nations around it in Eurozone managed to bankrupt five economies and itself came out n top ordering them all to behave and toe the line or ... face the consequences.

Greece has already faced the consequences of rebellion: Bankrupt and governed by Berlin via Brussels and IMF= USA.

The citizens of UK face a serious decision that will affect generations to come. 

Stay in EU or LEAVE and live OUT of EU!!

The arguments are many but the two fundamental ones remain the same:


Is there enough Freedom in EU for Britain to prosper and flourish? NO, if Germany had its way, which  for sure now, it has.

Are there enough, creditable  Democratic and legislative bodies in European Union? No, as they all dominated by Germany and their satellites or dependants, whichever you would like to call it.

EU Membership Costs UK 20 Billion Pounds Annually!!

The UK stands alone in its prosperity away from EURO, away from the machinations and corruption of Brussels that cost us all tax payers in UK as much 20 billion pounds a year. That amount we can use wisely ourselves and make this country much more prosperous, than donating it to EU=Germany to feed its hordes of Brussels lackeys of Germany and waste it on PR, Propaganda and proxy wars with Turkey as the top dog of EU=Germany right now.


OUT of #EU = #German hegemony!

Freedom Fighter

                EU Led by Germany Ordered 3.2 Billion Euros for Turkey to Stop Exporting Refugees to Europe

Yes, it is correct, Germany ordered the rest of EU to pay Turkey 3.2 billion as Turkey was threatening to export more refugees to EU than the 20,000 daily it was exporting to EU via Greece and Bulgaria in the summer. That happened and Turkey as normal, kept none of the promises, did none of the agreements, as in the middle of winter at least 10,000 refugees daily arrive on the Greek islands of the Aegean.

Turkey took the 3.2 Billion But Did Nothing!!

Now Turkey barks, through its controlled press and because of its bankrupt WARS of ISIS and Genocide of Kurds of Turkey and goes to second face of its blackmail of EU, which Germany bends down to accommodate as staunch ally of Turkey.

Turkey Blackmails Second Time! We want  TWO more Billions EU = Germany.

Bet your last penny all Britons, Greeks etc that Germany will order all EU members to pay up or ...Yes, the WARS continue in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine by they are done by proxy and by paid countries; Turkey in this case is one of them.

So, what has Turkey done to deserve not 3.2 billion to start with but another installment of TWO BILLION as a next one and then more and more, as we have already said on many occasions here and elsewhere.

Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!!

EU gave money to Turkey but Turkey never stops the business of exporting refugees, migrants and terrorists to EU.

EU gave Turkey the whole of Cyprus as appetiser through a disgusting, imposed agreement forced on the Cypriots and while Turkey occupies with 50,000 NATO army 40% of the island.

EU has closed its eyes, turned its face away from Turkish atrocities against the Kurds, who are now facing Genocide in the hands of Turkish State.

EU closes its eyes to daily violations of Greek airspace and seas, thus supporting a Nation of thugs with Erdogan and Davutoglu not only insulting the world but threatening us all, using money, US Europeans give them!


Eu made concessions to allow Turksih citizens to come to EU with NO visas etc

With all these rediculous concessions Turkey not only does not carry out any of its obligations, it demands more money and BLACKMAILS for more, with more audacity.

This is not my EU citizens of EU. OUT is my verdict!


Freedom Fighter


                       Greece in Paralysis; will Greek Farmers Bring Down #German Occupation executed by SYRIZA-Tsipras?

 Greece is in turmoil and the farmers have taken the Greek Flag of freedom and democracy and demand from SYRIZA something Germany=EU=Eurozone refuse to do.

Decent pensions with which all Greeks can live on!!

The Greek farmer is a shout of failure of EU in Greece and the Mediterranean. It is no secret and no lurking symptom that farmers of the Med have been led to ruins by EU rules and regulations. Having said that, the farmers of Greece became the target of a deliberate regulatory attack from EU=Germany over the last three decades. A disgraceful EU destroyed farming in EU.

Upon entry into EU Greece had NO deficists and NO debts. It was predominantly a farming country with scattered manufaCTURING TO SATISFY LOCAL DEMAND. HOWEVER, THE BRAINS OF #EU AND ESPECIALLY MASTERS OF #GERMANY HAD GREAT PLANS FOR #GREECE.

Ruin the country and enslave it by engulfing it in debt!

How did they manage to bring a well off Greece to the situation of overty and ruins of today?

a. Slowly and gradually the brains of EU=Germany stopped Greeks farmers from farming their lands and gave them compensation for those lands they did not farm. Step by step fertile lands turned into deserts.

b. Any excess produce, EU deemed unsuitable for consumption and they threw millions of tons of peaches, oranges, potatoes etc in ground ditches and buried them year after year. Poor Greeks had to pay much higher prices than Germans for what they produced because Germany ordered that. How could a Greek pay 1.00 euro for a kilo of peaches and the German pay the same? How could a kilo of Feta in Greece cost ten euros and in Germany eight euros?

c. By 2000 EU=Germany decided that Greece had too many farmers and so pensioned them off at the age of 55. Yes, they forced farmers to retire unwillingly. Today, these farmers the EU rules and regulations destroyed, are portrayed as lazy farmers who took pension at the age of 55. That is a LIE #EU=Germany and as normal EU dirty campaigns against Greeks of any trade and job triumph.

How were forced by #EU to retire farmers Lazy?

Thus the decent pensions of the farmers, EU gave to them, are now being cut, cut and cut to the bone and to hunger and starvation. No mercy, NO rules and regulataions of EU. Pension funds empty, NO pensions barks #Schauble.

Farmers took their tractors, vans, lorries and came out in protests that will for sure have results,. Greece will either get out of Bail OUTS or there will be a Civil War in Greece, which EU= Germany have caused with policies of idiots, who are employed in Brussels to destroy lives of people. in certain countries, because Germany wishes so.

Greece is now cut in pieces from one motorway to the other, from north to south by angry farmers. with their tractors and other vehicles. Farmers had enough, government employees had enough, teachers, doctors, taxi drivers, airport workers have all had enough of 500 euros monthly salaries and 360 euros pensions that are enough to buy nothing and die of hunger.

The cost of living in Greece is the same as cost of living of Great Britain, if not higher. How do you expect any Greek to live with 500 euros Schauble while working?  Refugees are allocated more on arrival to live on, than the average Greek. Is it a wonder that NO Greeks speaks of EU and EUrozone any more. Is that a wonder that if a REFERENDUM was held now all of Greece will vote OUT of EU?

OUT of EU they shout!

Out of Euro they shout!

Away from Germany they scream!!

GREXIT they want but that is NOT allowed by EU now.

EU=Germany=Eurozone have destroyed Greek people and the social problems and blood already spilled and will be spilled is on the hands of Germany and the rest of Europe!

Greece lost NO WARS Germany, but you Germans imposed Bail OUTS  on Greece  with conditions  tantamount  to Greece losting three World Wars, NOT Two! like you Germans!

Freedom Fighter