Greece Cannot Defend ITS Borders, Thus FRONTEX Will Take Over!

What is FRONTEX?

A military concoction of EU to take control of certain places and countries with the pretext that these countries cannot defend #EU= #Germany.

First victim of this policy, the first victim and sacrificial lamb of EU for years now, #GREECE!! 

Greece cannot defend EU from exports of millions of refugees, migrants and terrosists from Turkey, so EU will take over to do that. That is the pretext, that is the excuse and that is how Greece not only has lost its economic independence, now it loses its National Sovereignty and Independence.

This is FREE and Democratic EU, led by Germany. This is the same Germany that twice shed the blood of millions of Europeans to occupy Europe and failed. However, Germans are tenacious, hard working cheats, who now come back in another way to conquer Europe with their EUROS and then planned and plotted Hegemony.

First nation attacked and already beaten was Greece. The country that cost them WWII and that Germany cannot forget regardless of the cosmetics of policies and politicians. Not only they have not forgotten it, they remember WWI too and who supported them then. Not Greece again but Turkey!! 

Germany has not forgotten that and Turkey, in spite its criminal activities with ISIS, exporting millions of refugees and terrorists to EU, in spite of violent regime and Human Rights atrocities within Turkey and outside, is rewarded with billions of EU money, our TAXES, that Germany uses, as theirs willy nilly.

Nothing is happening accidentally and nothing will end peacefully now as the biggest dictators and criminals of 20th Century come back wearing EU clothes and purporting to unite with 27 other Nations to create a peaceful Europe. 

Peaceful for them means one thing: We order, we dictate and you obey, otherwise we ... punish.

There is only one enemy for German remaining in Europe and that is Russia. That is the crown of all victims of Europe. Many reasons why Russia but go only to 20th century. Russia lost them two World Wars, Russia imposed Communisim in Eastern Germany for 45 years etc, etc.

History is never forgotten. History governs our Nations and that we are witnessing right now!

It is Germany= USA vs Russia! 

Who wins? Not EU, not 27 other Nations!! We all lose because of the hidden agendas of two super powers!!

Freedom Fighter


                   #Russia Invaded #Ukraine and #EU = #Germany= #USA Imposed Sanctions on Russia

That was the reason Russia was punished apparently. That was what we were told and EU made it a good reason why the sanctions. Most of us thought that Russia did what it was accused of and so the sanctions were placed for good reason and rightly so.

Now it is renewal time and Germany= USA demand renewal, regardless of the sterling job Russia has done in Syria and the factual stopping of ISIS, before they overrun the whole of Middle East and came to EU. Thus Russia has to be punished further for what seems the same offence several other invading countries have done over the last few years and even now.

a. Turkey invaded Cyprus to protect apparently the Turkish speaking people of Cyprus. Turkey invaded, Turkey occupies 40% of Cyprus for 41 years but NO sanctions for Turkey, as it is an ally of Germany and USA. To add salt to injury, Turkey invaded repeatedly Syria, supported militarily, financially #ISIS and yet not only Sanctions were not imposed on Turkey by #EU, but Turkey is being rewarded for exporting to EU thousands of terrorists with billions of euros of our TAXES.

c. Furtheromore, Turkey invaded Iraq two weeks ago, stationed its army near Mosul and refuses to leave Iraq. Isnt that an invasion of immense importance and a betrayl of FREEDOM and Democracy of nations? Why is Turkey not punished for all these crimes against humanity?

d. The USA play a significant role with regards to the Sanctions on Russia. Are the USA innocent of invasions and destroying of whole countries with one excuse and pretext or another? Afganistan still a country of terror in spite USA and others invading it and fighting the various local powers for decades starting with Soviet Union and USA now.

e. USA invaded Iraq with others, destroyed the country and left it in ruins, where it is at the mercy of #ISIS, Turkey etc. 

Where were the sanctions and penalties for such crimes against the people of Afganistan and Iraq? In a world where the monopoly of Justice is exercised by a couple of Nations, our world has skidded down the abyss of Undemocratic, Autocratic governance by single nations with ulterior motives, plans and benefits. 

EU = Germany tries to become a UNION of equal in order to deliver FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY and Fairness and Justice. Up to now, it has delivered exactly the opposite to a good majority of member states. Time to change direction and behave in a way that might save Europe, as the way EU= Germany are acting and behaving now will lead it to destruction.

Freedom Fighter

It Is Happening Quickly and Before we React!

Now it is Frontex.

Yesterday it was FEDERAL State where EU members are States in a Federal Union.

The day before it was forceful membership of Eurozone which means slaves of Germany as it has been proven already. Five countries of the 18 members are bankrupt but Germany reigns supreme.

Next is security agencies similar to FBI and CIA

Now is FRONTEX to protect EU from invasions of refugees, migrants and terrorists. 

The refugees we create in Middle East, the migrants we force to arrive because their countries are being exploited viciously by us and the terrorist we support, finance and arm via secret routes and ways as well as openly in the case of #ISIS via Turkey and those hiding behind Turkey.

What is FRONTEX? Apparently, an independent EU force to act and react in #Greece, #Italy, perhaps #Spain to stop refugees from coming into Europe=#EU. . The countries of the south are being subjected to occupation and denial of sovereignty by dictatorial EU quickly and without any authority from member states and their people. They decide in Brussels and Berlin and the member state keeps quiet or there is punishment.

NO money from Germany!

That is what EU is all about! One country that has money dictating to the rest, except UK, what to do and how to do things which favour and promote German Hegemony in EU.

The UK will have a referendum on whether to stay in EU and the more we look and analyse the situation of Despotism of Germany in EU, the more we see it as a definite NO!

Germany attempted to occupy Europe in two World Wars and failed, now it seems it is succeeding in conquering Europe via the EURO and imposing a Dictatorship of Germany via the back door!!

Freedom Fighter


Thus the Turkish Prime Minister went to EU , had a conference with the EU council and ministers and he came out beating 28 member states to accept his conditions, his blackmail and his demands. That is what happened readers two weeks ago and the brains of EU expect us all EU citizens and the world to believe this incredible, theatrical act of surrendering to the extremists, Islamists, Isis supporters of Ankara.

EU of 500 million people capitulated to the Sultans of Turkey because apparently they cannot force them to stop the export of tens of thousands of #refugees daily into #EU. That EU is incapable, there is NO doubt about it. From its President #Juncker to his master Frau #Merkel, we know that incompetence is their first talent. However, 500 million people accept their actions is really incredible and unacceptable.

Who is to blame MME? 

Who is to blame imperious Propaganda of EU?

Who is to blame Germany and Juncker?

The precedent you set with Turkey is indeed rediculous and it will not happen now and again for any  nation, let alone #Turkey= #ISIS.

What EU has acceted to do on Turkish blackmail for refugees, migrants, terrorists it exports via Greece to us all is diabolical:

a. Speed up our EU membership demands in spite of invasions, in spite of genosite of Kurds, in spite of imprisonment of the press and any oppositon in Turkey. Accepted, says EU

b. Forget Cyprus and the problem there. Bury the Cypriots, they are only one million. Cyprus is ours demand the Turks and so it is happening. They give Cyprus to Turkey, regardless of Fairness, Justice, FREEDOM and Democracy. Who cares about Freedom and Democracy in EU= Germany? Germany? No, thank you!!

c. Give us billions to stop the export of refugees, migrants and terrorists to EU and EU gives in so easily and Turkey not only gets billions for doing absolutely nothing about the issue, in addition it gets 3 billion a year from EU funds to access the EU. All that money is clearly now seen in their army which threatens EU itself. Millions of soldiers, 4000 tanks, 100 plus warships, 600 planes, missiles etc. 

d. Allow our citizens to come to EU FREELY, yes with Not much checking, not much vetting. This is the country that openly supports militarily, financially and trades with ISIS daily. Open Doors EU to Turks and EU accepts that too.

Am I going too far? No, these were the demands of Turkey and EU= Germany accepted them without much deliberation and consultation. Why was that EU= Germany?

Many good reasons but let me stop at the two main ones:

a.Turkey is the country enclosing Russia to the North and Germany= USA want them encircled and perhaps eclipsed. Give Turkey anything they ask for as we need them desperately to beat the Russians. However, the Russians are already out and fighting the WAR they will win and Germany once again will lose, even though cleverly now, they call it EU. We are not that naive despots of Berlin

b. Turkey is now rewarded for its stance in WWI and WWII. Pro-German, pro-fascist. Now it is time for Germany to show its loyalty to the Turks and punish the Greeks for being on the other side, that now are nobody!! Cleverly, the Germans reward Turkey with our TAXES, EU taxes,  forgetting conveniently that Turkey cost hundreds of lives in Callipoli and elsewhere.

Should citizens of EU accept an agreement that is an insult to our Freedom and Democracies? Should we sit silently accepting what one country, Germany, does in the name of all of us?

Freedom Fighter