EU in Disarray, Leaders of EU Merkel and Juncker Incompetent!

 The Open Doors Policy of EU, the brain child of Merkel and Juncker, has backfired from all points of view and EU=Germany is now in danger of tearing itself apart and dissolving to pieces of North, South, East and West. Merkel and Juncker castigated Nations who closed their borders in the invasion of refugees-migrants -terrorists in the summer but now their ranting and shouting seems so stupid.

Merkel invited refugees and Asylum seekers to Germany, Juncker said, I will have them in my house; now both have turned and they found a victim to blame for all their  wrong doing, all their idiotic policies!


GREECE is to blame because it cannot stop the invasion of 10-20,000 refugees daily on the islands of the Aegean due to EU=EUROZONE destroying the country's economy and finances. Have you heard these two brainless leaders of EU blame the country that generates and exports all these refugees to EU via Greece? Have you even heard EU accuse Turkey of exporting refugees and making a business out of the misery of millions?

TURKEY is the Villain but who dares Speak?

NO!! Turkey is beyond repraoch, beyond accusing as it is OUR ALLY of dirty business, Dirty Wars and Dirty plans!! Actually, these EU leaders allowed Turkey of 80 million to blackmail an EU=Germany of 500 million. That is a betrayal of our intelligence, that is a stupid way to give OUR money away to a nation like Turkey that is #ISIS itself, that has the worst Human Rights in Europe, and at this moment commits Genocide against its own citizens the #Kurds killing them in the thousands and uprooting them by village and city.

That is the Turkey who EU=Germany supports and wants to make a member of EU!!


Thus Greece is to blame for all, not Turkey who exports million of refugees, migrants, terrorists to EU, not Sweden that wants to send back home 80,000 Asylum seekers, not Denmark that is selling valuables of refugees to house them.

Yet, this perfect EU German dictatorship does not have the money to support these countries, to support Greece, that receives 10,000 refugees daily from Turkey, but it has 3.2 billion to give to Turkey to stop the flow of refugees which of course Turkey does not do, but takes the money in any case in order to continue its wars in Syria and Iraq and against the Kurds of Turkey, who face annihilation and Genocide from the Turkish State. 

What does EU propose to do when Kurds of Turkey start arriving in EU because of Turkey's Genocide against that nation? Close the DOORS or Open them again?


Who will they blame for such refugees once again? Greece that behaves humanely to HUMAN BEINGS, while EU leadership accuse and punish Greece for the Samaritan work the country does now to the detriment of its non existent finances and its own starving people.


There is GOD up there and sees, German Dictators and financiers of Turkey =ISIS!!

Freedom Fighter







              Open Doors Policy, Becomes Close Doors and Closed Borders Quickly!!


Merkel shouted for publicity, screamed for popularity: All refugees welcome to EU and Germany.

Juncker, her stooge, shouted louder and screamed to hoarseness: All refugees come to EU, come to my house, he stated. 

Now both of them turned, now both of them order and unashamedly demand from all EU Nations, "CLOSE DOORS". Moreover, Germany and Juncker as normal for them, blame Greece for being unable to control its borders close to Turkey because Turkey intentionally and to plan exports daily to Greek islands 10-15,000 refugees, migrants- terrorists.


Turkey gets paid 3.2 billion euros by EU=Germany for that!!

Thus Merkel and Juncker and all the hypocrites of EU, YES I am going to repeat it, HYPOCRITES, allow Turkey to export refugees to EU, finance that effort of Turkey and blame poor Greece for that.  All together EU=Eurozone have turned to ruins Greece with one directive after another, one bail out after another and one Junta after another,  even though it seems it is Greek governments. It is all lackeys of Germany obeying like sheep everything Germany orders.

Instead of imposing SANCTIONS on Turkey, all these members of FREE EU, did I say FREE, are forced and coerced by Germany to vote 3.2 billion euros to Turkey to stop the flow of refugees. Yes, 3.2 billion euros to the perpetrators of the crime and punishment for Greece for being unable to control the exports Turkey is making into EU.


EU a Union of Collaboration and Unity, states Merkel

This is a UNIFIED EU, collaborating for the best of its citiziens. Are eleven million Greeks EU citizens? NO, apparantly not as they are treated like dirt, NO because the Greek Prime Minister has become a slave to Berlin and Brussels, NO becuase the Finance Minister of Germany Herr Schauble shouts at Greek Prime Minister Tsiapras in front of billions of viewers,

"Its the AGREEMENTS Stupid""

Did you hear a Greek complaint? Did you hear anything from Tsipras? 

No, how can he the boy of Berlin and Brussels complain. He will be stripped of his premiership immediately.

Back to my point. Greece is not represented by Tsipras nor his lackeys, not even most of its politicians who sold Greece to the devil called Germany=Eurozone=IMF and other lenders repeatedly. 

There is a Crime Against Humanity going on in Greece, committed by Germany=EU. Eleven million Greeks have been condemned to poverty, hunger and Dictatorship of Germany via EU and TROIKA. Hunger and sleeping rough is the norm in Greece. The people are readying themselves to revolt and any internal revolt means CIVIL WAR caused by EU=Germany as the ones who command, order, legislate and destroy the country for decades now.

This is what EU is all about. Do as you are told, otherwise we come and burn you down by closing the banks, stoping the money Germany prints at will. Thus Greek Governments, one after another signed Bail OUTS of shame and betrayal in order for the country to be left in the ruins of today. Farmers hungry, teachers hungry, pensioners starving at 460 euros a month to be cut to 360 a month and further.

Did you say that is enough? Let me tell only this. No electricity, no heating, no food, that amount will be enough to pay the taxes, that go to EU and the lenders. Forget food, clothes, medicines etc.

The Crimes Against Humanity in Greece will come to chase EU=Germany. Another crime is now added to those ones. Keep the millions of refugees Greece as we close our borders to them, in spite of inviting them in and trumpeting our kindness, which is now German=EU Hypocrisy and A Crime.

With such brainless policies as OPEN Doors to all refugees, who wants to know about this EU of Germany and its satellites? Nobody!!

Never listen to the sirens of EU paid lackeys and their American masters over the Atlantic. Europe cannot belong to the Europeans when Germany orders for its own benefit and prosperity, plus it takes its orders from Washington the benefactor of Europe since 1945!!

UK citizens, you will have a historic duty soon. Bury EU, to save Europe. 

UK citizens save our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY from the Despots of Berlin!!

Vote NO to EU and the masters of Berlin and Brussels!

Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter


                    Who Authorises EU=Germany to Finance Turkey with Billions of Euros at Will?


Turkey has a history of bullying its neighbours, invading neighbouring countries and attempting to re-establish the Old Ottoman Empire from Turkey to Morocco and East to Iran. That is an aspiration and a declared goal by Turkey on many occasions. Only EU does not hear these declarations of Turkey, cannot see these intentions of Turkey and closes its eyes and ears to the crimes against neighbours and its own citizens.

The history of atrocities in Turkey is long and impossible to reject, yet Turkey attempts to do so.

Genocide of Armenians in 1915, Genocide of Greeks in 1922 and 1955-63, Genocide of Kurds today and ongoing.

The history of Invasions of neighbours can only be denied and can be coloured to suit Turkey's plans of expansion and domination in Middle East.

1974: Turkey invaded Cyprus and still occupies 40% of Cyprus with 50,000 army belonging to NATO. Who stops Turkey? Not USA, Not EU, which closes eyes even when one part of its territory is occupied and annexed by an aggressive non member of EU.

UN is only for TALKS and Coffee of International Crooks!!


2015:Turkey invades Iraq and annexes part of Iraq and yet, nobody lefts a finger and Turkey refuses to leave that country and respect its sovereingty. The same they have been doing in the case of Cyprus, where they are rooted and part and parcel of poor people of Cyprus. Kick them out if you can Merkel, Cameron, Obama.

Can Putin do it??? Dont think so!!

2015-2016: Turkey invades repeatedly Syria and establishes small enclaves in North Syria close to Turkey. EU= Germany not only does not punish Turkey, it finances it to commit such criminal acts. Germany=EU, who cares about 27 other nations, do not worry about a dragon on its Eastern Frontier, they finance it to such an extent that soon enough it will dictate matters in EU as it has in the case of Refugees-Migrants-Terrorists Turkey exports to EU.

Turkey receives 3.2 billion Euros to stop flow of refugees who keep being exported at 10,000 a day into Greece

2015-16: Turkey terrorises Greece with repeated invasions and violations of its seas and air space. The WAR with Greece in inevitable and it looks like Greece will be donated by GERMANY = EU to Turkey to appease it and keep it at bay. How can they believe that? They did it themselves in 1938-1944. It is the same invasion-occupation method, but this time by Turkey which they support and finance openly with the refugees as pretext to doing that.

Thus, a Democratic EU, so they tell us, is in bed with a Criminal State that invades and occupies its neighbours. A Turkey that murders its own people for dissent and demands of FREEDOM and Democracy. A Turkey that invades its neighbours at will, a Turkey that commits Genocide against its own people the Kurds of Turkey.

Is this EU=GERMANY the Democracy they preach and make Propaganda about?

Is this the EU any country in EU want to be part of?

Is this the EU they want us UK citizens to vote for to stay in and live in Freedom and Democracy?

I say NO to EU= Germany!!


Peter Constant, A Freedom Fighter