Brussels is in a hurry!

Political Union without consulting us Europeans, Army without asking the people, Frontex to occupy Greek islands, German Police to supposedly help Greeks to guard their borders, which borders Greeks are ordered by Germany to have OPEN for all refugees, migrants and terrorists to enter EU.

Open Doors Policy of Merkel and Juncker is Mistake of Greece!!

The preposterous ridiculous facts above are not plans to be applied, they are facts with Germany =EU pushing for all of them to happen. First victim of their occupation and dictatorship, with pretext refugees exported by Turkey into Greece, is the poorest Nation of EU, GREECE. The nation that was prospering in 1982 before joining EU and Eurozone in 2002, is now after 34 years in EU, bankrupt.

Yes, bankrupt and occupied in various mechanisms and ways by Germany and its tools of occupation.

Back to FRONTEX. Where are they? All of them in Greece, all of them in the Aegean ordering Greece about, and demanding that Greece, Yes, the Greek State, allows Turkish forces to guard the Aegean from refugees coming from Turkey. This affront, this ridiculous demands #EU=Germany expects the Greek Government of collaborators to pass and a NO EU member, Turkey, will guard EU borders.

Their paid Dog Guards will enter EU via Greece as invited guards!

Turkey, the Fascists of Islam, the nation of Genocides and past and now, are proposed by Germany to guard us Europeans. Yes, to be part of FRONTEX, EU Army and German Police, which if I am allowed, will become the Gestapo of tomorrow.

It all points to that eventuality at least in Greece. German occupation veiled as EU=Eurozone.

Thus, they want to create this army in a hurry so that it looks an EU Army, not a German one. They want FRONTEX to be bigger, with Turkey as partner so that they can control the future colonies of theirs, like Cyprus, Italy, Greece now and who knows which other country.

This is what Germany=EU=Brussels are up to and stand for United Kingdom citizens. 

Is this the Democracy you want to join?

Is this the UNION the YES people want us to be part of?

Are we to sell our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to this Undemocratic concoction called European Union, which is nothing else but German Dictatorship veiled as EU?

Greece is their first victim and their experiment there has been very successful. People are desperate, the country in ruins with German=EU=Eurozone=TROIKA medicines to see it totally dead. Their experiment has succeeded. The country is DEAD financially and slave to Germany=Eurozone and IMF.

However, there is spirit and craziness in the Greek they forget and when that is totally cornered, it will REBEL and burn the lot!

The time is ripe as I saw it first hand in Athens and everywhere in the countryside of Greece!

Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter 

                 Diplomacy of Dictators to Slaves by German Finance Minister to Greek Prime Minister

In a packed room with journalists, in an official conference Wolfgang Schauble, the German Finance Minister, shouted back at Alexis Tsipras , the Greek Prime Minister " Its the Agreements Stupid" That was an unprecedented attack, a brutal violation of protocol and a show of great disrespect for the Prime Minister but more so for the eleven million Greeks and another twenty million Hellenes living world wide.

Mr Schauble has repeatedly showed his anti-Hellenic feelings and his disgust for anything that represents Greece and its people in the past. Those feelings are manifested not only in his disgusting outburst in Davos but also in any action EU=Germany=ECB=EUROZONE takes related to Greece.

So, Herr Schauble, you were infuriated because Tsipras wants a review and revisiting of AGREEMENTS he signed. Agreements imposed on the Greek Nation by you, Merkel and Germany because all the others do not matter in Eurozone and EU. It is a German show, it is German money and you play the game by your rules, your wishes and your scheming and plotting to destroy Greece as we all know it today and yesterday.

What AGREEMENTS are you talking about?

Any agreements imposed under threat, blackmail or duress are ILLEGAL!

Any AGREEMENTS forced upon a person or state under threat of hunger and famine is ILLEGAL!!

Any AGREEMENT forced upon a Nation that is worse than if they have lost three world wars is ILLEGAL and must be examined and stand up to international laws of Fairness and Justice!!

You went mad because #Tsipras questions the agreements imposed on Greece, destroyed Greece since 2008 and in 2015 you imposed much worse agreements to finish off the job!

Let me remind you, Vulture of Germany, Germany =EU and Eurzone what you and your agents and appointees did to Greece in a few sentences:

a. Your appointee, Dijsselbloem, ESM, Eurogroup president, visits the Greek Ministry of Finance in Athens and warns-threatens Varoufakis immediately SYRIZA came to power, with this blackmail " If you do not do as told, we will close the Greek banks". That was January 2015 and by June of same year you closed Greek banks and threw our people into the abyss. You did the same to Cyprus and threw Cyprus into the Keadas ( Hell where handicapped were thrown in to die) of your financial criminality!

That is a Crime Against Humanity!!!

b. You humiliated the Greek diplomats and Ministers plus Prime Minister on several occasions in #Brussels by saying they never submitted any proposals. You lied then, you all lied as never read any of the proposals, you just tore them because you had your ones,the ones you imposed on the Greeks in order to destroy Greece and steal all Greek assets, which you are doing now.

c. You locked Tsipras in Brussels and you threatened him with Armageddon in Greece, if he did not sign new agreeaments, which he was forced to sign, thus condemning Greece to a third world economy while in EU and Eurozone, your concoctions that have already seen seven economies, six of which in the Mediterranean being destoryed by German juggernaut. Let us see how you deal with Italy now that is it going up the wall too.

d. You call agreements the imposition of a Junta in Athens, led now by a TURNED PM, which you order about and command at will. You govern Greece with a proxy Governement of 20% and with TROIKA.

e. Agreements imposed on the Greeks had the signature of politicians who succumbed and yielded under threat and pressures are NO Agreements between nations that can be reasonably accepted and worked upon. Any decent court of law will declare them unlawful.

f. Finally, to complete and finalise your Junta on Greece, you stopped investment from China into Greece by threatening China of repercussions, if they helped Greece, so that Germany helped itself to the treasures of Greece. Varoufakis verifies all these plus all your threats and outbursts behind closed doors.

Thus, Herr Schauble, a diplomat or a Dictator??, you go berserk because the Prime Minister of Greece asks for revisiting Shylock Agreements, and you call him "Stupid".

How clever!!!

May I ask you how clever you and your lackey torturers were when you forced such cruel, brutal agreements on Greek people? How clever were you when Bail OUT III on Greece is tantamount to losing two world wars which Germany did, but never paid WAR Damages to Greece? Which WAR has Greece lost and you imposed such agreements on a poor nation?

Which WAR you Offspring of Nazism?

I will tell you here which war. The dirty war of Germany to capture and conquer Europe via EU and Eurozone. You managed to do that with one of 28 nations and perhaps a few more satellites but...

You will never get us all under you brutal German Dictatorship! Europe knows what Germany means. Two World Wars taught us all who you are, what you are and what you stand for!!

Peter Constant, A Freedom Fighter


                  European Union= Germany Ruined Greece but Takes NO Responsibility!

Greece has been the country in the eye of the storm for over eight years now. Economy in trouble since 2008 and the medicines of EU=Eurozone, IMF and other lenders have been swallowed and have destroyed Greek economy, that is whatever was left standing once the country joined EU, then Eurozone, and the juggernaut of Germany flattened all industries, all manufacturing and all farming.

Thus a Greece that could produce TVs, fridges, cars, tracks and a lot of other essentials for its economy closed shop. A country that was primarily agricultural was forced to close shop by EU regulations and German planning for the Greek farmer. Sit still, do nothing and we will pay you your pension and whatever losses incur because of our rules, regulations and policies.

Now the Greek farmer is called lazy because he was forced by EU to retire at 55!!

Now Greece find itself producing nothing, having 50% unemployment and a Germany that forced upon Greece all the disastrous policies of the past, pushing the knife deeper into the life, what life is left, into the hearts of Greek people. Yes, it was the TROIKAS of the past and present that demanded whatever legislation, which has failed. Yes, it was TROIKA that implemented all the policies and all robberies of Greek money so that a FREE from loans Greece in 1983 and upon entry in EU, owes today 400 billion, that can never be paid.

Yes, it was Germany who stole 250 billion from Greek Banks  in 2008 to save its banks and ruin Greece!

Well, money is only money but humans, the Greeks are the real victims of German greed and German hunger for hegemony and dictatorship over other people and particularly the Greeks. The Greeks cost them two wars and it is high time they are punished and punished in an exemplary, harsh, brutal fashion. Yes, even though an argument of NO good taste, the truth is we Greeks are paying for stopping German Victory in WWII. The vindictiveness of German leadership is well documented. Even yesterday Schauble laughed at the Greek Prime Minister, which in essence he laughed at all of us. 

I say to Schauble and his stooges, "He who laughs last, laughs best and longer"

Greece is punished daily, its people are ridiculed daily and at the same time ordered to obey otherwise there is NO money from Germany, the banker of EU. At the same time Germany=EU has plenty of euros 3.2 billion for Turkey to export us more terrorists etc, it has more money to help poor Turkey to join EU in another thee billion and plenty of money for Ukraine to support corrupt regimes they put up to fight the Russians, the big enemy of Germany; the country that really cost them two wars, and forty-five years of occupation in East Germany. 

This is Germany. A revenge Nation. A vindictive Nation that we all saw in its true colours in WWI and WWII. The signs of today do not differ that much to the 1930s-45 days. The aim the same, the method much more sophisticated.

First victim of Germany Greece!! 

I am asking Mrs Merkel and Herr Schauble: Why do 250,000 homes in Athesn have NO electricity in EU?

I ask them: Why 100,000 apartment buildings have NO heating in Athens?

Greece has been effectively governed by Germany=EU=ECB=IMF since 2008. Why the medicines and recipes you forced upon Greece forced the people of Greece to begging, to hunger, to human humiliation? Why is Germany employed with less than 5% unemployment and the Med zone has unemployment of 25% plus?

Why my family are living in poverty since Greece joined Eurozone? Who is to blame Germany? Why my friends pensioners are now on a 460 euros pension which Schauble and the rest demand to come down to 330 euros?

What are they going to be eating and where are they to live?

Is this the political UNION Germany wants in Europe? To be masters and all of SLAVES?

The United Kingdom is the country of Ideals of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY.

Keep our Ideals away from the Dictators of Germany=EU!!

Peter Constant, Freedom Fighter in Europe


              "Germany Stopped China Bond Investment to Save Greece in Summer 2015", States Varoufakis 

The 20th century saw Europe tearing itself apart for various reasons and causes we more or less know plenty about. In 1914-18 one Nation, Germany, decided for minor excuses to cause the biggest human catastrophe on planet earth or so we thought. Many state Germany was excluded from exploitation of the rest of the world and so it demanded with a World War its share. That saw millions, tens of millions killed on the battlefields of Europe just because #Germany wanted to impose its greediness and greatness on the whole world.

Germany failed in the hands of FREEDOM loving nations of Europe and world!

Just about twenty years later, 1940-45, another Germany in the hands of Hitler, but undeniably Germany, caused the biggest Human Catastrophe the world has ever witnessed. WWII was their idea, their WAR, which caused a total Human catastrophe in Europe and the world in Far East. Nation after nation fell to the German boot then and it was heroism of Nations like #Greece, #Britain, #Russia and #USA that saved the world from the dark forces of Third Reich.

Germany was defeated second time but spared the ruinous, punitive WAR damages by USA and #Europe!


This is 2016 and the events of 2015 plus earlier events ring too many familiar bells in the ears of many Europeans who know their history, the reasons why a whole continent was condemned to such atrocities and such human death in two world wars. Seventy years is not long ago from WWII. Many victims of that atrocity are still alive to narrate to us what caused that German "theriodia", jungle killing, and its consequences on all of us.

The year 2015 saw one Nation, Greece a member of EU=Eurozone, who fought and sacrificed itself to keep Europe FREE, fall victim to the nation that caused that disaster, #Germany!!. #Greece tried to stand up to save European FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY but Germany wearing the veil of EU=Eurozone has delivered its verdict in a brutal, brightly, exemplary manner. Dictatorship in Greece covered up and dressed up as #TROIKA or Greek Government of collaborators who could not take the road to FREEDOM but the one to submission and slavery. 

Greece became the first victim of German Dictatorship in EU!!!

Greece lost its FREEDOM, its Democracy and Indpendence and is governed by #Brussels and #Berlin with a proxy government representing 20% of Greeks.

I am writing for the hundredth time on the issue but this one is more contemporary and more relevant to us here in the UK but also in other #EU countries, where they see the light and realise that Germany is now the Autocrat of Europe and not far away from the Germany of 1930-45. It took Europe two to three years to work out and comprehend the real intentions and plans of Hitler.

During the year 2015 one personality came through in Greece and became the well known man who stood up to Germany= EU= Eurozone, was beaten back by them but they could not beat him to death.

Yiannis Varoufakis FREED himself from the shackles of the Germans to fight his own WAR: FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in Europe= EU.

Varoufakis is the man with the secrets that can DYNAMITE EU=Germany and break it up. He has the personal experiences of seven months of brutal war against Greece from Germany=EU=Eurozone and final surrender of Greece to the IV Reich, which stretches from Ireland to Cyprus and from Finland to Malta. Never mind the fictitious name and the assumed veil of EU, Eurozone etc. It is Germany, it is German euro and it #Merkel and #Schauble now plus their lackeys who love the honey of Brussels.

This is German Autocracy and Dictatorship veiled as EU=Eurozone and applied by a group of well paid lackeys of Germany, who originate from all over Europe but paid well by Germany, its EURO and our taxes that go to these human organs of German Hegemony in Europe.

German Dictatorship is already manifested in all its glory in Greece. Greece had money coming from China to save itself from Austerity Bail Out III in summer 2015. However, threats and blackmail of Berlin against such a deal, saw the Chinese retreat and Germany imposing its brutal worse that WAR deal on Greece, that has turned Greece into an African underdeveloped Nation, in the heart of Europe. As Varoufakis states and nobody can deny his accusations and claims, it took only a few calls from Berlin to kill the Greek-China deal, so that Germany can benefit in tens of billions from the Greek tragedy that is still unfolding and ruining Greece in the 21st century and when Germany wants, demands and orders a political UNION of Europe so that Germany governs unfettered.

The UK is calling a Referendum to decide whether to stay in EU or LEAVE EU.

Who wants to stay in such an EU, where the German Reich will be governing as it wanted in 1940-1945?

Why is EU spending billions on its Propaganda already through our letter boxes? What is it for them and they try so hard?

It is trillions for Germany and billions for the lackeys that push the German Hegemony and Despotism all over Europe. Great Britain stopped the Germans in 1940-45, let us all work together to stop them again and keep Europe FREE and Democratic!!

Never allow the German boot to land in #UK veiled as EU!!! It is a National Duty and a massive duty to all those who fought and fell for #FREEDOM and #Democracy in #Britain and Europe!!

Peter Constant, A Freedom Fighter for all Europe and World!!