Poverty Crawling in the Streets, The Pavement, The Shops, Home!!

I have been harsh on EU?

I have been unfair on EU?

I have been criticising Merkel, Juncker, EU too much?


I have spent five days in Athens not just looking but talking, registering the situation in a country where I lived for several years and I visited repeatedly year after year for many years. I knew an Athens of vitality, I knew an Athens of people full of life and of love for life. I knew an Athens breathing out life, Freedom and Democracy to the world.

Alas, what I saw in Athens when I was there over the last week, shocked me to the core. What I saw in a country that has been an EU member for 34 years and a member of Eurozone froze me.

I saw a city of six million disappearing under the boot of EU heartless bureaucrats, a city dead in its glory of ancient, a city dying on the pavement, in the street in the home.

I am not exaggerating readers. The homeless in their dozens everywhere, the shops in their dozens one after the other closed, the streets in their impoverished condition empty and in the couple of flats I visited, the lights are out, the heating is not existent and misery and fear are the only obvious emotions one can see and hear about.

This is Athens!!

This is Greece!!

This is a member of EU for three decades plus!!

This is a country and city I lived in and it was prosperous and now after so many years in EU, after so many struggles in the 1940s and 1950s it is condemned to death by who?

Yes, it is condemned to death by EU and Germany, the masters of EU!!

Never mind the people who are hungry. Never mind the old and pensioners who are starving and dying. Thus, Schauble and Tompsen decide more AUSTERITY, More harsher, inhuman measures for a people who are already dead in their tracks!!

That is NOT my EU!!

I want to LEAVE EU.

That is why EU NOT FOR ME!! 

Peter Constant, a European but NOT an EU Slave!




         Join Us Again Today, 20th January!

We are back to continue our struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Europe and the world!!

      We will be away from these pages for one week!!

Be back next Wednesday!!

Apologies to all readers!!

                  EU= Germany, USA, UN, Turkey All In One, Strangle Freedom of Cypriots!

Most Europeans know where Cyprus is and love Cyprus for its beauty, its weather and its people. What they fail to see on the island now is an invasion of the island by Turkey in 1974. They fail to see the robbery of homes and lands of Greeks and Turks by Turkey, they fail to see settlers of 300,000 brought on Cyprus by Turkey in order to change the demographics of the island and have an illegal dominant voice in the North.

50,000 Turkish Army Occupies Cyprus Since 1974

They fail to see that North Cyprus is governed by the military and that the Turkish Cypriots from 130,000 in 1974 number just about 60,000 today. The occupation has brought disaster to the Greeks of the North and South but has proven catastrophic for Turkish Cypriots, who have to live under the Junta and Military might of Turkey.

Failed Talks Because Turkey Demands All of Cyprus

Talks since 1974 to solve the Cyprus problem failed just because Turkey holds the solution with its occupation army. Failure after failure has not stopped Ankara in succeeding in its plans of old. Make Cyprus a Turkish province from its North to the South, where Greeks live now. At this important moment of world turmoil in Middle East, Turkey and its allies -conspirators force both communities to come to an agreement that satisfies Turkey only but fails the two communities totally.

Any solution imposed will fail and that will be answered with the Turkish boot of 50,000 army of Turkey on the island, which wont budge under any circumstances, unless they are kicked out by force. Who dares do that since USA are their allies and they are the ones who silently accepted the invasion and now are pushing for a solution that condemns all Cypriots to the slaughterhouse, called Turkey.

What can a million Cypriots do when they face a 90 million Turkey and 1.5 million army, armed the best in Europe bar Russia?

NO Solution is a Solution Now!!

Greeks and Turkish Cypriots, not settlers of Turkey, you are the ones to suffer shortly, if you consent to sign the solutions imposed on you by the dictators of Europe #EU= #Germany= #USA. They never served our people, they never cared for our people, they only care for their hegemony and geopolitical dominance in the area and on the planet.

A country occupied by 40% by Turkey cannot honestly decide FREELY about its future, while the terror of an ARMY is amongst them terrorising them daily. Any result will be disputed, any result will be proven void as it is asked under terror and occupation.

We accuse #EU=#Germany, we accuse #USA and #UN, we accuse #UK for keeping quiet, that #Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. Occupation has to stop right now first, and then the people asked about what their future should be by FREE vote, not a vote forced upon them under gun and barrel of Turkey.

We accuse leaders of Cyprus, Greeks and Turks of succumbing to Blackmail that will lead to more serious disasters for our people!!

NO Solution is a Solution.

Do not give #Turkey a pardon for crimes in Cyprus and a ticket to EU, Cypriots of any origin!

Do NOT sign off Cyprus to the biggest dictators and Genociders of today, Turkey!!

Freedom Fighter!!