The Real Dangers Greece Faces



That I know Hellenism of Greece will do again today!!

The hordes of barbarians attempted to invade Europe on many occasions but Greece always stood in their way fighting with a few brave ones the hordes and millions of Barbarity! This has been the fate of Greece at the strategic place the fates put the country in and I am sure it will happen again and soon. 



Greece is at the most difficult period of its post war period at the moment. Bankrupt, governed by foreign countries and seemingly having enough to eat and feed its people. A bankrupt country takes orders from Berlin, the financiers and act according to their orders and desires.

At the moment Germany, USA, NATO act as if there are NO Greeks to ask, NO Greek government to consult and decide willy nilly whatever they desire for their own ends and nothing for Greece's National interests. All decisions regarding the issues Greece is involved with, economic, refugees, migrants, probable future WARS, GREECE has been pushed aside and Germany, USA are making the decisions.

Both super powers in Europe Germany and USA have forgotten who the Greeks are and what they stand for, for 4000 years in the same spot, whereas they have a history that is not even history yet.

I am accusing Germany and USA of betraying Greece and its people. I am accusing these two countries of betraying FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in Greece. I am accusing Germany and USA of plotting and in the process of committing a Genocide in Greece directly and via proxy, TURKEY!!

Turkey the Uncontrollable Ally of USA

Turkey is now an uncontrollable ally of NATO, Germany and USA. It invades country after country and the monster you have created brains in Washington and Berlin cannot be tamed. It invades Iraq, it invades Syria, it invaded and occupies 40% of Cyprus with you blessings USA and it looks WEST now to Greece. 

Greece in Danger from Turkish-Islamist Expansion

Greece is being softened by Turkey -Saudi Arabia for two years now with relentless invasions of refugees which are planned and plotted meticulously by both Islamist States. To assist them further, a vicious economic strangulation by Germany is not only causing social unrest and civil war tendencies within Greece, it also destroyed any semblance of military ability by Greece to stop Turkey when it invades, which will happen soon.  

Who will stop the biggest invading army on Evros, Greek Turkish border in Thrace?

Who will stop Turkey from invading and capturing the Greek Islands alongside Turkey?

Who protected Cyprus when Turkey invaded the island and still occupies 40% of the island with 50000 Turkish Army belonging to NATO?


Germany Murders Greece by Intent!

I accuse Germany of assassinating the Greek Nation by intent and plan in co-operation with Turkey. Islamist Turkey in the final analysis will turn against the whole of Europe as an Islamist State that has been aggrieved by the Billions EU donates it for years and the tens of billions now wasted for the refugees Turkey creates and exports to EU and unloads on Greece in order to destroy it.

The Turkish fleet is in Greek waters permanently provoking with a licence from NATO. The Turkish planes have been violating Greek airspace hundreds of times daily for years now. Turkey have shot down a Greek helicopter recently, covered up by NATO. At this moment and in spite Turkish involvement in Syria and the Kurds Genocide, their eyes and intention is on the Greek Islands in the Aegean and Thrace. It is blatant and obvious and when it happens spineless defunct EU, will look to protect itself, NOT GREECE. 


NATO Condones and Assists Turkey in its Criminal  Plans

NATO came to the aid of Turkey to control the Aegean as a NATO power and thus claim rights over a GREEK Sea which has been Greek throughout the known historical ages. Thus FRONTEX of Germany, NATO ships, not Greek, occupy the Aegean on refugees pretext, facilitating the Turkish conquest of Greece and stupidly opening the DOOR to Europe for Turkey.

I accuse NATO, I accuse Germany of intentionally weakening of Greece and final dissolution of the center of Hellenism and Christian Orthodoxy.

This is another Crime Against Humanity. This is a CRIME AGAINST GREECE!!

Freedom Fighter


 Turkey Commits Crimes Against Humanity Today!!

To accuse a nation of being criminal is serious and undeniable evidence is required. We have plenty of evidence for our article to demand from the WEST, EU and USA to change policies and stop the cover up of CRIMES by Turkey. Crimes that have been on going for years and are now intensifying , becoming Genocides and War Crimes.

I will just refer to Cyprus invasion and occupation of 40% since 1974. It was an invasion on pretext of protecting Turkish Cypriots, who hate Turkey by the way, it is an occupation with pretext of protecting Turkish Cypriots and it will remain so because Turkey has stated it categorically themselves as official Turkey and via their spokesperson in Cyprus;

Turkey will never leave Cyprus.


Unrestrained Criminal Power in Hands of Criminals!!

Turkey has tasted success in Cyprus has gained super power with USA help and finance and now German EU help and finance. Thus Turkey dares and challenges all the powers on the planet and commits CRIMES against its neighbours and against its own citizens plus 28 nations of EU visaflooding EU with refugees that are NO refugees but migrants, economic migrants for whom it gets lavishly rewarded by Saudi Arabia, EU=Germany and the migrants themselves. 

Among these refugees about 5% are terrorists as ISIS boats continually and we experience ourselves sadly

Furthermore, this criminal state has made the art of financing and supporting Terrorism a real art, which USA and EU cover up for their own ends and purposes. Turkey is not only the financier of ISIS, it is not only the military trainer of ISIS, not only the state that profits from trading with ISIS but also the provider of weapons and fighters to destroy Syria and Iraq and then the whole of Europe by exporting the same to us veiled as innocent refugees and victims of war.

This is the state EU=Germany and USA support, are allies of and NATO uses as a vital member.

(That is another crime deserving plenty an article on its own!)

The problems that Turkey creates for all of us but the Europeans in particular do not end here, nor will end here, unless Turkey is stopped decisively or punished severely, which NO organisation and NO country except Russia has done up to now and that incidentally for other reasons, rather than the crimes Turkey commits right now.

Bombarding with artillery Syria is Turkish practice of Crimes

Thus Turkey not only is ISIS itself, it is also DAES and Jahhat Al Nusra too. The three top terrorist organisations in Syria have been virtually destroyed by Syrian Army and Russia. Thast is a big reversal in Turkey's plans so, now Turkey threatens WAR against Syria and Russia for doing so in order to save Syria from the hands of the Ankara regime. Turking has been working hard, extreemely hard to destroy Syria for years in order to open the corridor to Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and Egypt. That plan has never been shelved in spite Russia's intervention and now because Turkomen, Nusra, Daes and ISIS were defeated Turkey started bombarding Syria with NO excuse as a Nation but as a Criminal country interefering in the affairs of another, which is common for Turkey. Turkey offers NO excuses but declaring that Turkey's our supply lines to terrorists have been destroyed and wants to re-open them by invading Syria.

Invading Iraq because Turksih borders are in Iraq

Turkey will never cease to amaze the world with its crimes and its diplomacy that we must all admit is top quality. We are in Iraq, we will never leave Iraq as our borders are within Iraq. We are in Cyprus as Turkish Cypriots need us, in spite of our exterminating a thriving T/C community of 130,000 in 1974 to 60,000 today.

If one chooses to forget all the above Turksih crimes of today, there are two more that must not be forgotten not forgiven

Genocide and Kurds and Refugee Crisis Caused by Turkey by Plan and on Purpose

There is NO democracy of any sort in Turkey. The prisons are full, freedom thinkers, journalists and reporters, TV personalities and writers, political opponents of Erdogan languish in Turkish prisons and they are many more than the number China has in prison for the same reasons. That is where the Kurdish problem comes in and Turkey is proving once again that they are a Criminal State:

The Kurds demand recognition, self autonomy, a State of their own. Turkey answers in exemplary Turksih fashion. Murder, destruction, extermination and Genocide which is happening right now in all South East Turkey. The CRIMES Against Humanity by Turkey within Turkey are incredible, yet we hear and see nothing on our State TV Stations and radios. OUR MMEE are all complicit to a Genocide that has been raging for at least the last 18 months.

Finally and certainly related to Turkeys plans for domination is the Refugee- Terrorist-Migrants exports of millions of humans via Turkey to EU. That is another crime that EU=Germany hide meticulously but finance lavishly with the supposedly Blackmails of Turkey. Nobody Blackmails 28 nations of 500 million people, incompetent EU leaders of Germany. You finance a Criminal State in order to come and chase you soon enough. You appease and satisfy Turkey with Greece as appetiser but it wont stop there because then it will be other Balkan States which Turkey wants to conquer again and finally it will be VIENNA again as in 18th Century against the Ottomans.

Criminals never stop their CRIMES, especially when they are assisted by incompetent and corrupt politicians who cannot see beyond their nose.

Turkey must be stopped now EU and USA or Europe is Turkofied and Islamicised!!


Freedom Fighter


                            Germany Re-Creating Concentration Camps of WWII for Migrants in Greece!! 

When you are down and under all the issues and problems of the world are loaded on your shoulders. The accusations cannot be refuted, the masters keep you gagged and your people are in despair. That is the situation in Greece and that is why EU=Germany does exactly what Turkey is doing to Europe. 

Greece is to blame for refugees Turkey  imports from Asia and exports to Europe  on high Payment

Blackmail of Greece by masters of Barlin veiled as EU and as representing 27 other nations is daily because Greece cannot defend its borders from the invasion of migrants that Turkey deliberately unloads on poverty stricken Greece. Yes, it deliberate, yes it is planned and yes it is financed by Saudi Arabia and EU= Germany.

Open Doors refugees and Migrants! All Welcome  declare incompetent Merkel and Juncker, her lackey EU President!

Thus the people who live in poverty in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq started a mass migration to come to Germany at the invitation of Merkel. All of them going to Germany and if Greece stopped them, the country was accused of inhumanity and not enforcing EU Laws on migration.

The invitation was taken seriously and migrants flooded Greece via Turkey. Turkey financed by Saudi Arabia initially and then by EU=Germany with a planned BLACKMAIL by Turkey which in reality is financing Turkey to wage a WAR against Russia and Syria's Assad.

The flood became an Invasion and Greece is to Blame!!

The idiotic policies of Merkel and her stooge Juncker soon enough became a pan-European problem and shook EU to its foundations, The problem was not the OPEN DOORS of policy of Merkel but Greece, the bankrupt country that she and Schauble, her finance Minister,  destroyed with policies and medicines of assassination of a NATION of 11 million Greeks.

Greece cannot Defend its borders, Greeks Must be Occupied!!

Thus go the threats of incompetent politicians from Germany and Brussels. They all forget who invited migrants to come to Europe. They all forgot that Germany destroyed Greece economically and stole its money to save its banks. They all forgot that the Germans imposed a Junta in Athens in summer of 2015 and that all decisions and all orders come from Berlin.

The Germans and their bankrupt policies on migrants cannot solve the problem because their incompetence plus other plans collide. They cannot stop Turkey=ISIS blackmails and audacity because that goes against their plans of using Turkey to fight Russia. Thus, Greece becomes once again the victim of Merkel's incompetence and geo-political plans.



The damping country of Europe has become Greece. If Greece refuses, the money from Brussels stops. If Greece refuses, TROIKA tightens the NOOSE. Thus Greece has an internal revolt because Hot Spot refugee camps appear daily all over the country destroying the image of the country and the only industry left;


The strangulation of Greece is happening and the hands of Germany=EU  and Merkel are full of the blood of Greece. Why not stop the migrants in Turkey? Why not punish Turkey for exporting millions of migrants it allows in Turkey in the first place?

Why should Greece be punished because  USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia wanted Assad out of Syria and Syria a satellite of WEST?

Who wants millions of migrants on his doorstep?

Nobody in EU but we can force them all on Greece!!

Hot Spots in Greece are Nothing different to German Concentration Camps, which of course the Germans knew how to run efficiently. Let us hope they do not get involved in running them, only in establishing them and financing the them via EU and our taxes.

NO HOT SPOTS in Greece!!


Freedom Fighter!!


               Erdogan Threatens the Whole World but Who is Behind This Mad Turk?


The guard dog has grown so powerful, has grown so strong economically and militarily that has been disobeying its masters in Washington and Berlin. Yes, Turkey's madman Erdogan, Turkey itself now, how been assisted, has been financed and is financed with so much by USA and EU=Germany, that has become a super power that demands its old glory, its own glory today. The old Ottoman Empire stretching from Istanbul to Damascus, Jerusalem, Cairo, Tripolis to Rabat in Morocco. Do not forget Baghdad and Saudi Arabia oil wells. Cyprus is already gone to Turkey and Greece is already plotted as a Turkish province by Germany=EU.

This is what has happened and this is why the poverty ridden Turkey of 1960 to 1990 has become the colossal military power of today, threatening not just Syria, Iraq , Greece, Israel, Cyprus ( whatever is left of it) but EU and USA too. This is the classical guard slaves gaining so much power that they become the masters. That is how Turkey started about 1200 years ago in Asia Minor.  Nomads from Asia, guards of Byzantine Empire and then masters of Byzantine Empire and then the Famous ( infamous) Ottoman Empire. That history has gone full circle and we witness the same events, might be new to some, Merkel and Obama, but they know nothing about history and about Nations and their real Identidy, I am sad to say and observe.

Turks are Turks and Never Change!!

The madman of Turkey, Erdogan, confirms the identidy of Turkey and demands attention by all or he will release his armadas to destroy the whole Eastern Mediterrannean and invade Europe too; that happened in the 18th century and it will soon be happening again but Merkel still throws billions at the Sultan of Turkey in order to appease him. She is such an incompetent leader, she has NO history in her brain, that I am glad she will be off the screens and out of our lives in EU soon.

The madman of Turkey has plenty of work to do to fulfill the ambitions of Turkey and the history they are trying to re-write. He invaded Iraq to protect Turkey, that was his excuse and any excuse the Turks will invent. Protect Turkey from whom? Iraq is trying to organise its internal affairs. Thus one neighbour of Turkey that lost territory to Turkey. How many nations of WEST condemned Turkey for that?

No nation or organisation condemned Turkey, exceptions exist of course.

The madamn of Turkey is threatening for months to invade Syria. He has already done it on many occasions. He founded ISIS, he financed and still finances ISIS. He trades daily with ISIS and he profits personally from oil and other trade with ISIS. Now and as I write this article, Erdogan plots and plans with Saudi Arabia and hold your breath, NATO, to invade Syria because Syria and Assad have to be dissolved and Turkey has to have its present; Syria on the plate.

It already has one present from USA and EU. Cyprus. The issue here is not a small Cyprus, which they are all condemning to the devil of the day, which that happens to be Turkey. The issue now is much greater and much more dangerous.

If Syria goes, Israel goes, Egypt goes and Greece is half gone to Turkey. 

The World War III we are all scared of, the WWIII, many have prophesised, is happening right now because in Turkey a MADMAN has decided that he will revive Ottoman Empire at all cots and whatever it takes, because the leaders of WEST have NO intelligence and NO stomach to stand up to a tyrant, murderer in Ankara.

The crimes of Turkey become crimes of Germany=EU and USA!! Stop them people of EU and USA!!

Freedom Fighter!