Where is the Fairness in This Treaty and Purported Concessions!!

Mr Cameron had talks in Brussels, in many European EU capitals. Now he claims that United Kingdom has got a deal from EU to keep UK in the Union ins spite of all earlier talks in various EU cities failed. Mr Junker, the President of EU, an appointee of Germany, please note that, calls the deal on the table FAIR to all.

Where is the Fairness of the deal Mr Juncker and Mr Camerosn?

a. UK pays into EU 20 billion a year and gets back absolute hair trimmings. In addition it gets the rough end of the stick, since Germany has all the rest of EU under its financial might and control.

Do not dissent or make wrong move or we CUT the funds, threatens Germany not EU!

b. UK Parliament cannot legislate as most of the laws, 75% of them are gone to EU legislative, unelected bodies.

That is the FREEDOM and Democracy we have left. Do not take it from me Go to BBC and Watch EU debate on the deal. We will be back when time is more appropriate on this issue.

c. Our Judiciary, our Judges and Supreme Court is not a Supreme Court any more but a subsidiary of a concoction in Luxemberg , a country of 500,000.

Is that what a Nation of 70 million want? Our courts and our systems to be handed over to unqualified nobodies in a country run by Germany?

d. The famous deal on social benefits is not a victory Mr Cameron, it is up to other 27 EU members to agree to what you wish, which means you are outvoted as before.

Mr Cameron, tell the British people in plain honest language:

1. What are we forsaking by being in EU?

2. What do we give away and what do we get in return?

I am voting conservative and this issue, unless you come out clean and crystal clear, will turnn me away to other parties who are OPEN and Honest about what the Real Deal is!!



Freedom Fighter


        Why is Greece the Victim of EU and Turkey the Rewarded One?

    Turkey Invades Iraq, Syria and Cyprus, Commits Genocide Against Kurds Ankara Pampered and Supported BY... 


1915: Turkey massacred the Armenians of Turkey. 1.5 million Armenians were murdered after a jihad issued by the Turkish Sultan in 1914. To this day major powers have not condemned Turkey and have not punished Turkey for that crime. In 1922 Turkey exterminated ONE MILLION Greeks of Asia Minor to be followed by the extermination of another 500,000 Greeks of Istanbul. There are 1500 Greeks in Istanbul today and none anywhere else in Asia Minor.

1974 Turkey invades Cyprus and still occupies 40% of the island. Turkey killed 5000 Cypriots, that is nearly 1% of the population. Between 1974 and today Turkey exterminated 50% of the Turkish Cypriot population who at invasion numbered 130,000 and today they are just about 60,000. However, Turkey settled iin Cyprus 300,000 Turks from Turkey to claim that these settlers are Cypriots and cover up its Genocidal Crime against The Turks of Cyprus.

1990-2015 Turkey murdered tens of thousands of Kurds of Turkey with 3500 only last year in 2015 and thousands already in 2016. 

2015 Turkey invaded Iraq and still occupies parts of Northern Iraq. It refuses to leave in spite request from Iraqi government.

2015 and 2016 Turkey invaded Syria and only in the last few days it started creating a buffer zone inside Syrian borders. 

2012-2016 Turkey actively financed and supported ISIS and other terrorists organisations in Syria which resulted in the flood of refugees in the whole of Middle East and now Europe=EU. 

2015-16 Genocide of Kurds of Turkey is an ongoing CRIME, which intensifies today when six Kurdish cities are in Civil War mode and Turkish Army actively kills Kurds by bombing these cities, having thousands of soldiers, tanks and armoured vehicles destroying Kurdish lives and their homes. 

2015-2016 Turkey exports to EU millions of refugees to EU, thousands perish on their way to EU and yet, EU rewards Turkey with billions and punishes Greece with billions as it cannot stop the waves of Muslim mainly refugees, migrants and terrorists, who hide amongst the real refugees.

The above facts cannot be denied but of course Turkey will deny them all, will have the support of USA, UK and EU now and nothing they do, NO attority they commit will be aired, will be investigated and condemned.

Why is Turkey spared the investigations, spared the condemnation and penalties? Why is actually Turkey rewarded for henious crimes that other Nations, Russia, are facing sanctions? ( invasion of Ukraine)

The facts and the obvious explanation is facing all of us in the face: Turkey is the darling of USA because it serves its geopolitical interests regarding Russia and the Middle East. The EU is now the main financier of Turkey with the pretext of EXPORTING REFUGEES, in order to stand up to Putin, who has now asserted his power and demands his share in the Middle East and more in world business and Europe.

USA from afar, USA from a position of weakness is on the way OUT and Germany has taken the role of Hegemony and Despotism in Europe. Unfortunately, Germany has always been hungry for Autocracy and that is what we see in EU=Germany now without undertaking the financial burden, which it tries to put on the backs of other nations while Germany benefits from that.

Germany=EU has NO condemnation for invasions of Turkey of neighbouring countries.

Germany=EU has NO condemnation of Turkey financing ISIS and other terrorist organisations.

Germany=EU close eyes and cover ups the CRIMES Against Humanity within Turkey against its own people, the Kurds.

My claims will be refuted by Turkey and EU but the facts stare us in the face. Germany =EU sponsor and finance an occupier of and invader. Germany=EU sponsor and finance a country committing Genocide right now against Kurdish people, Germany=EU finance a country which is actively trading, fighting on the side of ISIS and other terrorists in Syria.

I accuse EU=Germany of complicity in the crimes of Turkey!!


ONLY 3% of supposedly refugees are Syrian refugees ( Hurryet Today, 4th Febrauary) Rest are MIGRANTS that Turkey allows in and makes money from.

Freedom Fighter!!

              Greece Threatened; OUT of Sengen, OUT of EU, NO Money from EUROZONE!!


 After being for 35 years in EU and 15 years in EUROZONE, Greece is bankrupt in spite following and swallowing all the wrong medicines EU and IMF administered and imposed on Greek State. In one word and one sense of the word;

EU imposed Dictatorship on Greece for eight years and failed!! The treatment happened but the patient died!

Blame the Greeks, not incompetent officers from EU=Eurozone and IMF and their TROIKA!

Now EU=Germany= Schauble threaten Greece with GREXIT, with Sengen exit and with as many other threats and blackmails anyone might imagine. Why? Because behind all these threats, all these blackmails against Greece hide Germany in collusion with Turkey.

Behind all these machinations of Germany=EU is hiding the National Territory of Greece and its survival as a NATION!! Germany wants Greece to cease to exist and become a German and Turkish province as it is partly now, albeit hidden by EU veil and uniform.

The crimes against Greece have the stamp of Berlin, the stamp of EU nearly as a whole and the obligatory, imposed by Germany punishments by EUROZONE, which have destroyed Greece and brought it to bankruptcy. Greece never borrowed 400 billion euros, that amount was criminally created by lenders with their expenses, their charges and their manipulation of conditions. The Greek debt was never 100 billion but put expenses and fines over eight years and you get the amount they say Greece owes now.

Thus the blackmails, the threats and other coercion intensifies and the collaborators in Athens accept the intimidation and blackmail as if there is NO alternative. There are many alternatives which the JUNTA in Greece cannot follow because they do not govern Greece:

Greece is Governed by Germany from Berlin, not even from Brussels!!!

Who can stop this crime against Humanity, against 11 million Greeks of Greece and over 1.5 million refugees stranded in Greece and enclosed, imprisoned in NEW Concentration, German style Camps, because of Merkel's and Juncker's  Open and Close Doors of EU at will and whim of those two incompetent people.

I say incompetent, I say guilty, I say criminal!! I accuse them as such!! 


GREXIT the ONLY Way to Salvation and Liberation! GREEKS!

Any sensible person, organisation or state remains in any organisation when its interests are served. Any sensible politicians toe the line of EU as long as EU=EUROZONE serves their country and its people.

Greece is not only served by EU=Germany=Germany, EU=Germany=EUROZONE commit a crime in Greece not only against the Greeks of 11 million people but also against the refugees of 1.5 million.

Why is Greece still in EU=EUROZONE?

Why does Greece accept the humiliation of Germany and others?

Why do the Greek people hide and NOT take to the roads to overthrow this corrupt situation of Greece relating to EU, Eurozone, NATO etc?

Greece is threatened with starvation of its people!!

Greece is being threatened now with military occupation of its borders as it cannot control the exports of refugees  coming from Turkey.  

Yes, all the refugees come from Turkey and Greece is to blame for that. NOT Turkey which sends them over and gets paid 2000 euros per person by Saudi Arabia and other Islamists states of the Gulf. Not Turkey which blackmails EU and gets 3.2 billion to stop refugees, which it does not! and also has the audacity to ask for more money! Mark this down, Germany will oblige as this money is used to carry on with Turksih WARS against Russia etc.

EU=Germany, the hypocrites and criminals of Europe, find fault with Bankrupted by them Greece, but NO fault with Turkey, a State of criminals, invaders, occupiers and war mongers. This is the EU we have today and expect Greece or Great Britain to remain as members.

United Kingdom is governed by principles of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY

That is not what European Union is all about. Do you Britons wish to be part of a German Dictatorship that is in bed with a Turkey that right now and at the moment this is written invades Syria, commits Genocide against its Kurdish people and jails in hundreds anybody who dissents even in words against their Dictatorship, the Erdogan Dictatorship. Why, after 42 years Turkey occupies Cyprus with 50,000 NATO army?

EU=Germany is behind all these Undemocratic, thuggish actions in Middle East and Mediterranean. These actions are closer to home with refugees now!!

Do you want the German crimes to become UK crimes tomorrow? I am sure you say, NO!!

OUT of EU!!


Freedom Fighter