Far Right Wins Majority in Elections in France!

The French have voted with their hearts, their souls and reality in their lives, their homes and their country. No more policies that allow terrorists to blow them up at will and anytime they have decided to do so because Open Doors policies of EU allow all terrorists elements into EU from all over the Middle East and beyond.

The French Far Right of Marie Lepen did not just win the local elections in France. The French people have taken to the polls their disgust with the inability of France to deal with terrorist atrocities in France, which EU policies bring in and allow to destroy their lives.

Mr Juncker with your Open Doors policies to all, where are you hiding this morning? Do elections in France count or are you going to declare "Elections in EU do not count, like you did in Greece and then you orchestrated the overthrow of legitimate Greek Government?"

Frau Merkel and Herr Schauble, where are you hiding this morning? Do elections in France matter or are you going to concoct another Coup for us, like the one you forced upon the Greeks?

The voice of Europe to change the lunatic policies of unelected EU bureaucrats has been ongoing this year!!

Greece where the left said NO to austerity.

Portugal where the socialists said NO to pro -EU governing party.

Denmark where the people said NO to further EU integration.

France yesterday where the French condemned in emphatic way the policies of France reflecting EU= Germany policies.


Peter Cosnatnt

                  Will Germany Accept Christian and Muslims Enclaves in Germany?

The bureaucrats of EU behind which hide Germany and their staunch ally Turkey are dividing Cyprus into two enclaves of Christians and Muslims and at the same time dissolving the Republic of Cyprus in order to satisfy the fanatics of Ankara and their Islamist lunacy!

Cyprus is an island of about 120 x 50 miles at its longest and most wide. Turkey has been occupying 40% of the island for 41 years and trying to conquer the whole island one way or another, intimidating both Greeks and Turks of the island and importing 300,000 settlers from Turkey to change the demographics of the island as they have done.

Today and as I write this article, EU with the support of USA, both allies of Turkey because of Russia, are pressing for a solution of Cyprus problem that only soulless, heartless bureaucrats and politicians can impose on the people of a small island, which is defenceless and unprotected by any Nation.

Thus their solution is to create on a small island two enclaves of Christians and Muslims and in the process dissolve the Republic of Cyprus because that suits their plans and desires of #Turkey= #ISIS.

I ask #EU=#Germany and #USA, the main supporters of #Ankara and its sinister plans for Cyprus, which in final analysis is the control of the whole island: 

Will you create Muslim enclaves in USA and Germany, if so the minority of Muslims demanded?

Will you accept a Black American enclave anywhere in the USA, US politicians and bureaucrats?

Will you accept a Muslim Turkish enclaves in Germany #Merkel, where you have five million Muslim Turks all over the country?

What is so different about Cyprus and you impose the Unjust and Injustices of Turkey on us Cypriots?

Peter Constant

                  EU Trumpets Whatever Suits the Bureaucrats of Brussels and Berlin!

In recent elections in Denmark, the Danish people have rejected further EU integration and keeping the FREEDOMS that their country offers them, rather than the the despotism and undemocratic European Union and political integration.

EU of course will pursue their aganda of one state and one master but one by one the European nations are saying NO to the despots of European Union and their sinister plans for hegemony of unelected officials governing 500 FREE citizens.!

The upcoming elections in UK to stay in EU will be fierce and billions will be spent to keep UK in the fold of EU. It is our duty as citizens of a FREE world and FREE EU to fight the undemocratic, despotic and autocratic EU in its political aspirations of one state one NO nations and peoples !

                    Seven Countries of EU in Serious Financial Trouble

In a UNION where as Mrs Merkel declared, "we are all together for each other", there is only one country prospering and many suffering from the trading success of Germany and its currency, the EURO.

Thus countries such as #France and #Italy are in serious economic troubles but their problems are covered up, whereas #Ireland, #Portugal, #Spain, #Cyprus and #Greece are paying the penalty of being part of #EU and then #euro and #Eurozone. France and Italy are held there by push and by shove but the weaker periphery economies have been pushed to the brink of disaster and NO return.

EU trumpets success for Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus, soon Greece but we all know what the truth is all about all these member countries of European Union. There is poverty, there is unemloyment of 25% plus, there is a collapse of housing market and draconian German measures to defraud the nations that are facing economic difficulties. The main lender is Germany and the biggest beneficiary of such lending is only Germany.

The weird thing here is that Germany has led all the countries of the South to decline and misery and at the same time it has benefited trillions by lending money which its presses print daily to do the job of lender sharks, which are they, themselves.

Needless to say here that Germany accuses most EU nations of being lazy and cheating and that is why they are in the situations they are.  However, the cheating happens in Germany and in its biggest companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, Siemens and Deutsche Bank, which has robbed EU banks of trillions by fiscal manipulation and fraud!

The question most citizens of EU ask is the following:

Why are we members of a UNION which supports just one country, has made one country super rich and has impoverished the rest of us?

We are asking the question EU citizens for all of us!!

Do we have to be members of a UNION that looks after only one country?

Do we have to have a political union that decreases even further our FREEDOMS and Democracies?

Peter Constant