The war in the Middle East is not a dream nor an illusion. The war of civilisations, Muslim and Christian is raging now but the real, Major WAR is coming soon between mighty UNIONS of Nations and Mighty Nations UNITED.

There is a hurry to finish all long term plans now and if it was possible yesterday or the day before. EU is clearly hurrying for political, military UNION now in order to be ready for what?

What is the plan EU= Germany?

What is the plan USA and allies?

Who is the enemy when NO other enemy but Russia in Europe, because it is the only standing power in Europe that has its FREEDOM and Democracy the way they want it and exercise it?

Who is the enemy EU= Germany=USA?

Make NO mistake who the enemy is as you seem to forget fundamentals of our world. Make NO mistake you are the Autocrats of the world and NO other nation matters because you will see many nations with huge power lining up against your sinister plans of World Hegemony and Enslavement.

You have enslaved EU of 500 million but not Russia of 250 million, not India of 1.3 billion, nor China of 1.5 billion.

There is an alliance of immense humanity and power on the other side of Europe Germany=USA and do not forget that. The world is so small now and distances are nullified by technology. 

We see the scoundrels of our world uniting to deny us simple people our basic FREEDOMS and Democratic Rights. That you might do to us in EU but you cannot complete the planet's domination because the world has woken up, the world of four billion people stand up against  such crazy ambitious, devilish plans, that ultimately will destroy you as it has happened in any unholy, unjust WAR.

A peaceful world, a world continuing to bring stability and prosperity to all and for all is much more preferable to masters and slaves, as you wish us to be! Give the world a chance to live in peace and basic Human Rights away from WARS and conquests.

This is a small world looking outwards now, not turning on itself for petty gains of fanatics, megalomaniacs!


                   Freedom and Democracy for All Nations of European Union!!

The new year starts today and we all expect the best from it; in our personal life, in the local national, public life and in the European Union of 28 FREE and Democratic Nations.

Unfortunately the year 2015 was not the year any European Union lover wanted to see developing from many standpoints. The Union burst to the seems, revealed that this UNION is for ourselves only and not for the benefit of a group of nations. When our sovereignty and our people are in peril we act as individual nations not as a body UNITED to face serious problems.

Thus Germany made sure it took the honours of a propaganda supporting refugees-migrants-terrorists but in reality it closed its doors like many other nations to the floods of refugees exported to EU by Turkey, which incidentally was rewarded for that sterling job of theirs with billions. The only remark I can make here is that Turkey never intended to stop the exports of any so called REFUGEES at any stage. It was all staged for Turkey to receive billions of our TAXES for other reasons and purposes and facilitate its membership in EU in spoite of all the issues surrounding such a move.

All the EU countries affected by this unprecedented influx of uninvited refugees closed their borders, declared disobedience to EU rules and the union of Germany with all others nations nearly collapsed.

The only country that collapsed priot to these events and cannot stop the refugees landing on Greek islands from Turkey is Greece. The reason for that is simple. Open borders of EU to all, Greece bankrupted by Greek and EU corruption of all sorts and under the German boot for good and with NO doubt!!

Greece told in NO uncertain way: We pay the bills, we order you to do so!!

The year 2016 begins ominously for European Union as it now gets forcibly into political, unchartered waters. Real political Union with German domination cannot and should not be on the agenda in secret and veiled in various clumsy ways.

Real political EU stance with NO foundations and NO real power except MONEY strangulation, words and threats plus blackmails from Brussels- Berlin cannot and will not succeed. The real victims of such policies and politics are not just the Greeks or Portuguese or Spanish. Far from that.

The real victims of German ambitions to be Despots of Europe via their financial strength and EURO are:

                        FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY of Nation Members of EU!! 

Freedom FIGHTER!!

                Year 2015 An Albatross For European Union

The EU revealed its real self this past year. The events of 2015 not only taught us citizens of EU many lessons about what EU is really all about, but also opened our eyes to a UNION that has plenty of words for propaganda but NO real actions and Humanity for its people and its partners.

Germany has shown that #EU= #Germany and that NO other Nation member of EU matters at all. Even the big countries such as France, United Kingdom and Italy are not considered partners; they are seen as provinces of German despotism and hegemony. The smaller countries have been subjected to complete authoritarian rule from Brussels- Berlin Axis with Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Greece completely annihilated by an EU= Eurozone juggernaut that Germany rides for its own benefit and the well being of Germans and Germany to the detriment and ruins of all the other European economies.

It is preposterous, it is a political scandal that powerful Germany derives all the benefits of EU and yet when the ruined economies of it demand assistance to survive, not only they are punished financially with Bail Outs reminding one of WWI and WWII financial conditions and punishment but also losing their sovereignty to Germany in peaceful times and without losing any Wars, like Germany did in 20th century.

The year 2015 was a cataclysmic-catastrophic year for EU, which was mostly brought about by Greece's rebellion, imposition of a Junta of EU=TROIKA=Germany on the Greeks and Bail OUT III for Greece, which is nothing else than CRUCIFICTION of Greeks and Greece by #Germany= #Eurozone!

I will not go very far into the Cyprus question and the way EU try to solve it and enslave another Greek - Christian island further under the boot of Turkey = Germany.

I will also stop at the failure of #EU and its leaders #Merkel and #Juncker to tackle the problem of refugees, migrants and terrorists arriving in EU. If anything else, they encouraged all these people to go to Germany and then Germany closed its borders to them. Donating billions to Turkey with the pretext of stopping the exports of tens of thousands of refugees-migrants-terrorists into EU daily does not work and will never work. Turkey= ISIS is a blackmailer and Germany is their secret ally and financier!

Why are the people of EU scared to celebrate in their cities FREE of Terrorism New Year #Merkel and #Juncker?

Who is responsible for our fear and terror of ISIS jihadists?

Peter Cosnatnt