This is the United Nations role in Cyprus world. Support the invaders and occupiers, argue their case, if they had any, which they do not, and try to bury Cyprus Government and Cypriots to the Dictators of Turkey whose only aim and target in Cyprus are its hegemony and resources.


Thus EU=Germany not only have pushed to the corner the Greek Cypriots, not only have blackmailed them to surrender, they are now forcing a solution upon the Greeks that has been applied nowhere else. The USA gives its blessings to Turkey daily as we all see just because they have borders with Russia and they are both supporters and founders of ISIS:

a. A Turkish minority of 30% will have the same rights as the 70% majority of Greeks. They will have an autonomus state supervised by Turkey, and they are given the Presidency of the island by rotation. This is the Democracy all these mega powers believe in. I would ask the UN, USA, EU= Germany to contradict my writings here.

b. Turkey as an invader and occupier have certain rights, don't they? Keep 50,000 NATO troops on Cyprus for ever. The victims do not have any rights, the criminal invaders and occupiers are the ones setting the agenda and the conditions of any solution and the FREE World, they like calling themselves that, are seconding Turkey. Not only they support Turkey politically but spare NO money at all for Turkey, the invader of Cyprus, Syria and Iraq and the day is soon they will try to invade Greece to the blessings of Germany and NATO.

c. The nations and organisations who purport FREEDOM and Democracy on the planet support, finance and arm Turkey to commit the worst Human Rights violations at the moment. Further than that, Turkey is committing Genocide against its own people, the Kurds of Turkey. Thirty million Kurds in Turkey have NO rights of independence but 300,000 Turkish Cypriots have rights far above their proportion as population in Cyprus.

That is what EU= Germany is doing to us Greek Cypriots!




          The Collapse of ISIS and Other Jihadist Murderous Groups Continues!


Make NO mistake and believe NOT that the collapse came about because any USA coalition brought this about. Far from that and far from what reality is on the ground. For four years now, USA allowed ISIS to expand from a small group of Islamist fanatics in Iraq to the IS we know today, threatening not only the disappearance of Syria but also an invasion of fanatics into Europe and destroying of Europe as know it.

Thankfully Russia interefered, for their own political reasons of course, they saved Assad and in the process destroy ISIS= Turkey not only in Syria but in Iraq too. One after the other the Islamists murderers in Syria surrender and they are given refuge, where else?

TURKEY, mama Turkey their founder, their sponsor , their financier, arms provider and mental tutor and trainer.

Thus the murderers of ISIS etc are not arrested to stand trial, they are allowed to go to Turkey in order to regroup and be re-directed against all of us. This is JUSTICE as the big powers see it in Washinton DC, Brussels- Berlin, the EU duet of capitals and decision making centres.

These are the two capitals of the WEST where billions come to Turkey to assist ISIS, to fight Russia and to support the struggle against those that oppose the German Hegemony in EU. Hope, they ran out of time before they impose their IV Reich all over Europe.

Thus Justice in our world has developed considerably: Terrorists, Jihadists, Murderous Nations, Criminal Nations are not taken to courts of LAW and judged for their CRIMES Against Humanity, they decide themselves how to allocate justice as they wish and as they see fit according to their interests and plans. 

Unfortunately, this is today's world! What is the difference between Humanity's Life and Jungle life?

I see none at all. Animals kill one another for food and survival, HUmans Kill one another for domination and pleasure!

Which animal would I like to be?

Peter Constant

          Twenty - Eight Nations of #EU Quiet While Turkey Annihilates Its Kurdish Population

EU is supposedly the UNION that tries to bring to 500 Europeans FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, Fairness and Justice. This is the UNION of equal who co-operate to bring Humanity to our world!!

Is EU= Germany indeed that UNION? Do they care at all about Highest #Ideals of Humanity?

#EU= #Germany has betrayed abysmally the refugees of #Syria and now turn to blame Greece, the victim of their economic greed and the victim of their hate of Greece, which fought against the Germans in 1940-45. At the same time, they support, they reward, thee sponsor and finance Turkey with EU billions, while Turkey exports with serious planning refugees to EU via Greece. NO other EU nation dares raise a voice, raise an argument against #Turkey and its Brutal regime of Islamist fanatics who are terrorising not only #Turkish #Kurds but Europeans too, including #Cypriots and Greeks of #Greece!

Thus Turkey continues to massacre the Kurds, the Kurdish cities of Turkey in Southeast Turkey are under siege, the Turkish army bombs the #Kurds from all sites but the world's MME are blind, they are deaf and report nothing. Not only they report nothing of the Genocide, they carefully hide it from the rest of the world with strict discipline which makes me think, it is the policy of EU, USA, Germany, UK etc.

Where are the highest ideals of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY preachers of WEST? Where is Humanity gone WEST?

When will you realise that a country like #Turkey is as untrustworthy as a hungry crocodile? How many countries should Turkey invade for you to act? How many Kurds should be murdered for you to act? How many FREE thinking journalists, Turks and Kurds, Syrian etc have to be murdered before you cut any relations diplomatic and otherwise with this murderous Nation?

Your silence is complicity to what Turkey is doing to its own people. You are criminals by association unless you start speaking and disassociating yourselves from Turkey!!





                    Is EU a Democratic Union?

The question is an anathema for the governors of EU and masters of Germany!

The question is not reaching the poor people who struggle daily for a piece of bread and and survival on a daily basis! They have NO idea what the masters plan and have put into work.

The process of enslavement, curtailing of Liberties, Freedom and Democracy is well on its way and the masters and planners of EU have come a long way to implementing their sinister plans.

Two countries are already down and suffer the Hegemony of #EU= #Germany.

#Greece and #Cyprus!! (others are still under economic domination Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, partly France and ex Eastern Bloc countries.)

It was an economic slavery to start with but now it turns the corner, it becomes much nastier and much more dangerous. It is a political mastery, it is apolitical domination and slavery.

The Greek Government is a Junta imposed by #EU= #Germany=#EUROZONE, completely and utterly dictated and directed by Germany and the masters of #Berlin, #Merkel and #Schauble.

Cyprus under the boot of Turkey for 41 years and occupying 40% of Cyprus will take its loot with the blessings of EU=Germany plus USA, UN UK etc.

This is what EU offers us citizens of EU.

A Democracy of sorts in Greece, which they direct and order about. A Greece that is under the boot of Germany which is hiding behind EU and calling all the shots at will and according to what is their own interest. A SOLUTION of Cyprus problem by donating half of Cyprus to Turkey as reward for inavding it in 1974, occupying it since then, settling 300,000 Muslims in it and turning it from a Bastion of Christianity in the Middle East to a Bastion of Islamist jihadists, readying themselves to tear apart the Greek population, as soon as any solution is agreed and using it as their base to launch themselves from another base against Europe!

Cypriots are with the belief that they will vote and decide on their future!! 

Fallacy, dream and unreal!

Elections DO NOT COUNT IN EU!! That is what the constitution says and therefore NO voting will be respected, if it goes against the plans of the masters! Were elections in Greece and elsewhere respected by EU= Germany?

Freedom Fighter