Tsipras Withdraws Twits and....

Did you apologise for being Greek Tsipras or has Merkel castigated you for what you, so rightly, told islamist Davutoglu? ... Why have you withdrawn the twits that the Greeks felt so proud about for once in your premiership of the last four months?

Who has taken the whip Tsipras?

Who has threatened and blackmailed Greece again Tsipras so that you withdrew the twits?

Greece has a golden opportunity as earlier in year to fight its corner on this planet and save Greece of 4000 years history. Greece is bigger than you Tsipras, a puppet of Berlin and USA and a slave of #EU = #Germany.

The money, the loans to Greece are given in such a way that the 100 billion loans have become 500 billion now. There is NO way on the planet  Greece and Greeks can escape the guillotine of #EU= #ECB= #Germany. There is NO way the lenders with leader Germany will let Greece breathe and exercise its FREE Democratic rights as EU is by nature of its constitution a


Remember citizens of EU; Schauble has told Varoufakis and openly to many others, the Greek Bail OUT III is designed to fail like the previous bail outs failed. This is what Democratic EU is all about. Exploitation of the weak, bankruptsy of the weak and tearing apart of the country and its people. 

It has already been done in five EU countries by Germany's machine, that builds Volkwagens and never cheats!


           Believe it, if you can!!

The Union of 500 million people and 28 nations which include Germany, UK and France are blackmailed by Turkey for billions, for acceptance in EU, for special visas for Turks, for half of Cyprus and half the Aegean plus more billions on demand plus support of #ISIS by Turkey with our billions.

This is what EU is trying to make us all believe. A pauper state like Turkey, that begs for money to survive, has become a terrorist state blackmailing us all with exporting refugees, migrants and terrorists and all Europe gives in to such blackmail!!

Laugh and laugh with these clowns of EU called #Juncker and #Merkel!

Mighty Germany and Chancellor Merkel not only accomodate the blackmail for the above but beg Turkey to do what it promises to which Turkey replies, we can guarantee nothing!!

Such is my abomination, such is my disgust with this theatrical performance of 28 nations double bending in front of a terrorist state, that this site will go super high as of tomorrow.

EU billions are not collected through our TAXES to be given as reward to terrorist states like Turkey!!

Never such abomination in our names as EU citizens!!


            I Will Feel Lonely in an Undemocratic EU, If UK Leaves EU

Yiannis Varoufakis is possibly the only person in European Union who faced the barrage and polemics of the whole EU and Eurozone when Finance Minister of Greece negotiating the financial rescue of Greece, facing the vulture of Germany Wolfgang Schauble. Greece of course was put to the sword not long after Eurozone- Schauble had Varoufakis sacked from Greek Government with the trheat, either he goes or NO negotiations for money.

In an exlsusive interview Varoufakis gave, he explains in clear cut language why EU will dissolve unless it changes its Undemocratic governance and policies which are tantamount to Autocracy of the bureaucrats of Brussels and their masters in Berlin.

We have always been good listeners to Yiannis Varoufakis. He has the vision few have and the clarity of thought to tell the autocrats of Europe that the road they follow is the dissolution of EU with all the social and political problems that it will bring about to the whole of Europe and the world.

Peter Constant

                  Germany Orders Greece to Talks with Turkey To Give Rights in Aegean 

Greece bankrupt and Germany governs in Greece via  TROIKA and EURO. 

Germany orders Greece to sit in talks with Turkey and Germany to give rights to Turkey to police the Aegean for refugees that TY exports to Greece and EU. That is the extraordinary demand and order Greece gets from Germany.

Thus Germany the masters of EU have decided and thus Greece has to do or credit from EU = Germany is stopped and the Greeks starve to death.

The masters of EU and Europe do not force Turkey= ISIS to stop the flooding of EU with refugees, immigrants and terrosists at their borders and shores and want Greece to give away its soveriegthy of the Aegean to the biggest terrorist nation on the planet, the biggest dictatorship on the planet, Turkey!

Add further salt to injury, Germany rewards with billions Turkey, supposedly to help refugees, to slaughter Syrians and Kurds and occupy one part of EU in Cyprus. Applaud EU= Germany and their policies!!

We are against the dictatorship of EU and against the Undemocratic methods and policies they impose on members!! OUT of EU as soon as possible!!

Peter Constant